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The Despicable Me Movie Inspired Nail Art

Have you seen the movie Despicable Me? No?? Don't worry even I haven't seen the movie. But I was so impressed with the posters and trailers all around that I couldn't help but drag the monsters to my nails. Also, the theme "Movie Inspired" for the OMD Challenge also gave me the perfect opportunity.

Soft Evenings for Vacation Nail Art

Hi beauties, I am here to share with you an evening inspired nail art. I looovvvvee evenings, esp when I meet it in open. Due to our work life we often miss evenings behind our office walls. I see them sometimes through our office glass walls :(. And then on weekends one is busy running errands or sleeping or watching television.

I love Music Nail Art

Hi , I have a quick post today since I am not much in talking mood today. And my talking mood is mostly directly linked to the way my nail art turns out to be. When it’s pretty, I talk more and when not, I feel like hiding somewhere :(

So here I am with a “Music Inspired Nail Art” for the OMD Nail Art Challenge. It is a simple nail art where I used blue nail paint for base color and all the work is acrylic paints. I painted half hearts on each hand with white, drew the music note with black and golden dotted border using dotting tool.

Mint with a Hint of Black Currant Nail Art

Hi Girls,

I am not sure how you gonna take the name of the nail art, but that is how I felt  when I finished this. The 'Teal' color used is so minty and the deep purple color could only made me imagine black currants :). I have fimo here to get some 3D effect. Incidentally this also qualifies for the OMD Nail Art Challenge themed 3D.

Incidentally, this nail art very old. I had not even started blogging then. I was sitting alone at home on a Thursday night and getting bored. I just thought let me try the fimo clay and use it for the first time. I also wanted to make sure I have some color on my nails to match my dress I was going to wear the next morning. So I made a deep purple shade by combining two unused and dried up colors :D :D. I cannot explain how victorious I felt by getting the exact shade I wanted by using two wasted nail paints. Then I turned to the fimo clay to beautify them :)

The photographs are also old (thank God I atleast clicked one!) and may not be the best. Bu…

My Butterfly Nail Art

Hi ladies, its the Day 21 of OMD Nail Art Challenge and the theme today is "Stamping". Time flies so fast, just now I was worried about being able to manage a nail art everyday to live this competition and here we are on the Day 21 :)

I really really struggled to put everything together, trust me I have gone crazy to manage posts for everyday (also took help of scheduled posts). And now I feel tired!! I love doing nail art even though my arms feel like ripping off with new job and new home sometimes. But what makes it too much is editing pictures and the writing posts.

One thing that I feel like sharing here is that many a times, I am so tired mentally or physically that I just wish I could put photos of my nail art here and share with you. I just feel of writing a short 'Hi' and spamming the pictures. But as soon as I click on 'New Post' button and write 'Hi', I don't know what happens, I feel an adrenaline rush. As if I gather some energy from mys…

Easy at Home Nail Art 28 -Royal Purple Glitters

Hi All,

I am back with another Easy at Home Nail art which means yet another nail art which any beginner can do without any tools. You could just lay hands on whatever you already have or stuff lying around at house :)

This is a very simple nail art, I used another cheap nail paint (I guess VOV) from my first time ever cheap/non branded nail paints haul. You remember how positive the pink nail paint and chunky silver glitter nail paint turned out?? They were like Rs 17 each but look at this and tell me had I revealed there is no chance you would have guessed the price!!

So with that my poor opinion on non branded nail paints changed and I have a few in my collection now :) Well, back to this one. For this I used a simple sheer purple nail and loose glitter that I got in The Nail Art Remake Challenge.

Some glitters had spilled on transit from Netherland to my home and they were kind of mixed colors now. I did not want to waste them so came up with this. You could easily find such glitters …

Delicate Nude with Glitter Nail Art

Hi fellas, I did another nail art for my sister this weekend. We decided something classy, sophisticated yet edgy. So I have a very simple nail art to share today. I kept in mind that the nail art should comply with the "Delicate" theme for the OMD challenge as well.

I used a nude shade which is an ideal base for french manicure here. And applied some golden glitters on it.

With all that the bottom line is my sis liked it a lot. And her colleagues also complemented her so she was happy. And how about you guys, did you like it?
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My First attempt at Sponging - Sunset in Orange and Pink Ombre

Hi Again, You must understood by now that apart from the excitement this challenge is giving me, it is also giving me the opportunity to try new stuffs :D :D. I have a long list of "To-Do" Nail Arts but have not been able to strike them off for long. So I am using this challenge to do all crazy stuffs I was either under confident in doing or they just slipped out of mind!!

Today I tried Ombre Nails by sponging  method for the first time. When I first saw their pictures on pinterest long back, I was scratching my head wondering how do people get that (I was not into nail art blog reading at this time). It was only later when I came to know of something called "Sponging". And then for a long time I din't have sponge to try them. After few months when I got the kind of sponge I wanted, I lost them in my wardrobe (I wonder if anyone can do that!!). I again bought a makeup sponge which was kinna expensive and good. I used it as a "makeup sponge" first and r…

The "Myself" Nail Art

Hi All,

I have a pretty nail art with weird name today. But there is a thought behind it and since I am very vocal about what I think (esp after starting to blog) I am sharing it (you can run, you can hide but you can't escape my words!! :P :P ). Jokes apart, this nail art feels very "me" and has all elements I love. This is also entry for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge under the theme "Half Moon". Its not like a completely half moon nail art because I have added a lot of other elements I love :)

First of all its "Pink" which till date makes me go "Awww" :). I have added some small roses which I love a lot, I feel so chirpy and merry when I am around flowers. They tend to ooze out love in form of their seductive fragrance. The velvet nail on the ring finger gives a soft and warm feeling to the entire thing which I love so much. And the 'Heart' on the thumb denoted the love I have for all these and how much love I am surrounded by in my …

Floral Nail Art - My first attempt at One Stroke Painting

Hi Ladies,

The theme for Day 14 OMD Challenge is Flowers. Now I am sure one could have million ways to get a floral nail art done, its not at all difficult for a girl to imagine flowers. But as I said earlier, I am trying to lay my hands on methods or designs I haven't done ever.

I have been about this and seeing 'One Stroke Painting' a lot. And trust me the results are mesmerizing. I have refrained from writing a tutorial for this nail art purposely. I did not want to go wrong or miss anything so I would request you do a google search.

In short I can just say, use a flat brush with two different colors at both tips. This will give 'pink' color to the inner petals while 'white' to the outer. One should use a palette and place the two colors side by side so that they are picked up that way.

Initially I just drew flowers on a clear base coat and black french tip. But later I decided to throw some shimmer so I did a top coat with a chunky silver nail polish. It lo…

I 'Heart' Party Nails

Hi Fellas,

I did this nail art for my sister's friend 'Hemali'. She happens to love nail art and was at my mom's place last Saturday. So I planned on doing some nail art for her. She told that her favorite color is ''Red". So I tried my best to get something around 'red'. I was not carrying my entire nail polish box so juggled with whatever options I had.

She liked the nail art and I do hope that you too feel the same. Since 'Red' and 'Golden' naturally go very well together, I had to put in a very little effort to make the nail art look bright and party :) :) :)

This is also my entry for "Heart" theme for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge . I tried my best to capture the nail art best on my camera but due to some or the other reason I was not satisfied with the results. When we (me and my sis) were not able to figure out any sane reason we zeroed to teasing Hemali that her hands are defective. May the small and curved nails were…

Metallic Nail Art in Silver and Gold

Hi readers, I mentioned  that I would be awfully busy with shifting and new job in my previous posts. So obviously I missed on few days of the OMD Challenge. The theme for the Day 10 was Metallic. Although did manage to give my nails a metallic look by midnight of Day 10, I was no condition to edit them and write a blog post for it.

The look wasn't very great either so that added to the demotivation :(. Anyways, I am not sad either because I just wanted an uncut metallic look n my nails with two of my best metallic nail paints.

I am not a fan of metallic colors and I feel they make my hands look darker :(. But I always stock a golden and a silver. So I used a rich golden I picked up from Thailand and the silver is from Avon Born Pretty Range.

Although it was quite simple I liked the sober clutter free metallic look. I felt like doing some stamping but I liked them plain and simple so I let them be. Do you think I should have taken help from some stamping or accessory? Or you like it …

The Glitters and Stars Nail Art

Hi Fellas,

The theme for the 13th Day of the Nail Art challenge is Stars. Now I was wondering on the zillion ways I could depict stars, stamping, free hand, stickers etc. But then I settled for something very simple yet elegant.

Colorful Lady Bug Nail Art

Hi Friends,

I have a very colorful and cute nail art to share today. They are easy and simple, yet make my hands glow and instantly noticeable. I tried the Lady Bug Nail Art only I imagined them to have more colors than Red. This is for the OMD Nail Art Challenge and the theme for today is Dots. I thought of not flooding my nails with dots and rather do a twist with it :)

Simple Dot over Stripe Nail Art

Hi Dearies,

I am sharing a nail art that I did long back but missed on posting. When I saw the theme for OMD Challenge was "Stripes" for Day 11, I exactly new this one found a date to reveal to the world.

I do not claim this is a wonderful nail art but it is not bad either. I was skeptical about this one so I was hiding it for long. But instead of making the judgement I leave the choice of liking it or hating it to you.!!

Another disaster did strike, I don't know how while transferring pictures the photograph of this and a few nail arts 'shrunk'!!! I am not kidding something must  have happened while the transfer but I do not have the originals now :( :(

So you need to adjust to this size of picture and yet make a judgement if it is good enough to share. The nail paint I used is Avon Simply Pretty Serene and painted the rest with acrylic paints.The stripes are free hand while the dots are used making dotting tool.

I hope this is not as bad as I think. Actually, they w…

My first Holo Nail Polish from Born Pretty

Hi Friends, I feel so happy as I write this post because I feel it ages that I have connected with you or written something. The posts that were published in past few weeks were all scheduled posts which I had written prior to shifting and joining my new job.

Anyways, this post is for the OMD Challenge theme “Holo”. Now, when I first saw this theme in June end, I was wondering what would I do since I do not have any Holos!!! . And just before the day of this theme I received the “Born Pretty Holo" nail paint as a part of 200 Holo Paints Giveaway:) :) .The only sad part is I was charged a sum of INR 240 by postal department  I have got stuff (read nail paints) from abroad but this never happened :( :(. I have received order from Buyincoins as well but was never charged. I do not know if this was a fault or a change in rule of postal services!!

Anyways, I gladly applied the nail paint but did not get a chance to post this until now.Quickly to the review and more swatches.

Review of Bo…

Easy at Home Nail Art 27 : DIY Summer Textured Nails with Salt

Hi Friends,

This summer is all about bright nail paints and textured nail paints. I think it started with Barry M and very quickly almost all brands launched their textured nail paint collection. And I see all blogs flooded with textured nail arts and nail paint swatches :) :) :). They are well received and appreciated by polish lovers across.And incidentally the theme for 9th day of the challenge is "Textured".

My sad story is that I still can't find a single brand selling textured nail paints in India :grin: :grin:. And the theme for 9th day of the challenge is "Textured".So does that mean I wont have any textured paint on my nails while the whole world is wearing it and flaunting it??? :( :( :(

Absolutely NO. So I did some research and tried getting a textured look using a household item that every kitchen has - 'Salt'. It is very simple, all you need is bright colors and some salt :D :D

How to get the Textured Look :

Do the base coat and chose bright col…

Skittlette Nail Art

HI Friends,

I am going to do a super quick post today on Skittlette Nail Art. You remember some days back I shared Daphne's Skittlette Nail Art?? Of course you do, because it was superb!!!I have tried a Skittlette this time for the 31 Day OMD Nail Art Challenge!! If you want to know what is Skittlette Nail Art read on

Didn't I tell you this challenge is making me do all things I never thought I would be laying hands on :). I am super busy these days. Didn't I tell you I will be shifting and changing job??? So with my first day in office yesterday and hectic travelling for now, you guys will have to settle with short posts (if at all I am manage to post nail arts every day for the challenge).

Quickly to the post:

The pink on the fore fingers is the baby pink top which I wear at night mostly. They are translucent pink with random white (pearly white) stripes here and there.

The other two fingers with beautiful pastel colors polka dot is the three fou…