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Fleur-De-Lis Pattern Inspired Nails

Hi Girls, as ravishing as your base polish may be; left on its own it starts to haunt you asking for nail art in a while. Pretty polishes do attract us and while buying we do think- OMG, it’s so pretty that it is beautiful even on its own. But eventually, when you wear them; they scream of nail art within a day of solitude. And you have that insatiable craving of doing atleast a ‘little something’ on it. This always happens with me. No polish looks good enough on its own after maximum a day of application.

The same happened to me when I applied ‘Witchling from Alanna Renne that I reviewed here. In my mind the polish seemed so complete in itself and even on my nails. But a few hours later I got an itch to do ‘little something’ on it. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew it had to be in Orange.

The Orange hex from the polish needed some more orange company. And I knew even a little ‘Orange’ art would just make my nails look ‘popping’. So with brush in my hand already dipped in Orange acry…

Republic Day Nail Art

Hi friends, I finally managed to do my Republic Day Nails for Republic Day celebrated in India on 26th January. I always miss doing nails important days. On almost all such days when you should be dead without nail art, I am surprisingly and shamelessly alive with 'Nude Nails'!! Even on my last birthday, I was nude nails, and that's a shame!!

For a change I am wearing a nail art I am supposed to for this 'Republic Day'. I did a stamping nail art which is not something new ofcourse. What is new is that I used two colors for stamping. I know its not a rocket science but I missed on trying it before.

Its not perfect but decent for a first timer using two colors for stamping. Its a calculation starting from which polish you brush on plate image first to which part of image you pick first while rolling your stamper head.

I used Sally Hansen White On as a base. For stamping I used Street Wear Green Polish and Salon Perfect Traffic Cone. The plate I used is Moyou London Tour…

Floral in Neon Nail Art

Hi Girls, I have been loving both the Salon Perfect Nail that my friend Trupti got from US. Both Salon Perfect Flamingo Flair and Traffic Cone are rocking neons. And trust me I am just looking for reasons to use them since the day I got them.

As much as I love Flamingo Flair for its phunk, I avoid wearing flashy (this is what World would call it, but I would say ‘Happy’) color to work. But it was a week I got it and I was missing it on my nails. Finally it was Thursday Evening and I decided to wear it to work on Friday. I mean , its okay even if it is a color not be worn at work, it is Friday so ‘Permission Granted’!!.

The polish is absolute creamy in formula. It dries upto a glossy finish. It like a neon peach color but doesn't make your fingers look dark, I don’t know how to describe this color. It belongs to orange family but definitely not neon orange. As much as it is difficult to describe the color,I faced a bigger challenge capturing this color.

Oh My!! I struggled a lot and a…

Alanna Renne Witchling Review and Swatch

Hi Beauties, since I am off Challenges for a while, I am taking this opportunity to try out all my untried polishes. These are the polishes to buy which I got on my knees, took so much effort myself and troubled my friend in Australia too. It was like my breath would stop if I didn’t buy them. And now they are lying in stash for almost an year and I have still lot of them untouched.

Ok, just because I told you the truth, don’t hate me because we all have stock like that in our stash: P. I am very sure that I am not this mad person alone. And if you do think, that I am the only mad one; please be kind and do not highlight it to me. I feel more sane this way :P.

Anyways I got this polish from Alanna Renne who sells lovely indie polishes at She offers free shipping within Australia above 50 AUD orders. I have a thing for rich dark royal purple colour, so I just jumped to add this polish to my cart. Direct link to polish is this.

Price and Quantity:It is available at 7.99 AU…

Inspired by My Kurti Nail Art

Hi Sugars, I am sharing a nail art which I did quite impulsively. I went shopping, bought few Kurtis and Bam! did a nail art inspired  by the dress I decided to wear the next day to work. I feel like a free bird as I write this post. As notified earlier I am done with all the challenges for sometime, so that gives creative freedom for a while. Also I chipped a nail on my right hand.

I was sad intially and used the Tea-Bag Method to keep the nail alive for 15 days or so. But then it became tedious and since it was my working hand the tea bag would wear off every other day. So with a heavy heart I chopped my nails on cindy and bid farewell to them gracefully :(.

But eversince then I feel doing nail art has become easier and the time taken has been slashed to less than half. Ideally it should be just half with only one hand less, but its less than half here. When your right hand is also busy drying polish, you are practically handicapped. I have a full time job so doing nail art is a real …

Discussion on NailArt Challenges and Pink Filigree NailArt

Hello Fireflies, finally I am off all challenges and feeling light and feeling un-burdened. I am in bit of a discussion and debate mood today. So here is my topic- Should one Participate in Nail Art Challenge?? I will be sharing a pretty in Pink Nail Art too. So it isn't going to be a dull discussion :)

I participated in hell lot of challenges last few months and apart from being exhausted there is something that I have learnt about them for sure. I am going to share them with you. I am no expert to say anything that I am saying, it just my experience and point of view. And I am totally open for a debate on this.

While doing challenges there is constant conflict between your mind and heart. Your heart gives you all colorful and playful ideas to experiment but your mind constantly keeps reminding you that the nail art at the end should stick to the theme. Very obviously now, whichever party wins- Mind or Heart your nailart is not going to give you 100% pleasure because either the voi…

Some De-Cluttering and BPS Stamping Plate Storage Review

Hi Girls, How are you all? How is Year 2015 treating you? I hope well. This post is to share BPS Stamping Plate Organiser and my thoughts. Off late I have been more inclined towards items that make my life easy and less cluttered. Nail Polish and Nail Art Tools/Decorations still make me feel weak in knees. But over the period of time I have realized, there is no fun with all this if my life is mess. Not ‘Life’ literally but ‘Polish Life’. So I started investing and looking for things which help me organize them.

I started with very small things like Organizing my Stash, moving to a dedicated wardrobe so that there is no polish hunting, using Lint Roller for stampers instead of acetone, using an app for maintaining Polish Inventory (WIP), using Lighthouse and likewise. I packed all my brush to a pen holder kind of basket. Earlier I had them packed in various pouches in which they came and pick up one after the other. I also made a cleanup basket. All I have to do is pick it after every …

Floral Nail Art

Hello Friends, how are you? I hope well. Life is like usual this side, no excitment and no fun (till the time I buy polish)!. I bough few Sinful Color polishes last week and it did make me happy for a while, actually a week long!! Now , I am bored again :( . I think I need to get a few more polishes to keep life moving.

This nail art is not done keeping any challenge in mind. All I had in my mind was I had to pick an unused polish and do nail art on it. No thinking! Just pick and see where your brushes take you. I think till I force myself this way, my unused polishes are going to be unused till eternity :(.

I used Avon Simply Pretty Serene . It is a very pretty serene lavender color. I have many lavender - purple polishes and frankly I am not a purple person. But this polish is something different. I love this kinna dreamy purple.I may not be able to explain the difference but trust me it is.

I used acrylic paints to draw the flowers and leaves and twigs. I used some loose holo glitter …

Nails Inspired By My Shirt

Hi Girls,I am off from Challenges these days and also off from painting my right hand (which used to consume 3/4th of my time :P). A nail on my Cindy chipped and I had to let them go. So now I am away from the leash of prompts, and I am just enjoying doing any thing that inspires me.Mostly my inspiration draws from my dresses and patterms/prints of dresses people around me. They are zillion to the power infinity incredible patterns and designs for me to try just by observing things around me but I have only 10 fingers.

Anyways, I had been on a short break to a beach resort last week. While returning to Mumbai, instead of parking the car at our home, we parked it a mall and did shopping to make the holiday sweeter.I picked up 7 Kurtis and 4 Shirts. And I am in mood for a nail art inspired by my dress every time I wear them :).

So I wore a new Shirt wth my Jeans as it was Friday. I loved the Shirt and entire get up. I loved my self in it. The other thing about this nail art is that,it is …