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Sunset Nails

Hi Friends, I so wanted to do a sunset nails and finally I managed to do it. I am not keeping well so with low energy and negligible motivation I tried my best.

This is the longest a nail art has taken to finish, but the reason is not completely the complexity. I am having shaky hands due to body pain so I wasn't able to give my best. This resulted into a lots of mistakes and hence retakes.

Seriously, I have never been more exhausted after a nail art, but I am happy how it turned out, inspite of all ups and downs. I have not been to work today as I am not keeping well. So I thought lemme do some nail art to lift up my mood. But I am totally drained out. So, the learning is never try a nail art when your mind and body are not supporting you fully :( :( .

I will quickly just tell you how I did it.

Apply white polish on clean nails.
Take a sponge and get stripes of bright coral, light pink, yellow and purple colors polish on them in correct sequence and sponge them on your nails.
Repeat th…

Mix and Match Summer Nail Art in Neon

I admit I am having a little (well, more than little) crush on Neons these days. God! they are so in and omnipresent. I had been to mall yesterday and displays were so colorful and full of life and neons. I was mesmerized, literally. The summer is on , so people are just not scared to show there ultra colorful side :P.

And all the colorful gorgeous stuff that I saw yesterday, gave me an adrenaline rush to do some something similar on my nails. One thing I was sure was that I had to use Neon Studs from

Anyways, I used Mayeblline ColorShow 'Black Out' for Black color on my nails. These are quite pigmented. I just used one coat and the results were opaque, which was surprising :). I used acrylic paints and fine brush to get the intricate tribal/aztec design. To get the neon studded nails, I used BornPrettyStore Neon Stud Wheels which they sent me for review last week. And I am so impressed by them. It gave a whole new life and neony edge to my mani :). I…

Easter Bunny Nail Art

I am happy with my colorful  nail art today which I did for Easter. There are so many lovely nail art floating around and being shared for easter , that I got smitten by one :P . I had been wanting to use my Bundle Monster Easter Bunny image for so long...and this was a perfect occasion. Had I missed this, I would have to wait until next year..phew!!!

I have not done something out of world but I am pleased by how they turned out :). They are cheerful and happy. And I feel doing "Kuchi ku" to do the Easter Bunny.

I was really confused on what to do till I sat down to actually do it. Mom was pressurizing me to finish up soon, since she had guests coming and I was a mess and also made the drawing room mess with my polishes :P :P

Nonetheless, with some quick stamping from Bundle Monster and water decal (I don't know if they resemble cat more or bunny more, but I knew it will go perfect for the look), I got this quite quickly :). I used NYX Pastel Yellow, Street Wear for Pink ,

Mermaid Nails

Hi All, I am not going to be a story teller today because I am sharing this nail art half heartedly :( . I was so very tired mentally and physically when I did this nail art. No wonder it didn't come out well :(

I started off well and in the beginning it seemed like I will have something satisfactory to show. To begin with I used Maybelline Color show 'Miss You Blue' on all my nails. I was planning to give a metallic look to my nails , so I used metallic blue for sea water. Also I needed to capture the waves subtly so I decided to do a silver (again metallic) gradient for shiny surfs. The silver was not starkly visible though :( . I used Sally Hansen Disco Light to get some glitters on sliver gradient part for bling and it came very pretty. It was like a frosted look. But somehow the look drifted away from sea and surfs :(

This section is where I lost hope even further. I tried stamping the mermaid with white first, it was too light. I wiped off entire thing. I wanted the me…

Lazy Day on Beach Nail Art

Hi Polish Lovers, I am drenched in colors and beaches and ice-creams this summer (not literally but true for my nails). Yup, and thats the reason my nails are turning yellow :( :(. So I thought why turn someone else's nails yellow this time :P :P . Just kidding!!

I had been wanting to do some beach and sand nails for a while (along with the other untried gazzilion nailarts I had been aiming to do for ages :P ). One of my friends at work, was constantly amazed by my nail arts and had been wanting me to use my magic wand (read brushes and plates :P ) on her nals :). She also grew her nails longer this time. So I felt the urge to just throw some lovely nail art on her nude nails and one day I invited her for a nail art.

The rest of the kitty party and fun that followed needs to explanation :) .Anyhow, she was excited to see my plates and was pointing out various images from different plates like a lost child in candy shop :P :P . So, coherently we put images picked up together to get a…

Inspired by My Summer Dress Nail Art

This is one of the very few nail arts that came out the way I had imagined it. If I have decided what I want on my nails, half my job is done because I spend like hours sitting in front of my dressing table and gazing at colors and tools. I spend hours to finalize which polish, method, tool, accessory and technique to use; so by the time I am actually "On" the task of doing nailart I am exhausted and it's already 9pm :( :(.

This was a rare time when I saw one of tops lying on bed which I fondly wear for with my pink shorts as summer dress (read round the year in Mumbai)  and decided this is what I want on my nails!!

The pink shorts I am mentioning is my fav and a relief when I can't think of what to wear (which is most of the times). Since Mumbai is not cold any time, I practically wear it anytime and every time, I want my dress to be comforting and least bothering. I am just attaching my flowy silk top in the post for you judge if I was successful in capturing it :P .…

Summer Fruit Kiwi Nail Art

Hi friends, I have participated (at least I am trying my best to) in Popular Summer NailArt Challenge and I am trying my best to live up to the theme. The theme I am going to cover is "Fruits". I know my nail art is something which was justified had I done it an year back when I was a novice.

But an year after I dived in nail art ocean, I know it's not great :( :(. I wanted to get a kiwi on my nails specifically because I am allergic to the fruits. If I have fresh kiwi, my mouth and tongue starts itching badly, so I never have it. But my nails aren't allergic :P :P .

So I parked few kiwis here. Actually, I had been wanting to use my green textured polish since ages. And kiwi would give me opportunity for that, so it was double tick :)

I have used China Glaze Textured  In The Rough  , Faces White O White and the kiwi seeds are courtesy black acrylic paints :)

I am not sure if you guys will like it, but I really wanted to try this out. And its kinna of refreshing every tim…

Fresh Fruits Ice Cream Nail Art

It's actually Summer in Mumbai these days and I am hating it!! I have lost my appetite, especially dinner :(. A few days back I had ice cream after dinner and it helped me retain food in stomach rather than puking it out like previous other nights. I am not an ice-cream crazy person but I realised the importance of ice-cream that day. I have started stacking ice-cream in my freezer since then and this may continue for the entire length of summer :P

Warning : Picture Heavy Post

Anyways, if ice-cream can cool my tummy, rest in my refrigerator then why not chill my nails?? Yes, I really felt like getting some fresh and cool look on my nails. So I decided on doing fresh fruit ice-cream nails. It not only is a like splash of water on my face but also overwhelms people who see my nail art with freshness.

Tutorial of Ice-Cream Nails:

I was very sure that I didn't want monotonous single colored ice-creams, whats the fun?? So, I sponged various popping colors on white base on my nails. Thi…