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Femme Fatale Burning Blossom Indie Nail Polish Review

Hi Girls, I am going to review and share swatches of my favourite Indie Polish. You know the feeling when you have been swooning over something for very long long time and the next thing you know is, its in your hands :).This polish holds same place in my life. It was the first indie polish which caught my fancy. I think seeing swatches of this polish , I developed love for the whole indie line.

My newly married friend Deepti is posted in Australia these days, poor thing her hubby was in India.So they had long distance relation even after marraige :(.She was travellung to India and she was sweet enough (I din't give her an option to say No anyways) to get lots of Aussie Polishes for me :). I can't thank her enough.And you know what happened after she placed order my polishes and got them?? Her husband also got a job in Australia itself and now they are together :P :P. You see how kind God was to her because she got my polishes :P . Just Kidding!! I am happy that both of them ar…

Diwali Nail Art

Hi Girls, How are you all? I hope each one of you is having fun! Why not, there so much festivity around :). October is just a month of blast, you have Dussehra, KarvaChauth, Dhanteras , Diwali , Halloween, its the beginning of fall and so much more.

Trust me I want to capture each and every essence from around the globe on my nails. I want to have glimpses of all the these flowing on my nails,  but I have been able to nail a few only. I did Dussehra Nails , KarvaChauth Nails , Glitz and Glam for Dhanteras and trying to do Diwali Nail Art here.

I am not completely satisfied with the nail art but I am not sad either.

On my ring finger and accent I have applied Enchant Purple Polish and coated with Max Factor Fire Fantasy. On rest of the fingers goes my NYX Pastel Yellow. Its the best yellow I could ask for :).

I have tried to incorporate few things to go with the theme. I have made 'Toran' out of mango leaves which are considered very auspicious. If it is Diwali, it can't be wi…

Diwali Crackers and Celebration Nail Art

Hello Gorgeous! Its Diwali time, a festival of fun, frolic,color and crackers; making it the 'king' of festivals :).I would say 'Like Mango is to Fruits, Diwali is to Festival'.The shops are decorated, houses are cleaned, attendance is reduced to half in office ,malls are flooded with crowd, maids asking for bonus etc are characteristic features of this festival.

So, I am wearing Diwali not only on my sleeves but also on my nails :). Nails are very important part of grooming and definitely separates you from crowd.

On nails I am wearing some crackling diwali crackers and some blingy festivity. The color used is neon-ish magenta color from Sinful Colors called 'Dream On'. It is a bright color and this hue is considered auspicious too. You can use any color you wish, it should just reflect your feelings and your mood :). Nails have a very big heart girls, they welcome all colors very graciously if you apply it right; so don't be scared to experiment.

There are s…

Rangoli on Marble Floor Nail Art

Hi Girls, how is the diwali preparations going? Oh My, there is so much going around both in home, nail world and office. I am still managing to put up a descent nail art participating in challenges.

Since Diwali is anyways my favorite festival and close to my heart so the additional effort is not  pinching. I have tried to present Rangoli in a different way. Now the disclaimer is 'I like it' irrespective what the world thinks. The design is put in a different way.

It is definitely a Rangoli nail art but I have presented my Rangoli wrapped in Royalty. In old royal palaces floors have been traditionally of marble. They are shiny off-white in color.They are of a mark of aristocracy and richness. They ooze of style and elegance.I have always loved them.

Rangoli on marble floors look so sophisticated and serene.They have always intrigued me. Now I don' have a palace nor white marble floor. But who can stop me from getting them on my nails??

So, I did a white base with Sally Hansen…

Glam and Glitz Nail Art

Hi Friends, I am sharing a Glamorous and  blingy nailart today. I used Glam Polish again and I am impressed totally :). The polish is neither too gold nor too silver, its blings in between.

I just LOVE the Glam Polish, such a gorgeous color and smooth finish. I am definitely gonna to get myself a few more. Anyways, I also love the nail art I did on them. This NailArt is for 'Glam and Glitz' theme - Indian Festivity Challenge.

I used Konad Blue for stamping and Kleancolor Red for stamping. The stamper I used is from BornPretyStore and works good. They are squishy in nature and good for image pick up. You van buy them here and enjoy 10% off sitewide with my code HQBQ10.

I used Cheeky Plate Princess Charming for this nail art. I had been waiting to use this image from long, pheww finally I am using it.

I used nail glue to stick some rhinestones at the center of the patterns.The nailart look was so glorified.Sometimes my judgement is just right :) And I am happy bird when that happens…

My Karva Chauth Nail Art

Hi Girls, I did Karva Chauth yesterday and I was dead tired to post these nails yesterday. I think I am going to skip you lengthy blah as I am tired.

I am also gonna share one my KarvaChauth pic here. Although I share my pictures on rare occasions but it goes so well with the nail art that I got tempted.

For this nail art I used Barry M Silver Foil as a base. The stamping is done using Moyou Fairy Tale Collection 08. Its a pretty Plate with great design options. I picked up design from the hair of the princess.

For stamping I used Sinful Colors Apocalypto, its a dark teal green polish which stamps well.

For some blingy effect to match the work on my saree, I used some green loose glitters. On my accent nail is Barry M Silver Foil. I sprinkled some loose holographic glitters. And these give such a charming effect. I used BornPrettyStore Squishy Stamper for the stamping. It is one of the best stamper I have and it picks up great. You can buy it here and enjoy HQBQ10 to enjoy 10% off sitewid…

My Polishes got home and early morning floral nailart!

Hello Friends, I am happy to share this nail art with you today and hope it makes you happy too. I am in high spirit today and the world seems a kind place :P.

I moved my babies (read polishes) to their new home yesterday and now my polishes can finally breathe. My polishes were shoved in boxes and racks all this while. Finally my husband was sweet enough to offer me a full one column of wardrobe for my polishes. He emptied the entire section of four racks for me. I was so thrilled. I moved all my polishes, brushes, accessories etc to their new big home. Now they are spread across for me to see each one of them rather than lying on each other. It is very staisfying to see your baby happy, similar is the feeling I am getting.

The only problem is now my polishes are in drawing room instead of bedroom. I was unable to sleep last night thinking if they are fine in the drwaing room. But I don't have an option, my bedrobe obviously is overflowing of our clothes which I definetly cant keep…

Gradient Nails with Tribal Print

Hi Beauties, how are you? I hope you are in pink of your health:). Did I already mention that I am quite motivated for nail art these days. Past few nail arts went off well so is my confidence up.

I am here to share a bright and colorful nail art today. I started doing this nailart for the Crumpets prompt of “Gradient with three colors- one of which should be pink”. Now, I had so many gradient combinations zooming in my mind. If paired correctly, all gradients look tasteful and pretty so I was having lots of thoughts. Eventually I picked up Blue , Yellow and of course Pink.

I am not a gradient pro but I getting there (at least I think I am getting there, don't know about you :P ). Also, I have never done a three color gradient I think. So I was excited to see the result.

Now, I don't want to sound haughty here, but I am happy with my gradients. The colors were smooth and blended well. They were looking good on there own. But I was having an itch to do something.

I did want to try …