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Roses in Gold Nail Art

Hi Girls, how are you? It feels like I am actually writing a post after ages. The posts that you have been reading lately were all scheduled posts. So no writing actually in the month of august :(.

I had been to Nepal for a mini vacation and things at home and office both kept me busy and away from you :P. Anyways, the nail art I am sharing today isn't very new. I did them a month back but never got time to share.

I did some gold roses on a gorgeous texture red by Maybelline ColorShow 'Red Carpet'. Its the best "Red" can go. Its a gorgeous glittery texture red with pink micro shimmers.The polish has been reviewed by me here. And this is how it looks.

I used Maybelline Colorshow Bold Gold for stamping the gold roses. I can't say how smooth it is for stamping, as if it was just made for it. I used Moyou London Plate Pro 04 for the roses.

I used some round gold studs to add some 3D element. I used to nail glue to stick it.

The nail art looks perfect for brides, the c…

Vintage "Toile de Jouy" Nail Art

Hi Girls, I have pretty and vintage print decal to share with you. Now to begin with what is "Toile de Jouy" ?  It is a cottonorlinenfabriccharacterizedbymonochromaticprintsonalightbackground. So they are delicate and classy by nature.

And I got these prints as nail decals for review from "La Vita e Bella Nail Decals Shop" for review. Its a Nail Art Decal shop on Etsy and have some really tasteful vintage decals.She sent me a set of 3 decals so there are more reviews to come. I am already reviewing them late so let me hurry up and show you what I did.

Using decals is extremly easy and quick, so its a good idea to stack them for emergency (when you gotto have nailart but no time for painting/stamping).

I was really confused on which one to use and finally I settled with this one. I used Sally Hansen White on as base on accent, middle and thumb. On my pinky and fore finger I used Maybelline ColorShow Sinful Chocolate.

With white acrylic paint and pointed end of toothpick…

Wet and Wild Mega Last 2% Milk Review

Hi Girls, I am in mood to share a nail paint I acquired last year, but is my top favourite till date. My travelling from US got it for me. I just saw it online and ordered for it, the name seemed unique :). I was in desparate need for a smooth glossy nude polish. They are a must have in every ones stash.

Name :Wet and Wild Mega Last 2% Milk

Price and Quantity : Around $2.5 for 13.5 ml

Color : The color of the polish is so true to the name "2% Milk". It is sheer nude polish, with very natural light flesh color.It actually has a milky base.It doesn't have any shimmers or glitters. It will compliment french manicure to T. This can also be used for nail arts on nude base. I think it looks good on its own too. On its won, it gives healthy shine and tint to nails.All the pictures taken are without top coat like I do for any polish review.

Formula and Finish:  As I said the formula is sheer, but this is how a nude polish is. So this aspect is perfect. I can roughly say that the fin…

Dragon Fly Nail Art

Hi Sugars, I tried something on my nails today I would not have tried otherwise. I tried Dragon Flies on my nails. I am not very fond of Dragon Flies and I have very faint memories  of actually seeing one.

I saw Dargon Fly as a theme on it clicked. Something different, isn't it?

I did this mani thrice :(. It is not at all a difficult mani but I missed something or the other , twice. After juggling something or the other, I came up with this. I used Sally Hansen Sugar Coat 'Sweetie' and 'Lick-O-Rich' for yellow and black texture base. I just bought those babies a day before. And I am so happy to posses them.

I used Bundle Monster CYO plate to get the Dragon Fly on my nails. But only the black stamped dragon fly seemed very hollow. I mean it was not enjoyable at all. So I took a step ahead and used my acrylic paints to throw color on my dragon fly.

It felt better instantly. And then I also made flowers and leaves on accent and thumb nails.

Aussie Indie Polish Alanna Renne 'Hedwig' Review

Hi Girls, I am very excited to share my first Indie Polish Swatch. I am extremely fond of Indie polishes but the issue is availability in India. My friend was in Australia and she was coming back to India. She was supposed to come in January so I placed my order in December last year. But her trip got delayed by 6 months :(. So I saw these polishes after 6 months, longest I waited for a polish. But it was totally worth it. You should be seeing swatches of these babies soon. And I am really thankful to her for getting them, thanks Deepti :) .

I will start with 'Hedwig' which is the most dull (not in a bad sense at all, its just not bright) and most descent polish of the lot.

About Alanna Renne :  Alanna Renee is an Australian brand which launched in January 2013. Alanna Renee is run single-handedly by Alanna in the spare time she has after working her full time job. 

All products are hand made. Alanna Renee nail polishes are also available from a number of stockists all over the w…

Jelly Sandwich Stamping Nail Art

Hi Friends, I am going to share my very first attempt on stamping between jelly sandwich today. I am thrilled and also scared, because I am unsure if this is what it was supposed to look like.

I am smitten by stamping these days, and I want to stamp every now and then. I love freehand too, it's so orignal, but I prefer freehand on a weekend when I have more time :). Though stamping also does take a considerable amount of effort and time.

Anyways, I have been purchasing polish left,right and centre and dumping them without using them :(. I bought NYX Juliana which is yellow jelly polish with micro shimmers day before. I am not fond of sheer polish but then I thought of Jelly sandwich and Leadlight technique and picked one.

So, finally yesterday night I did this nail art. I applied two layers "NYX Juliana" as base.

[caption id="attachment_3938" align="alignnone" width="516"] Two Layers of NYX Juliana[/caption]

Then I used Sally Hansen White On to s…

Bold in Gold Nail Art

Hi Fellas, finally the OMD challenge is over and I am exhausted! . Now, no prompts and themes for few days , I will do the themes I feel like :).

After the challenge , I kept my nails bare for few days. And if keep my nails bare for long (read more than 1 day), I develop strong urge to paint them bright and lots of ideas (read zillion) keep hitting my mind :P. The longer the bare period is, the more hungry I am for nail art and inclined towards painting my nails even more bright.

So something similar happened, and I ended up getting these bright nailart :). I am not found wearing sharp contrasts and dark colors on nails since I have to carry the same to work. And I already draw enough attention (both wanted and unwanted) in office. But I still took this as an exception and plunged for black and gold.

The time taken to do the nail art and the gorgeous final results are disproportionate. I mean there is very little you can do when Black and Gold are at play together.

I really needed somethi…