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My Summer Nail Art

Hi friends, I have a fun and colorful nail art to share with you today. Although the summer has waved us goodbye and we are practically drenched in monsoon, I just felt like getting summer on my nails :P

Cosmetic Love Innisfree Eco Nail Color Shade 83 Review

Hello friends, today I will be sharing my review about Missha --- Nail Paints from Cosmeticlove. I received a small packet from them for my honest review.

For today I have the shade No 83. These are Eco Nail Colors are available in 15 shades.

About Cosmetic Love : It is Korean online beauty shop which stacks a lot of Korean beauty products, from nail paints to face masks to lipsticks to beauty solutions. The best part is they prvide free International shipping Worldwide!! You can check their website at

About the Product:  Eco Nail Color. A long-lasting, vivid, and glossy nail polish with natural colors. You can find the product here ( )

Quantity and Price: 7.03$ for 10 ml.It comes in a round bottle stout bottle and looks pretty. The cap is thick circular which is not what I appreciate. But it doesn’t create any problems in application. So we are good here.

Color : Although it does not have a shade n…

Rakshabandhan Inspired Nail Art

Hi Nail Polish Sisters, today I have a special nail art to share with you. Yes, today is Rakshabandhan or Rakhee in India. It is festival celebrated all across with lot of joy and enthusiasm. We celebrate this day where a sister ties Rakhee (an auspicious thread) to her brother's wrist asking him to protect her and take care of her. "Rakhsha" means "protection" and "Bandhan" means a "tie of relation".

Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil - Navy Shade Review

Hi Girls, I have always maintained and said that there are two things that I love in me; they are my "nails" and "eyes". I can go on buying any number of nail paints and drool over any number of eyeliner/kohls. I am much more choosy about eyeliner/kohls obviously as our eyes are very sensitive and I wear contacts making them super sensitive.

I can't leave home without sliding some trustworthy, long-staying kohl and rubbing some lip balm. I am insanely addicted to kohls/kajals. They brighten up and lit my face instantly :)

Anyways, so I had a mini haul of four shades of Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil. Of course, nothing can replace the drama that black kohls create, but colored liners are equally tempting. So after reading all positive reviews about Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil, I fell for not one but 5. I purchased 3 colored and 2 black eyeliner. I purchased a black since I am planning to do a giveaway, I have read it all around Indian blogs how it is difficu…

Indian Independence Day inspired Nail Art

Hi Friends, you must be knowing by now that I am Indian :). And we celebrate our Independence Day on 15th August. I thought why not celebrate it with pride on my nails. I am gonna wear this tomorrow with pride and honor.

Tip Top Fairy Dust Nail Polish Review

Hi, this is the second polish out of the Tip Top lot that I am going to review today. The Creamy Orange from Tip Top totally blew my mind. And then this week I moved to the Fairy Dust.After wearing the bright color to work last week, I felt the need to tone down :P. So I turned towards this.  I have changed job so I am playing safe on nail polish these days. I am avoiding nail art or a loud color as this is my first week (I had written this post 2 weeks back and now I am a month old in my office). I will unfold my cards as time passes LOL. I am little careful to not go over the top in the very beginning (as If I can help it LOL). Anyways not only did I wear this polish but I also did a simple butterfly nail art on this the next day. I have already shared this with you, but for revisions sake, I will share a pic once again.

How To Store Your Nail Polish

Hi Fellas, few days back I got an email from Mithra who has similar passion for nail art and beauty :). She asked me if I could have her guest posts on my blog on nail art, DIY stuff? Why would I say no to that? We could have more posts on the topics we love :D. Plus you will get a fresh writing style in case you have got bored with mine :( :( So ladies and ladies, here is a brief introduction about Mithra. Please give her as much love, this is first time here. She is not a blogger but has lots of craziness for nail art and beauty like us :P. She is from South part of India (which is my country) but has been settled in Denmark for long.

Here is what Mithra has to say about her : My name is Mithra and I live in Denmark. In my spare time I like to do nail art and be creative.  I would like to share DIY nail art designs and beauty tips with girls who have the same passion as me.

How To Store Your Nail Polish

Hi everyone!
Today I'm going to show you how to store your nail polish. I have a…

Tip Top Creamy Orange Nail Polish Review

Hi Friends, I received a parcel of nail paints from Tip Top few days back for reviewing. They definitely know how to win a girls heart. I got 4 shades of pink/corals and a black nail paint. I also got 3 special duo nail paints with glitter on one side.

I shall be sharing my honest reviews with you for all one by one. The colors sent to me are chosen wisely so they made me happy in the first look. The only thing which made me sad is the postal charge of Rs 600  . I have never been charged before but this one and born-pretty holo arrived the same day with this exception.

Anyways, I will be reviewing the ‘Creamy Orange ' today which I liked the most so it was the first one I tried.

Nail Art Basics - What are Nail Art Stickers and how to use them?

Hi All, the nail art accessory that I have for your help today is extremely simple to use and affordable also. They are 'Nail Art Stickers' . To be frank, I always route to them when I am out of ideas and out of time. I hate carrying bare nails so I need to have something or the other on them. And if my nails are just plain painted before I leave home, I throw in a sticker pack in my purse and simply peel them off to beautify my nails while traveling to work in my car. Don't worry, my husband is on the driving seat. :P

What is a Nail Art Sticker and How to use them?

One doesn't have to be a pro to enjoy a  Nail Art Sticker. They are pretty small designs on a sheet All you need to do is chose a design, peel it off the sheet and apply it on your nail. Press it firmly so that it sticks well to your nails. And finish it with a top coat. Viola!! you have a pretty design on your nails in seconds.

This is one of the nail arts where I used these stickers. Forgive me for picture q…

Delicate Matte Nail Art

Hi another, quick post. This is a very simple matte nail art but they look elegant. I used a simple nude nail paint I bought from Thailand.

Cute Bunny Nail Art

Hi, another quick post to finish my entries for the OMD Nail Art Challenge for the animal theme. I made this nail art randomly. I was wearing a bunny studs and was suddenly inspired. And this is the rough outcome.

I just randomly drew these but I was happy because it was spontaneous.I was tired from work and was getting my ear stud off when a spark of inspiration hit me. And I grabbed my brush and bam. It is an average nail art but I hope to have more days where I am so inspired. I hope you like them as well.
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Laces in Neon Pink

Hi, I am sharing a quick but very old nail art with you today. I was about to put it for the neon theme of OMD Challenge but was too busy. So without much ado I am sharing the old imperfect nail art.

It was one of other nail arts whose image got shrunk while transfer from my old cell phone. But whatever it is, it reminds of old memories when I went for Thailand trip. This was the nail art I wore particularly so that they pop out in my pics :)

Anyways, the base color is a lovely neony pink from the colorbar cocktail collection. And I used white nail art pen to draw the laces. They simple but edgy. I hope you like them.
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MasterChef Inspired Nail Art

Hi Fellas, now we all are polish lovers here. And we all know what house hold chores and cooking does to our nails :(. An specially Indian cooking, turmeric will paint the entire nail town yellow!!! Aggrr!! I hate it so much.

But on the other hand cooking is as creative as our nail arts. You know the joy of creation or giving life to something are the kind of feelings I have when I cook (I do very occasional cooking!). My maid takes care of everyday cooking, so I am set there. But if I have time and I am not tired and I am in mood and I am also not busy blogging and not doing nail arts and have not fought with my husband....I do Cook. Now, I am not a bad girl (I swear, pinky promise) but working, traveling,managing home, managing maid, managing blog and relaxing leaves me with very little time for cooking.

When Nails Met Polish Nail Art

Hi Friends, I was racking my brains on how to depict 'Fashion" theme for the OMD Nail Art Challenge. Mostly people chose to depict dresses and outfits. Basically, its an interpretation of what fashion means to you.

The Jewellery Inspired Nail Art with Indian Attire Touch

Hi everyone, as you all know my country of origin is India and here we are proudly inclined towards bright colors, intricate designs and jewellery. we relish lively colors, lots of delicate patterns, golds,glitters and all what could possibly throw life to any outfit. I wanted to depict this in form of nail art and I knew I had to turn to tribal. I love tribal nail arts an  I feel I am fairly good at it :P. I am able to do these using my wrong hand also :) :). I have done tribal twice before and following are the pictures.

Following are the tribal themed I did in past: