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Acorns Nail Art

Hi Girls, Me and My blog are all in winter mood these days. As mentioned earlier, Mumbai is experiencing NO drop in temperature. We are still using air conditioners to get some sleep at night.

Now, this winter when I did Dream Catcher, I am glad I came to know the meaning and relevance of it. This is my thing, I can never do a nail art on any subject/theme without relating to it or understanding it. I can never do a nail art without connecting to it. And in the attempt to connect, I always do some reading on every theme I do. I can't paint it, if I can't imagine it.

So I did some reading on why acorns is related to winters and here is why.It is said that the amount and size of the acorns falling from the mighty oak tree predict the coming winter's fury.This folklore dates back hundreds of years. The idea is that nut & fruit producing trees know what type of weather is coming months before it hits. If the trees sense a harsh winter is on the way, they then produce an over…

Peacock Feather Nail Art

Hi Sugars, I finally did a peacock nail art which was on my to-do list for so long. I just love the colors on peacock feathers. They are so royal and rich. I have been always fascinated by peacock feather and their mesmerizing beauty since childhood.And today I am flaunting them on my nails.

It was not easy so I will not misguide you by saying - Easy Nail Art. I had to really think a lot about the base color and other combinations. It should have the royal blue, turquoise, emerald green and gold for the feathers but which colors should be used for the base and which colors for designing was the question. I had to make sure the design showed up on the base which is difficult when most of the colors are dark.

Now, I don't have a duo/multi chrome or shade shifting polish which would have been ideal for the base. So after lot of thinking I picked up 3 colors for the base and decided to give a similar efferct by sponging. The colors had to be distinct to be noticed yet blend subtly. They…

Abstract Pattern Nails and 'That Jane Designs' Decal Review

Hi Girls, today I have a colourful and peppy nail art to share with you. I have always loved painting all my nails with different colors since childhood. But when I was small no one allowed me colouring my nails and now I that am grown up, I find it kiddish!! What a Catch 22 situation!

Still I went far by my standards and got different bright colors on all nails. I had to review a monochrome black & white decal, so I thought of this fun way of having different colors as base.

The Nail Art Decal I am reviewing today is from ThatJaneDesigns. The pattern is called “Pattern Play”. It is a black print decal with abstract patterns on clear base.

Packaging and First Impressions: It comes in a cute plastic wrapping and a set of instructions on how to use them on its back. I am glad that they mention it is on a clear base. A lot of decal companies don’t bother informing whether the base is clear or white, leaving you wondering till you open it.

The base colors I used are (from thumb to pinky) …

Frosty Wood in Winter Nail Art

Winter is round the corner and although I can’t see it or feel it in Mumbai, I am living it through nail arts. The nail art world is so full of beautiful frosty chilly nail arts that even a person like me who hates winters also falls for it.

It is all snowy and festive in nail blogosphere these days. Even though I cannot but my nails are participating in the fun totally!!. Don’t be surprised when I say, I never seen a real snow in my life :( :(

I wanted to have a frosted blue background so I chose this Blue Glam Polish. I love this blue and it is dark, sparkly and mysterious like night. I could have chosen a lighter blue and it would have looked more real. But this is my imagination and I thought of a dark frosty night in woods.

I didn’t want any snow or snowflakes on my nails for this nail art, just the feel of frosty woods. So I used Barry M Silver Foil to stamp the trees. Barry M Silver Foil is the best silver stamping polish one can have :)

The stamping plates I used are Bundle Monste…

Dream Catcher Nail Art

Hi Girls, I have a quick nail art to share today. Now I have seen dream catcher nail arts since time immemorial but never quite understood what is it? I mean I saw them but never knew the relevance.

What is a Dream Catcher? Dream catchers are arts and crafts of the Native American people. They were woven by the grandfathers and grandmothers for newborn children and hung above the cradleboard to give the infants peaceful, beautiful dreams. The night air is filled with dreams. Good dreams are clear and know the way to the dreamer, descending through the feathers. The slightest movement of the feathers indicated the passage of yet another beautiful dream. Bad dreams, however, are confused and confusing. They cannot find their way through the web and are trapped there until the sun rises and evaporates them like the morning dew.

After knowing Dream Catcher is, I all the more wanted to do it on my nails. So without any ado I did the dream catcher. And what better than the month of November f…

Plaid /Tweed / Flannel Nail Art

Hi Fellas, this is not the first time I am trying a Plaid Nails but the last time I tried it was an utter failure. I posted it on blog but request you not to have a look at the horror :( .Anyways, time passed by and I have evolved as an artist too.

So here is my much better version of Plaid Nails. The print is inspired by Flannel or Tweed which is there for a lots of nail art challenges.

The base color is Rimmel - Sage. Its a dusty olive green color which is perfect for such prints.

I used Maybelline Colorshow Black Out for stamping the plaids. The stamping plate I used is Moyou London Fairy Tale 13. I picked up image from the shoe.

You see the plaid pattern on the shoe, yeah I picked my plaids from there :). How do you find them?I think this is the best suited time for plaid/tweed/flannel patterns, they shout "Winters".

Harvest - Pumpkin Nail Art

Hi Fellas, Fall is approaching fast and I can see all orange, golden and brown colors around in blogosphere. And quite frankly I am enjoying it.

I saw a pumpkin mani long back and wanted to do it. But somehow time kept passing by and this mani never happened. And the time was right now.

So, I made it a point this harvest season to have pumkins on my nails.

This is a freehand nail art. I used acrylic paints to paint the pumpkins. And also took care to paint it in a way they look real. Am I successful?

However, I find the pumpkins cute. They are funky french nail art. I feel like just slicing them or pricking them :P.

On my ring finger and pointer I am wearing a gold glitter packed polish that I bought from Nepal. This is the first time I used them and they are great.

The golden glitters spreads sparkles to my harvest mani. Do you think the same? What are your thoughts on this? Do you like it?

Moustache Nail Art and Twin Nails

Hello Fellas, I have been intending to Moustache nail art for so long. I saw a lot of challenges with this theme lately. So there could not have been a better time to do this nail art :). Another beautiful coincidence is that my friend Manisha from up a 'Moustache theme' for our twin mani. We have been intending to do a a twin from such a long time but we remained busy with challenges, health and odd timings.

[caption id="attachment_4264" align="alignnone" width="600"] Moustache Inspiration for Twin Mani[/caption]

We both so wanted to do a Moustache nail art, that when Manisha shared a moustache pic we couldn't resist. And within 24 hours we were up with this nail art :). Yes, that's how excited we were :P.

I used Models Own Flip Flop and Sun Hat from their 'Polish for Tans' collection. I am head over heels for this collection. However I own only 2 of them. Manisha got these polishes for me …

Zebra Stripes Nail Art

Hi Friends, here is a short and sweet post on 'Zebra Stripes NailArt' . Its not that I never done a Zebra Stripes Nail Art but I can't just get over it.

I did this nailart on my sister's nails.This time, it is not a freehand but stamped print. I used Moyou London Tropical Plate 01. I LOVE this plate.I feel like I am inside a jungle with river flowing by and birds chrping around when I see the images of this plate.

This nail art may look simple but it never ever looses its charm. They are as gorgeous as I first saw them on internet. Zebra nails are stylish and sassy. My sister was happy with this nailart. Also my friends were praising it.

I used Maybelline ColorShow Porcelein Party for the base.I used Maybelline ColorShow Black Out for stamping. I just sponged some  NYX Juliana which is yellow jelly polish with micro shimmers. I simply sponged the centre of the nails. I did this on purpose so that only the central line gives a yellowish shine. Similar shine, what you see o…

Fall Nail Art and BPS NailArt Brush Review

Hi Guys, Fall is round the corner and I really love the colors of fall. For some reason I could never relate to few things like 'Halloween'. And because my heart doesn't sync with it, my nails couldn't . That's the reason no halloween mani on my blog. But 'Fall' even though not experienced in India per say, I feel like getting drenched in it.

So here is my Fall Nails Art with maple and other leaf twigs. I am satisfied with a nail art after long. I am at peace now. Last few weeks have been about stamping mostly. Why not I got 9 Moyou London Plates :).

But my heart pulls towards free hand and nothing gives as much as creative satisfaction as a free hand :).

I was very confused about the base color to be used for this mani. Now, white would have been an easy pick. All colors pop up on it and it gives a nice contrast. But it would have been awfully common as well.

I wanted something closer to the fall, something that blends in the atmosphere of Fall rather than pro…