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Summer is Back Nail Art

Hi Sunshines, I mean literally sun is shining in full swing these days. Usually Mumbai doesn't experience much heat but this time its not even April and the temperature is rising. So with the Sun smiling back at us, I thought why not welcome it with a Nail Art?

For this look I used:

Maybelline  ColorShow BlueBerry Ice as base color.
The Cloud and Sky image on all nails except ring finger is from my Cheeky "Princess Charming" Plate (I am loving this plate currently). I used Konad spl black for stamping.
On ring finger I drew a yellow round for sun and highlighted outer circle with orange acrylic paint to get the intense look. Using fine brush I also drew glares of sun using same Orange color.
To get the shine on the sun I dabbed some loose golden glitter on my sun . I am happy with the kinna blaring, sparky and hot feel my sun is giving :)
I sealed the nail with Seche Vite (I just got my first even SV and I am very Excited)

The nail art did not take long to finish and I am kinna…

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill No 85 Review

Hi Beauties, As you can read from my previous posts, I have kinna got active on makeup also (as if my polish craziness wasn't enough) :P :P . So I am in self destruction mode where I am chopping of my wallet with the axe of nail art, nail polish and now makeup stuff also    :( :(. So as I informed you earlier, I had been to Inglot Outlet in Delhi in November (I know its late to review but I need to use it to review it :P ).But didnot get much chance to use it till last month.

Price and Quantity : Rs 300 for 1.2 Grams

Product Claim :

Colours and Shades: 90
Paraben free formula
Not tested on animals

(The above pic shows the swatch without Flash)

(The above pic shows the swatch with Flash)

My Experience :

Let me first talk about the color. Hmmm, if I could put it most simply it is mauvish-pink. It is  an absolute day time shade, while can be perfectly wore at night too. It is girly yet sophisticated. It should go well with all Indian skin tones. One can proudly wear it to office too. I mean I…

Spring Flower Nail Art

Hi Cupcakes, Spring is round the corner and I am imagining flowers and blossoms. Although the reality is its hot in Mumbai :(. Really, the weather is giving such negetive vibes but the thought of spring helps to keeps thought fresh atleast. Otherwise, the image of the nail art would be difficult to imagine :P :P .

I wanted to something really splendid for Spring Flower but I am stuck with average. The problem is I barely get time for nail art with office and home. I never practice any nail art, I just throw my imagination directly to nails, without realising that brushes don't always support your thoughts :mad:  :mad:.

Anyways, I dont want want to be grumpy, the nail is pretty ofcourse (but not mind blowing :( ). I used Wet and Wild 2% Milk for base. The rest of all the painting is done using acrylic paint and fine brush. I did a Top Coat with Sally Hansen Hi-Shine. I dont know but I feel I could add some more elements to this nail art, to make stand out. But I am clueless as to wha…

Festive Wedding Nail Art

Hi Friends, if you remember I had been to Pune for a wedding some time back. Back then I did a wedding nail art for me, my sis and my cousin :)  Fortunately, all them of almost turned out well.

Today, I am sharing the nail art I did for my sister. She was very fascinated with flocking powder so sprinkled some :) :)

I used NYX pastel Yellow and Maybelline Colorshow Keep Up the Flame to paint her fingers.

Applying Flocking Powder / Getting Velvet Nails :

Even on the fingers where I applied Red Flocking/velvet powder I applied a shade similar to velvet powder underneath. It is important to wear the same color polish because some times your nude nails may give a peek-a-boo :P . Also, if you lose some velvet at some place, it should not be starkly visible, the polish will camouflage. Apply the flocking powder on wet polish and just press them to stick. Remember to sprinkle the flocking powder so that they don't form lumps. You can also spread the velvet powder on a paper and rub it to even…

Fresh, Classic Ayurvedic Facial Care for Men - Forest Essentials launches the much awaited collection

New Delhi, March 2014: Having pleased a discerning clientele that demands Quality and Authenticity, Forest Essentials introduces its Facial Care Collection for men. An increasing trend towards the finest Skin Care specifically for men has been on the list of Forest Essentials’ Research & Development and was completed this year.
The collection, with a blend of sensuous Sandalwood Oil and tangy Orange Peel is designed to leave you with lightly scented, refreshed skin, day long. The brand introduces four basic essentials of a stylish, well groomed man in the collection, including:
Sandalwood & Orange Peel After Shave Spray, 100 ml, MRP 1295
Sandalwood & Orange Peel Shaving Cream, 200 gm, MRP 1250
Sandalwood & Orange Peel Facial Scrub, 100 gm, MRP 1395
Sandalwood & Orange Peel Hydrating Moisturiser, 200 ml, MRP 1575
About the collection:

Sandalwood & Orange Peel After Shave Spray: Alcohol free, transparent and refreshingly calming
Ayurvedic name: Shrikhand Avum Narangi

Sparkling Water Nail Art

Hi Cupcakes, I am very excited to share something new with you today. I am experimenting 'A lot of sparkles nails' and also daring to share with you all  :roll: . I am too shy to wear a lot of glitters on my nails. But tomorrow I leave for Goa and I am in all festive mood. I thought what better than carrying sparkling waters on my nails to the Goa Beach. Ohh!! how I relieved I am to go on a very mini break. Its march and I am too busy in office exhausted. So a mini Aqua Break. I love beaches, don't you?

Warning : This post is picture heavy, you can get shots of glitters in soooo many ways :P

Ok, enough talking, back to the nail art. So this is what I used

Rimmel Mintilicious
Maybelline Colorshow Shoking Seas
Essence Vintage District Gel look Top Coat
Missha CrystalNail Polish

How to do Sparkling Water Nail Art :

Do the cleaning, cutting and file of your nails. Apply a base coat and let it dry.
Use any minty shade polish for the base color. You can any color combination of your choi…

Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye and Lip Review

As I mentioned in my previous post girls, I do not use much makeup so logically I never needed much of a makeup remover too :oops: . I used to use cold pressed Jojoba oil to do the makeup removing thing for long now. But with my sensitive skin , I wanted to avoid oil when I already had acne :-? . So when I went to Beauty Centre to pick up the Maybelline Mousse Foundation, this purchase was a logical extension.

Price and Quantity : Rs 225 for 70 ml

My Experience :

I was actually impressed with the packaging in first look. The bottom half has transparent liquid while the top half has blue liquid floating. The blue is for oil based makeup cleansing.This was my first makeup remover so the concept of two types of remover liquid both for oil and water base was eye catching. Someone who has already come across may not be equally amused. I know 'Like' dissolves 'Like' so I was very happy that both water and oil based makeup are going to be taken care of :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

It is a…

Minty Flower Blossom Nail Art

Hi All, you know the feeling when you conceive an idea in your mind, thinking its going to turn out beautiful. But the end result doesn't amaze you half even :( . Yes, I had a beautiful image of how this nailart would turn out. But it was not as great, not ugly though :).

Anyways, I used Rimmels Minitilicious and Tip Top Fairy Dust for mint and light purple respectively. I wanted to use my newly acquired mint n white matte glitter(hexes) polish so I thought of this color combination.

I used nail art brushes and acrylic paint to get the blossom on my middle and ring finger. I used the mint n white matte glitter(hexes) coat over Tip Top fairy Dust to balance the color combination.

I bought the polish from a local store, for Rs 80 I guess :) :) . Amazing thing at this price. Isn't it?

I removed this nail art in a day. I also slept on it while it was in an impressionable wet stage :( :( :( . So those ugly lines made me pull my hair every time I looked at them. Hence a very short lived…

Fall In Love With Yourself

Hi, This Woman's Day I just wanted to share with you a thought. I had written this article monthsss back, but never found a better time to publish it. This Womans Day no cool nail art or verbose product review, just wanted to steal you attention for a bit to let you go through this!!

Fall In Love With Yourself

Let me begin with an abrupt question. Who do you spend your maximum time with? Do obvious answers sound like - Husband? Parents? Siblings? Office Mates? Your Children? and so on..? The correct answer is one spends maximum time with himself/herself.

Respect your elders, love your younger ones, be kind to the less privileged, spend time with your family, work hard for your organization, never lie to others…… does this sound familiar? Yes, since childhood this is like a record which has been played in our mind again and again and again. I think no one here can claim to have escaped multiple dosages of these words of wisdom. So much so that these have become universal facts to live…

Lace Nail Art

Hi Beauties,

Finally I feel so normal and at home sharing my nail art from my new blog :) :) . Its after ages that I am participating in any challenge. I am a member of ILL ( Indian Lacquer Lover) group which is a facebook group of Indian Nail Art Fans. We have lovely weekly challenges but I rarely participated. I am planning to be more active on weekly theme nail art. And the theme for this week is "Lace". So I am here with my share of "Laces".

I was expecting to do it better but I have to settle with a slightly lesser one :( .I am not keeping very well, so my hands are a bit shaky due the momentary weakness I have developed. So here is my attempt to the Lace Nail Art.

I used a local brand's peachy shade, topped it with Sally Hansen Disco Ball. I used a nail art brush which is brought to precision by trimming with scissors. And of course a black acrylic paint for designing and finally a Essence Top  Coat to preserve the design :) .

Although its not the best I coul…

Welcome to 'NailArt and Beauty'

Hi Friends,

It feels so great to finally talk to you guys from my brand new website :) :). I am very excited, I am not sure about you though :P . I have taken considerable amount of pain and strain to get things together, the way they are.

I am still working on nitty gritties, its a new platform for me too and I am hell bend to make the best of it :) :).

Regular postings will start very soon. I have articles sitting in my drafts already, nail art pics deing for your comments and products on shelf lying idle for review :). Meanwhile guys, just hang around a bit, get the feel and please please please give me feedback of this blog. I would sincierly request you guys to let me know what you hate or like here, so that I can correct them. Please highlight any anomalies , I will recitify them.

I am a bit scared, little nervous and very excited. Also, I have recently setup my Instagram Acount (I know its very late and I should have done it long time back :( ). But its kinna lonely out there witho…