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My First Tape Nail Art using Maybelline Glitter Mania

Hi Girls, this is my first attempt to tape mani and I am really unsure if it is good. I love the finished look but I suck at tape manis. I have tried them a couple of times in past but they were Urrrghh!! I fail at it and they make feel very low, so I stopped attempting them at all.

But something happened and I was left with no option. I participated in #HePicksMyPolish on facebook. I had been hearing about this a lot and had been wanting to do it. Finally, I will be joining this time. Knowing that I picked up Color Show Glitter Manis last week and I would be crying to use it, he got partial I think. He picked up three of Maybelline Glitter Mania which are Stromy Night, Red Carpet and Matinee Mauve.

Since these polishes are textured kinds, I thought why not a Tape Mani?? But trust me , I was feeling through out the process, that something or other is gonna happen and this will fail again. Well, it's not out of the world but I am okay with a first attempt. Atleast it is in a conditio…

Bright Tribal Nails with Glitter Texture Twist

Today I am sharing nail arts I did on two girls, most important in my life. My Mom and my sister. One is the hand I held throughout my life to grow into what I am today; while the other is the hand I have held and played throughout my childhood. Both these ladies are support system to my life and my best friends :).I can’t put in words ever what they mean to me, I can’t even attempt to explain.

I love working on their nails, because it gives me so much satisfaction to beautify my darlings nails.Last week I did nail art for both of them.I am all in for bright colors these days girls. Neons, orange, pink, green and what not, I just want to wear them all and flaunt them :). I had just purchased Color Show Glitter Mania and I was restless to use them. I used it on my sisters nails.

My sisters Bright Tribal Nails with Glitter Texture Twist

For my sisters nails, I used ColorBar Poppy Pink (I think this was the shade name), acrylic paints and of course Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania ‘All T…

Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Collection Review

Hi Polish Lovers, as you all must be aware Maybelline Color Show launched 8 new glitters polishes. Now, I already have all the 40 Color Show existing shades which my husband gifted me for Karvachauth, so I have special affinity with Color Show polish range. I was in office yesterday when I came to know that Maybelline has launched 8 new shades. I had what you call as "Adrenaline Rush" to purchase it but I was late from work. However, today being Saturday and half day, my husband took me to Irla to get them.

Now, from the name of the collection, I just thought it must 8 new shades with shimmers and glitters. I am not a glitter/shimmer fan, they make any color look so common. So although, my husband asked me to pick all 8, I picked only 6. There were no testers for swatching.

I got Matinee Mauve,All That Glitters,Starry Nights, Bling On The Blue , Dazzling Diva and Red Carpet. There were two other shades in rich purple and champagne which I skipped.

Price and Quantity :Rs 125 for…

Inspired by my T Shirt Nail Art

I am so much in getting inspired these days, that every thing around me seems to give me a direction, a design, a pattern :). Few days back I did nail art inspired by my friends dress and I was quite feeling creatively satisfied :). I got more aware and awake towards drawing hints and cues from things lying around me.

Last week I was out for holiday to Goa on my anniversary where I wore this top. And then I liked the freshness and inscription on the top so much that I wanted it on my nails. So when I came back I did this nail art :). My dresses are being a major inflow of inspirational juice to my nervous system :) :).

This is my T -Shirt.

The reason also is that I did shop majorly in past weeks. Just to tell you for number sake, I purchased 10 kurtis , 12 T-shirts,3 pair of Jeans, 8 pair of shoes and few accecsories :P :P . Now, that's really a lot of inspiration. I am hoping to do some thing or the other inspired by them in the days to come. I hope you will enjoy it.

For this nail a…

Hibiscus Flower Nail Art

Hi Fellas, I am back with another floral nail art. I feel I am too inclined to flowers these days. But what to do , its summers and there is color all around. I find florals so apt on nails now :)

It gives a happy and chirpy feeling. Also, I had got few MoYou London Plates and I wanted to put one to use. This is a simple nail art as it may look. But for some reason stamping wasn’t a good experience. I think I switched on the fan which resulted into images not picking up or not transferring :( :(

Anywyas, this nailart was done few months back when I was all the more novice at stamping. I think I have improved a bit :P

I used Essence Mordern Romance nail polish for base. Its such a lovely coral peachy shade. Totally gorgeous, with some micro shimmers which do not hamper the subtle look of the finish in anyway. I used MoYou London Plate Pro Collection 07 for getting the Hibiscus stamped on my nails. The polish used for stamping was Konad Special Red. The image did not transfer very neatly t…

Bright Neon and Heart Nail Art

Hi Friends, I am in kinna happy swingy mood today :). By the time this post gets published , I will be in GOA :) :) :). Yes, I am taking a mini break in Goa to celebrate our 3rd marraige anniversary :). Time flies, and its 3 years of marraige. I was supposed be grown up and a little more matured (a little more boring) but I still feel like a kid running around. I still am choosy, picky, noisy, fussy, colorful, cheerful,naughty and what not. Maybe, I don't want to grow up at all!! :P

Anyways, since I am going to Goa, I needed a bright nail art. Actually I wanted to do something special but my nails broke the previous night :( :( :(. I chopped them to tiny miny length. The design that I had in mind was for the nail length I usually have. So when I got tiny canvas infront of me, I got stumped :P :P.

Also, I was late from work, then I went to parlour, then home packing and it was already 9pm :(. So I had very little time to apply a nail polish even. I somehow managed to do this nail art…