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Evening in Jungle Nails

Hello Friends, you know sometimes when get an instinct and do something impulsive? And the cherry on the cake is when that impulsive decision is just right!! Yeah I am feeling that now  :lol: .

I was just imagining some holiday watching a movie; an evening out amidst nature and tress and star.Which is when this idea struck me with lightening speed!!And I thought, if I cant go for a holiday right now, I sure can have it on my nails!! That's the super power I have- I do Nails...Beat that!

Now I tried to put together colors that were in my imagination of an evening by Jungle. I don't know if a sky with this color combination exists but it sure does exist in my mind. I would have loved such a sky anyways.

Since I had evening in mind, I used a glitter topper on my gradient. The sparkling glitters would give illusion of rising stars which were an important part of my imagination. And I think the glitter topper just did this job right.

I used gradient of Models Own Corn Flower Gleam (blu…

Love Thy Polish 'Space Ghost' Review and Nail Art

Hi Girls, How are you doing? I am trying to swatch some of untried – untouched ‘Virgin’ polishes these days as you can see. I am drenched with guilt till my neck for ignoring all of them so long. I was crazy mad to get them before and now when I have them I am not using them like crazy. But that’s how ‘Crazy’ life of polish frantic is.

Today I am swatching and enjoying ‘Space Ghost’ from ‘Love Thy Polish’. This was one of those polishes that was the first one to go in my cart. I love such polishes with white base and multi colour matte hexes and dots. They look so cool.

Price and Quantity: I bought it from Femme Fatale at 11 AUD. The quantity is 12 ml.

Colour and Formula: The base of the polish is white but not very dense white. It has assorted size matte hexes and dots floating in it which totally took my breath away. There are Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Green and Purple floaties of various shapes and sizes in it. The matte glitters or dots are totally opaque and matte in nature. They l…

Lacy in Teal Nails

You know the feeling when you do something very random , half -hearted and it turns out good? I have recently been that feeling when I did these nails. I was sure in my mind that this would be a flop and I would have to remove them eventually.But at the end, being lenient to my efforts I decided that it is worthy of being shared with you all.

I had just applied this gorgeous dark Teal polish from Miss Claires the same day morning. I feel like kicking myself seeing so many untrieds on my shelf. So in morning before going to work, I had some spare 5 minutes and I decided to paint my nails.

This polish had been resting on my shelf untouched since months an finally I decided to shake it up  :lol: .I was all dressed ready to leave the house when I started painting my nails. As soon as I finished polishing I rushed back in the room and changed my dress for work to match the polish. I ended being late for work :oops:

Seriously, we polish addicts are impossible. I pity for our husbands and paren…

Nails Inspired By My Dress

Hi Girls, I am in surprisingly fertile mind set these days. I see inspiration in everything around. Even the slightest glimpse of things around seamlessly push me to envisage them on my nails.

Fortnight back I bought few Kurtis(dresses) and in my opinion their prints charmed me and propelled the fertile mind. I have decided to do nail art inspired by each one of them. So after this damask print nail art inspired by first Kurti and my shirt ; here is another one.

I wore this Kurti for Makarsakranti for which we were supposed to wear something Black to work. Actually it was 'Black Saree' which was the dress code but I am little hesitant to wear Saree to work so I stuck to Kurti. The only enhancement I did to my attire was I wore a Bindi, which is quite rare.I am sharing my picture also which again is not very common. It was one of those days when I am looking more traditional than I am courtesy Attire+Bindi.

Onto the nail art now. I used NYX Nude White as the base for the polish. I…

Delicate Stamping on Sheer Base

Hello Girls, It’s the valentine’s month and pink is in the air. Although I did this nail art last month(ie January), I saved it for Valentine Month. I am not very keen on celebrating Valentine’s Day; neither in the real world nor on my nails. So you may not come across may V day manis here.

But this was so soft and delicate that I felt putting it under V Day Mani. It was an experimental nailart but I am glad how they turned out. I am happy as the base looks like a glass (I hope I am not imagining and it looks like glass to you guys too ).

The polish I used for base is Envy Polish------ . It is sheer pearl white with golden shimmers and silver hexes. The mix itself is so beautiful and serene. The golden shimmer along with silver Hex gives such a royal look. The shimmer isn’t gritty at all. You won’t feel it’s there. And the silver hexes are just right it amount.

I applied 3-4 layers of this polish to get the glass like finish. There was some VNL (Visible Nail Line) but the stamping covere…

Love Story Nails for Valentines Day

Hello Dolls, Valentines day is knocking at the door and I am having an eye sore seeing all pinks around in market, shops and whatnot. There is only place that I enjoy pink seeing as many number of times is nails. Its lovely to browse through Valentines Day Nail Art that every one has put around.I am having a visual treat. Anyways, this is the time I am doing a V Day mani and I wanted to do something different than Hearts and I Love you. So I decided on narrating a story through my nails.-"A Love Story".

The story starts from the thumb. I hope you interpret it in the same sense that I made it with. Still, I am going ahead and sharing my view.

Thumb : The Thumb has a Typewriter which created this Love Story, on which the story is written. There are hearts popping out of the Typewriter as the writer writes this story.

Fore Finger : Here is the first chapter of my story, where I take you back to the time when this happened. The story tradionally begins with -'Once Upon a Time&#…

Patch Work Nails in Valentine Mood

Hello Friends, Its time for third prompt and it is 'Sheer Base'. There are a lot of designs that instantly crossed my mind for sheer base theme. I love working on Sheer Base, they make all designs look extremely delicate and gorgeous.

But since it is Valentines Month, I am smartly steering the theme to Mr Valentine Zone. Smart Move....Hmmm. This nail art also solves a third purpose, I finally did a Patch Work Mani I have been intending to do for a very long time. So one item striked off my Nail Art Wishlist.

For this nail art I used Zoya Maddison, which cute baby pink sheer base. I prefer using it as a base for my french manis. I have enjoyed working on it always.

The rest of the work on my nails are all acrylic paints. I was not sure of what I wanted in the end except that it has to be a patchwork. I kept of moving the brush and went with the moment.

Now I think, I should have rehearsed the designs I wanted on my patches. Guess my patches would have been prettier.But I am glad I …

Valentine Syrup Gradient Nails

Hi Cupcakes, I am in good mood today. Why? Because I had an off today and I did two successful nailarts, both dedicated to Valentines Day Mood. I am not too much into Valentines Day but sometimes its good to be in festivity when everyone is celebrating.

Anyways this nailart isn't for Valentines Day but I am pulled up it in a Valentine like mood. I tried out the Syrup Gradient for the first time and since it is February -The Valentine Month , I did it in Pink.

As I mentioned earlier I have participated in a Challenge which is all about trying New Techniques. And this is the right kind of Challenge, the type of challenge that push you to something new. And its not too much with only one theme per week. You can participate on IG by using #NailThatChallenge.

For this nailart I used Models Own Pink Veneer as the base and a DIY Sheer red Polish. Syrup Gradient is a great technique which is getting a deeper glossier gradient without sponges with help of Sheer Tints.

In the simplest words, yo…

Traditional Indian Print Inspired Nails

Hello Girls, how have you been ? I am doing good. My left hand nails are in pink health and right is almost grown. Looks like I should be able to paint my right hand in a week or so.

The inspiration for today's nail art is not one thing is specific. It is a mix of prominent colors and prints I have seen in and around at various occasions /festivals and weddings.

In India, we enjoy wearing bright bold colors with glam and glitters on special occasions.The attire itself oozes festivity and celebration of the occasion. I totally love it.

This was a quick design and print which I fabricated in my mind mainly picked up from my memory of our festivals. It also got me thinking, if I had a 'Saree' (our traditional dress) of this color combination and print, it would look stunning.

The base I used for this polish is 'Absolutely Yours' from Faces Hi-Shine Range. I love this polish. This brand pleasantly surprised me and this polish exceeded my expectations.It is a warm orange co…

Colorful Blobbicure Nails

Good Morning Lovely Ladies, the nail art I have to share today may be not be exiting but the post in itself is (atleast for me). Remember I said in previous posts, how challenges kill your creativity and no more Challenges for a while. But I also said the right kind of Challenge brings the best in you. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you try something new. One similar Challenge I participated was ‘STN Challenge’ hosted by my dear friend Anita.

With the same intent we (Indian Lacquer Lovers) have put together a Challenge which will put us through a lot of techniques which many of us may have never tried. It’s called the ‘Technique Challenge’. We have jotted down almost all the techniques and keep unfolding them as ‘Weekly Challenge’. Thanks to my friend Dimpal for putting everything together.

So there will be one prompt for a week, which is quite doable. It should not be a strain or a task; so they have been kept well spaced out. We hope to run this through this entire …