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Easy at Home Nail Art 12 – Snowcapped in Gold

Do you know a little trick I use to jazz up my nails? I throw in some golden and it never fails :P. Refer my Royal Red nail art which was very easy and simple yet gave no compromise sexy look :P. For this nail art I literally took my words seriously and threw in some golden rather than perfectly polishing golden. But who cares about working hard even when your rough work is equally admired?? I sent the pictures of my nail art to Niesha and she liked it :D. All the compliments give us joy but a compliment for an easy work which you just did during a lazy experiment brings sheer pleasure. And I thank Niesha for that. It motivates me to be lazy which I am at my best :P. Anyways, this nail art is also important because I learnt two lessons out of it which I will share at the end. I did this as a Guest Post for her blog, so click here to read the complete tutorial.

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15 Benefits of Green Tea that No One Should Ignore

Few months back, I felt like Green tea is more like a fashion or a in-thing these days. And due to the bad or good curiosity genes in me, I rather challenge a belief than joining the pack. So, I did decent amount of study on Green Tea and I was convinced by its countless benefits. It’s a boon :D. I have been consuming green tea every day twice since then. And it’s like five months of green tea consumption and the heap of benefits I enjoyed; I thought blowing the trumpet and sharing with the lovely people out there :)

I will also be covering the uses of green tea as DIY beauty, in the coming posts. But for now, I thought you should be first introduced to this wonder tea, so here I am sharing brief info I gathered from articles I studied.

What is Green Tea: Although the origin of the Green Tea and the black tea is the same (Camellia Sinensis), the processing is what which makes them different. Green tea has its origin in China but it has gained great popularity lately and is being consume…

Easy at Home Nail Art 11 – Zebra Nail Art for Foot

Hi everyone! I am happy to share this nail art not because it is close to my heart or something but because it is super duper easy. This is my first encounter with Zebra Nail Art and I am happy as a beginner. I had read a lot about ladies going gaga over this nail art. At the same time I also read that it is super easy. Bingo! That’s what I wanted for my readers. That is what my focus is currently with the ‘Easy At Home Nail Art’ series.

I had been trying to work with brushes for long but was unsure on the finishing part. so never touched them at all :( . But this nail art is perfect for people who are under confident with brushes to begin with. It doesn't require much of precision and is random so symmetry issue is also solved. More often we do nail art for hands; so this time I thought to target my foot for some pampering  :P. There is another motive behind this also :D. Since this is the first time I am doing Zebra stripes and using brush, foot is a safe option to practice. The …

Easy at Home Nail Art 10 – Chained in Pink

Hi Friends, for more than a month now, I have been maintaining a ‘long time no see’ relation with Pink. How could I? Girls have a life-long crush on these colors but it just slipped out my normal nail art routine. The title to the nail art holds so true in every possible sense, depicting a girl’s loyalty towards pink :D

Anyways, I happened to visit my sister’s place and found a lovely pink color nail paint. I had to do something with it but I didn’t have any nail art tools. Although I want to carry them around with me since they are my priciest possession (not monetary but high emotional value), I can’t carry them to pretend being normal. So I was back to where I what I had started with, no nail art tools :(. Read the tutorial to know what came as bail out (It’s not a suspense though).

Items Needed:

Pretty Pink color
White Nail paint/ White Acrylic Paint
Tooth pick ( I know you had guessed it)
Base Coat
Glitter Top Coat

How to Chain your nails in Pink

Repeat the same old story of cutting filin…

Maybelline Lasting Drama Swirl Gel Liner (Silver and Black) Review

Hi Beautiful People,

I did a guest post reviewing one of my favourites Maybelline Lasting Drama Swirl Gel Liner (Silver and Black)  for Luchessa at Beauty expression by Luchessa . She was sweet enough to publish my article and introduce me to her readers.

Since ages, Woman (especially Indians) has been fascinated by kohls and liners. First came the kohl (kajal), then came the liquid liners and now there is a generation of gel liners; which is more like a hybrid of kohl and liquid liner. I simply love (love is an underestimation, actually I am obsessed with: P) kohls and my tryst with them can be read in my article Finding the perfect one! I have been using the amazing piece of Maybelline Lasting Drama Blackest Black for a couple of months now. I am impressed by its performance so decided to grab the other variant (black & grey) too without even finishing one fourth of my previous one .

Please click here to read the complete review of this amazing piece which has made me fall in love …

Patanjali Alovera Gel Review

This purchase was made by me a couple of months back when I was in all “Herbal and Natural” products phase. I still prefer basic household skin care routine, things which are easy to understand, easy on pocket and easily available. Now tell me something, why should I use a product which has a small extract of Aloevera gel to enjoy the goodness of aloe when I can use the pure aloe gel instead? :P. Also you don’t know what all chemicals will be loaded to the poor aloe by the time they reach us. I really don’t believe it when the product claims “extract of this herb” or “with the goodness of that oil”. I prefer hunting for the herb instead and making my way around it. And aloe gel is super easy to find and affordable also. Now the best thing may be to use the leaf to get the fresh gel but I don’t have an aloe plant at my place so settled for this with 90% W/V aloe vera gel. Read the benefits and uses of Aloe Vera gel here.

Product Claims and What it contains

What it contains:

Price: Rs 75


DIY : Cucumber Toner for Glowing Skin

Hi friends, summer is round the corner. In this cruel weather we all rack our brains to retain the fresh feeing. Personally, as soon as I think of ‘summer’ I naturally connect it to mangoes, ice creams, citrus fruits and chilled cucumber :D. The last time I thought of this something constructive and amazing happened :P. I came up with an excellent DIY Cucumber toner. It’s not like I invented it or something, there are people around already using it but summers reminded me of this.

I have used lot of cucumber face packs a couple years back. Just before my wedding my skin was looking all dull and gloomy. It was in the month of May and the heat also had taken toll on my skin. But cucumber didn’t disappoint me at all. I literally didn’t believe in it much when others said but I had to bow down in front of this as I saw the results. Anyways, knowing cucumber suited my skin and it is super cheap and easily available, I decided to plunge into this toner :D. To know the benefit of toners read

Why should we use Facial Toners? I will give you 8 Simple Reasons.

CTM is the bible of skin care and it’s a crime to go wrong here. C is Cleansing, T is Toning and M is for Moisturizing. But have you ever wondered, what is the use of the T sandwiched between C and M? Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know because even I didn’t know much till now. But I was using it on and off. Only when I got the bug to dig deep into the skin care and beauty regime I reached here. Doing healthy research really helps and this is a tried and tested formula from the experience of my victory over hair loss.

To begin with toner is kind of a generic term . It is sold in market under various fancy names like astringents, tonics, balancers, skin purifiers, clarifying lotion, cleansing water, skin fresheners and so on.

Benfits of Facial Toners

It reduces or shrinks the size of skin pores. When we cleanse our skin, our pores get opened up as a result. So a toner does the job well of shrinking these pores.

It removes traces of dirt or grime that may be missed by our face wash. It’s li…

How did I combat Heavy Hair Fall with Simple Measures? My Success Story

A few months back I was at my all time low. To begin with I was suffering from bad hair fall and terrible white heads on my face which made me hate my skin every time I touched it. There were other hidden pain areas as well. But they were latent and I never realized them till I dug deep into them.

My Hair Loss Story: I can’t tell you how much pleasure it is today to write about this in past tense. To begin with, there was hair loss each time I brushed my hair, each time I oiled my hair, each time I washed my hair, in short I was like losing a hair with every breath I took :(.This continued for more than a year after my marriage. I got crazy trying out various options. I never had hair fall problem, in fact me and my sister are blessed with such great hair that we never needed to use conditioner even to ensure a shampoo like shine every day. I only started using conditioner at the age of 23 maybe and that also on special occasions. I do not remember when these occasions became my daily …

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Anti Dandruff Hair Cleanser Review

The Patanjali shampoo was a part of the haul I did from Patanjali a couple of month back. For long I wasn't even aware that this brand existed. It’s only after the major noise it made in the blogosphere due its effectiveness and low pricing, I came to know about. The reviews were very positive about numerous Patanjali products. The price is a motivating factor as well, since you can try out various products from here without pinching your pocket. Also, the timing when patanjali got introduced to my life, I was in all herbal and natural phase. So, there were no second thoughts to try this.

Product Claims: Prevents hair fall, removes dandruff, dirt from hair and scalp.

Usage Instruction: Apply 2-3 ml of shampoo in wet hair and massage gently, leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse off.  For best results use daily.

Herbal composition may result in change of color of product over a period of time. This does not change the effectiveness of the product.

What it contains: Rosemary oil, Honey, Neem …

Patanjali Tejas Pure Coconut Oil Review

I was suffering from terrible hair loss for more than an year and I was running pillar to post in order to find out a solution. I finished bottles of Sesa Oil on everyone’s recommendation but it didn't help me much. Now there are people who still swear by Sesa oil but it didn't do any wonder for me. One day while browsing online through various beauty blogs I came across Patanjali products and the reviews were real good. I verified the reviews against multiple blogs .Finally, I located a patanjali outlet near my house and purchased this oil.

Product Claims: 'Made from the mature & fresh coconuts, Patanjali Double Filtered Coconut Oil is a premium cooking and consumer oil that is pure and non-RBD. Patanjali double filtered coconut oil is pure and without any preservatives offering you the great taste, aroma and goodness of Natural Coconut Oil.

Usage Instruction: Not written anywhere.

What it contains:

Price: Rs 42

Quantity: 210 ml

My Experience with PRODUCT

The Patanjali Cocon…

The Omnipresent SLS in Beauty Products - A Friend or an Enemy?

What are SLS, SLES and ALES?

SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. They are commonly present in almost everything that produces lather and foam. Yes, they are omnipresent in almost everything around us. In fact, we invite them in every possible form to our life. They are in our shampoos, soap, conditioner, hand wash, body wash, tooth paste, washing powder, industry cleaners, dish washing liquid and so on.

SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and ALES (Ammonium Laureth Sulfate) are the cousins of SLS. However, SLES is not as harmful as SLS. All of them are used for the same reason. They are all surfactants; they are used to produce foam required for cleansing.This also contributes to an important experience of product usage for many since people mostly associate more lather to more cleansing. We all have this misconception and there is nothing wrong in it till we do the genesis of this lather.

Why Now?

The last couple of years will be written in dark letters in the history of my hair. When my hai…

Easy at home Nail Art 9 - The Acid Wash

For all those who are not aware of this form of nail art, let me assure you it has nothing to with acid. In fact, the name may seem unfriendly, but believe me this is one of the friendliest nail art.

Why I say this is easy? Remember, it is difficult to create and easy to destroy. It is difficult to take care while easy to spoil. So, this is bit of a destruction nail art where you get the pleasure of spoiling for good. You don’t have to rack your brain of any ideas or experiments; all you need to decide is two colors of your choice

To add on, I feel the end result is somewhat similar to the ‘Crackle Nail Paint’ which is everywhere around these days. So, it is good bargain for girls who like the effect of crackle nail paint but are not sure about buying it.

Items Needed

Two different color nail paints of your choice
Base coat
Top coat
Ear bud
Nail paint remover

Acid Wash Nail Art Tutorail

Wash your hands and pat them dry. Apply the base coat and let it dry.

Apply a coat of the yellow color on your…

Easy at Home Nail Art 8 - The Dotty Lacy Purple

I am not sure but there is something with these dots, laces and hearts that soothe a girl’s eye. We are naturally attracted to them. And I am a victim of its charm: P. So I have for you a lacy effect nail art using dots. My tom boy sister suddenly asked for one (I swear she was the one who asked me and it was not the other way round like always). I did this for my sister and she is very happy with it (I wish I had a sister who could do nail art for me :P). I hope you this makes you happy too :D

Items Needed

Base Coat
Purple Nail paint
White nail paint/Acrylic paint (Read on using acrylic paint for nail art here)
Tooth Pick/Dotting Tool
Top Coat

How to ‘Lay’ those laces on your nails

Cut, file and clean your nails. Apply a base coat so that your nails aren't stained purple.
Once your base coat is dry, apply the purple paint.
Simply put, there are three rows of dots used. The medium sized dot row is sandwiched between the two small dots row. Make the medium sized dots first. You can figure ou…

Polish me Bad, But Finish me Correct - The Art of giving Perfect Finishing to your Nail Paint

As is correctly said ‘A perfect story is the one which has a perfect ending’, the same theory applies for the application of nail paints also.

 Always apply nail paint to your working hand first, that is to begin polishing your right hand using your left hand first. This gives better results as your hand will shake less.

Always use a table to rest your hand while painting it. I use my folding laptop table and the results are definitely better than when don’t use them. I swear; Pinky promise!

Move your fingernails rather than the brush while painting, esp. while painting with your non working hand (left hand generally). It’s quicker this way. It majorly helps stabilizing your hands while applying nail paint so that the shaking of hands can be avoided. The hand applying nail paint is set well this way.

Never ever apply polish with fans on or in a breezy place. Your nail paint will dry out faster (partially on the brush itself) and turn goopy in consistency leaving ugly bumpy patches on nail…

Color Me Bad, But Polish Me Correct - The Art of Polishing your Nails Perfectly

In the world of beauty everything is an art. Be it application of kajal, foundation, lipstick, hair styling, dressing up or painting nails. As much it is important to do correct things, so is to do things correctly. No shortcuts here. Now the only choices we have is to work hard and smart.

We all have been tempted at some or the other time to skip the manicure routine or leave your nails bare for a day ritual or nourish your nails in between change of polish rule and just hopped onto an irresistible polish to add glam quotient to our hands. Although this is a violation of the Nail Care Law (I wish there actually was one and it could punish all the hard chemicals, detergents for adding misery to our nails, all the hard surfaces to which our nails bump and succumb to breakage :P); we have been convicted of it at some point of time. I have yet attempted to make a nail care law do's and don't for your nails in my earlier posts.

Now since the after effects of nail paint application i…