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The Flowered Juicy Pink Nail Art

Hi Readers,

I have very quick and easy nail art for you today. I used my favorite bright pink nail paint from the Colorbar cocktail range. These colors simply add drama and oomph to my nails. They are kind of edgy so when my nails crave for attention, I make them wear this :)

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15 Review

Hi Ladies, as mentioned in my previous post, I got this as a sample when I bought the expensive Elizabeth Arden pressed powder (read review here).I also got a sample of Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Night Cream (to be reviewed soon) .The SA was handing over these samples on a minimum purchase of Rs 1000 but to a few customers only (don’t know the short-listing criteria) which included me and my sister. Now since I am gifted with a tom boyish sister she handed over her samples to me :P.The SA had said she would call up after 10 days to seek review.  She was very sure that the product will literally make a visible difference.

Usually I am very excited to try out new products (provided my skin loves it and I don’t get an acne attack). But at the time I got this, I was not looking for a moisturizer or a day cream. I use Vichy normaderm (anti imperfection) and I am quite happy with it. Nonetheless, Vichy had also fallen in my lap as an experiment, so I thought of accepti…

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Ultra Smooth Pressed Powder (Shade ‘Deep’- 04) Review

On a fine day I was looking for Mac kohls so I entered Shoppers Stop. Unfortunately, that outlet did not stack Mac but fortunately I got drifted along the Elizabeth Arden counter looking for a pressed powder (Compact). Yes, I bought an amazing piece of a little expensive pressed powder. But it did not pinch much. Why? Because, the SA handed over two decent sized samples from the newly introduced range of ‘Elizabeth Arden Visible Skin Difference’. They were Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15 (reviewed here) and Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Night Cream (will post review soon).

Product Claims: This ultra-light pressed powder gives skin a silky-smooth finish and a flawless look lasts all day. Won't cake or settle into fine lines. Perfect for touch-ups. Clinically and dermatologist tested.

Usage Instruction: Apply pressed powder to set and ensure foundation last as long as possible. Use to minimize shine, tone down cheekcolor, extend make…

Sweetest Offer : Exchange your Old Mascara with Clinique High Impact Mascara !!!!!!!!

Hi Girls,

I have an amazing but late piece of news for your lovely lashes!!!!! Clinique is running a super sweet promotional offer where you can exchange your old mascara with an awesome Clinique High Impact Mascara :) :) :). As far as I know the price of those mascaras are around 1100 Rupees in market, but you could get it for free. I am planning to visit one and how about you guys??

These are ophthalmologist tested mascara and are already earning great reviews :)

As a beauty freak I though it is my responsibility to share such awesome deals with my lovely readers :D :D :D :D. This offer is only valid in India as far as I know. But please check at a Clinique near you, because I have been reading about such promotions across the globe.

Visit Clinique at any of the following Shoppers Stop stores  or their stand alone outlet across the country between 15th – 31st May 2013.

Check out a Clinique Outlet Near You.

Shoppers Stop

MumbaiAndheri, Juhu, and Inorbit Mall at Malad

Delhi Rajouri Garden…

Easy At Home Nail Art 23 - The Acid Wash Nail Art

Hi All, I did this nail art for Stephanie from the The Polish Squirrel. I decided to do this super duper easy nail art for her readers. I hope you guys will like it as much as them :).

Well this form of nail art is called the “Acid Wash” although it has nothing to do with acid or even close to it . It is very easy and fun, you don’t even need to sit at your desk and concentrate. It can be done ‘Just Like That’. You can see another Acid Wash Nail Art done by me here.

Easy At Home Nail Art 22 - The Pink Fairy and the Black Witch Nail Art

Hello all, welcome yet another nail art of mine. Now, I have always associated the color 'pink'  with girls, cuteness, goodness and fairies while 'black' with devils and witches (I think most girls feel the same :P ) . So as soon as I looked at this nail art I got a feeling as if it was some fairy and witch war . The cute pink seemed so soft and subtle on two fingers while the powerful black managed to get three :( . I do not know they seemed like some characters and much more than mere colors so I named them so :) . Let me know if you feel the same way or are able to think on the same lines.

The Cherry Blossom Nail Art

Hi Friends, I am trying to lay my hands on the Cherry blossom nail art that I have been wanting to do since ever. I do not know if my nail art has done justice to the name assigned to the nail art but I am glad that I tried it. They remind me of winters (although I hate winters and thankfully Mumbai has no winters :) ).

Easy at Home Nail Art 21 - The Yellow and Pink Glitter

Hi Girls, the weather these days urges you to wear bright bold colors and I am seeing them around a lot these days. However, this was not the reason for me to indulge in this nail art. I had a Puja (a worshiping ritual) last Saturday at my place for which I had to wear a beautiful yellow and pink saree. The saree is very pretty trust me, so I did not want to spoil the look with black nail paint that I was wearing. Although it was like midnight when I realized this; due to my strong will power I decided to change my nail paint.

I wanted it to be simple and matching to my saree. Also since the saree was heavy with lot of work, I wanted some dazzle/glitter effect on my nail paint to compliment it. So I chose this easy nail art. Although it may not look fab here, it complimented my saree very well :D (mission accomplished!)

This is a super easy nail art and does not require any tools. It does require glitters but they are very easily available at stationary shops also. I purchased mine from…

Nail Art Basics - What is a Top Coat and Base Coat? What are their benefits?

Hi Polish Lovers, I missed this one, it should have been the first post for any nail basics. I should have started from introduction about top coat and base coat but I missed it :(. Although majority may know better than me on this, I am just giving my two cents :D

These fall under the category of special nail polish like the crackle nail paint etc, the only difference being the special effect isn't cosmetic or external only.

What is Base Coat?

In general base coat is a clear polish which we apply on our nails before any nail paint. It lies underneath all our polishes preventing chemically loaded nail paints to come in direct contact with our nails. A lot of base coats are sold as "Nail Visualizer" or "Vitamin Booster" etc which are said to add to the nail health and strengthen in the course of usage. I use a 'Bonjour Vitamin Base Coat' which I will be reviewing soon. These fall under the category of fortified base coats and promise to offer something addi…

Nail Art Basics - What is Fimo Nail Art? How to use it ?

What is Fimo Nail Art?

Well, they are the easiest way to possibly decorate your nails and make them look fancy in no time. A fimo is a  type of nail art accessory made out of polymer clay. They originally come in form of canes which may be like 0.5mm diameter and the length of approx 5cm. One has to slice them thin to use them. The other way they are sold is in form of ready made slices stacked in wheel shaped container. You can find both the images  below.

How to Use Them?

If its a cane, you need to first slice them and if its a sliced one you are ready :P. Now, you can stick them to your nails and create what ever patterns or designs you wish. You may take help of a tweezer to pick up the slices and place them on the wet nail paint so that they get fixed. The other alternative to make them stay longer is to use a nail  glue. They are much stronger adhesive and they make fimo stay for very long time (literally over a week or two). But I always get bored of them in a week and pick on the…

Easy at Home Nail Art 20 – The Full Moon and Half Moon Dance with Straw

Hi lovely people, this is nail art for the post swap I did for Daniela from Why Only For Parties . She did the Striping Tape Nail Art for Beginners while I did this for her. She really liked my ‘Go Raw With Straw’ nail art , so I decided to recreate the same (actually this is better version than what I did for my blog :P ) and thank God for that!

Now, this is super easy and fun nail art. I am huge fan of nail art and even greater fan of nail art with household items. For this nail art all you need is straws (and of course nail paints). To be honest, I did not even use them :P. I had bought nail art brushes long back and I am very careful with their packing. I put the brushes back in the pack every time I use it :) To cover the bristles of the brushes, each brush has a cap/cover kind of thing which is open from both ends. They are like straws cut to 1 cm size and inserted on the top of each brush. So, I actually used one of them and didn't even waste a straw: P (see how smart I am –…

My Entry in the Nail Art Competition hosted by Nail Artisan

Hi lovely readers, remember I mentioned in my “Cookie Monster Nail Art” post that I was sending it as my entry to the “Nail Art Competition” organized by "Nailrtisan”. Please go through my post The Cookie Monster for tutorial and reason why I sent this particular nail art as an entry.

The winner will be decided based on the votes and voting is open only till 15th May. The winner will get a custom set of false nails painted by her, but wait there is a sweet gift for voters also :D. The voters get will get a chance to win a 25% off voucher code for her shop.

Now, my appeal to all my readers is to please visit this link and vote for me if you like my nail art. You don’t have to be a blogger; all you are required is to vote using voting button for luv4beautyandnailart which is me if you like my nail art. Please be kind enough to leave comment as well by just using your email address (you don’t need to be a blogger to comment).

This is the first time I have participated in a nail art com…

The Cookie Monster Nail Art

Hi Lovely Ladies, I am going to share a simple and cute nail art today. I chipped my nails last week so had to reduce the length of my nails :(. And I find this length apt for such cute and half painted nail arts.

I do not know why I am loving this nail art so much, is it because it is cute or its the first time I am like satisfied with the picture clarity (Courtesy: My New Nokia Lumia 720) or because I am sending this as an entry to the Nail Art Competition hosted by NailArtisan ?. I am not sure and for others who are also unsure about what I am feeling, just sit back and enjoy the nail art. :P And please pray and vote for me here. :) The voting will be open for public on Saturday (11th May 2013).

Easy At Home Nail Art 19 - Striping Tape Nail Art for Beginners

Hi All, here I am with a Guest Post from Daniala from "Why Only for Parties?" and she is helping me out with a nail art I am clumsy at :P. Yes, I get jitters doing nail arts with striping tapes since I rarely get them off neatly. We decided on doing a post swap on each others blog. She liked nail art with straws that I did long back. So I recreated one for her, only it was better than last time (I have improved with practice I guess :P ).

Author: Daniela “Iriel”

Blog Name:Why Only for Parties?

About the Author: I’m Daniela from Buenos Aires, Argentina. On the internet you might find me under my nickname Iriel. I’m currently studying to be a Scientific-Literary Translator, and my blog started as a way to practice my English writing while doing something I’ve always loved: painting my nails with weird colors!

Hello, guys! It’s so nice to meet you all! I want to thank Setu for bear with me because I just couldn’t find time to write this post; the amount of homework my teachers give…

Maybelline Baby Lips in Mango Pie Review

Hi Girls, I am back to the review zone after long. Yes, I had been very busy with nail arts and somehow I have a soft corner for nail art so this one took a back seat :(. Lip Balm or a chap stick is a basic necessity item for a girl and we inherently experiment all the variants and brands one can possibly find in market and which possibly fits in out budgets :D. I am sure we all do that. Although we may like all "pros' to one lip balm, we hate being stationed. We hunt for more varieties, brands, product reviews, new launches and what not :P . I have used Bodyshop Lip Balms for long and loved them so much. There was a period when I felt this is my soul mate, but did I stop looking? Nooo. And lip balms after lip balms said 'Hello' to my lips for short while :P.

And this is how I stumbled upon this one. Now, I have used and finished the Maybelline Baby Lip (Rose Addict) which was again like a perfect tinted lip balm. But when this one got over, I wanted to try something n…

Nail Art Basics - What is a Crackle Nail Polish? How does it work?

As I told you guys, I have segregated the 'Nail Art Basic' into three based on my understanding of their functionality. They are :

Nail Art Tools
Nail Art Accessories
Special Nail Polish

Today I will discuss about the Crackle Nail paint or Shatter Nail Paint or Cracking Nail Paint which falls under the category of Special Nail Polish. To begin with Cracking Nail Art is more of a magic polish than nail art, so maybe there is nothing much as an artist to do there. But yes, you can contribute to the looks by choosing colors wisely. All leading nail paint brands have launched their 'Crackle Nail Paint' variants and they are a huge hit :). I think there are two reasons for it

Firstly, you don't have to be a nail art expert to get the crackle effect. All you have to do is just apply it.
Secondly, the random effect it gives is difficult to replicate by artwork :(

Whats is a Crackle Nail Paint?

It is a Nail Polish which imparts special crackle or shatter effect on simple applicati…

The Versatile Blogger Award

I do not want to start today's post with a usual ''Hi" or "Hello" but with a big  "Thank You" to Fairytalenailart (a wonderful blog about nail arts) for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. This is my first award so you could well understand how much this means to me. It was such a pleasant surprise and I had never thought I could land up here :)

So a heart felt thanks to all my readers and critics; I write because you read:). And of course  Fairytalenailart to consider me worthy enough :)

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

 Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
 Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
 Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
 Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.


This is something you all will know, I LLOOVVEE doing Nail Art, reading about Nail Art, seeing…

The Blue and Silver Swirls Nail Art

Hi Girls, the nail art I am about to share today was actually not done with the purpose of getting a nail art done but to kill the 5 minutes time I had till my face pack dried :P . I had applied the base blue color for a wedding previous day for which I wore a blue saree. Yes, I committed the crime no nail art lover would commit;  I let one single color rule my nails :(. I could not do any nail art as I was already running late draping the never ending saree  :( :(

So the next day before sleeping, I decided to steal the undivided attention the blue nails had been enjoying with some nail art. All I had on my bed was a silver nail art pen which had fallen off from my nail art basket :P. And me being me, I was too lazy to get hold of anything else for doing nail art :D. I literally did not want to move an inch. I was prepared that the nail art could be disaster as I had only like 3 minutes spare and one silver nail art pen. But, it was not half as bad :D.

I am very influenced by swirls the…

Nail Art Basics – What is a Nail Art Pen? How to use them and where to buy them?

Hi, today I am going to introduce you to a nail art pen. They were the first nail tool I ever had. But they are not the first one’s I used :P. That’s confusing, let me clarify. I bought two nail art pens about 4 years back. But due to lack of knowledge to use them and idea, I never used them. Finally, they dried up and I had to dispose them :(.

What is a Nail Art Pen?

These are bottles of nail polish (or long pen like thing) which open up two ways. One end opens up to a fine striping brush used to do detailing in nail art. The other end opens a pin like thing, with very fine opening from where polish is dispensed when the container is pressed. There are various brands and varieties.

They are used to stripe, dot and draw lines. Click here (Tribal Nail Art, Vintage Nail Art, The Bride's Veil in Blue, The High and  Low Crest Nail ArtSparkling Loud Red Nail Art) to see what all nail arts I used the nail art pen for :)

Shopping Guide

While purchasing a nail art pen pay more attention to t…

The Sun, Sea and Beach Nail Art

Hey Girls, you remember I mentioned about the Monthly Nail Expo in the Blooming Spring Nail Art which is hosted by Viviana from NailArt Addictions ? Yes, after missing it for the first time, I did participate in May Expo. The theme is 'Sun, Sand and Beach '. I am not yet a nail art pro and although the theme  seemed exciting, it gave me jitters :(. I had to participate but I was also scared of not coming up with a worthy nail art. I haven't yet dived deep into free hand nail arts, so I was not that confident. So I gave a lot of thought and finally came up with this. This is not my best but it isn't bad either :P.