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Free Hand Floral Twin Nails

Hello Sunshines, how are you all today? I hope bright and bubbling with energy. Most of the nail art that I share here is because I did them and I want post it for you, I want to know what you think of them. There are also a few which are just ‘Okay’ , mediocre making me too embarrassed to share ; they just lie and die a natural death in the ‘Image Gallery’ folder of my mobile phone. But then there are also few nail art that I am absolutely restless to share. Nail Arts that satisfied my creativity and I can’t wait to flaunt it on my blog, like this one.

I had a hunch this would turn out good because I do well with most of the ‘Inspirational Nail arts’. I think my senses and calculation is better when I am focussed and sure of what I want. My recent proud Inspirational Nail art from the part are Inspired by saree from Satya Paul and Inspired by shoes from Rupert Sanderson. However the inspiration for this was no designer but an image that came up when I searched ‘Pattern’ on Pintrest. I…

Vintage News Paper Nail Art

Hello Beauties, today I am feeling like a kid who missed her nursery/playschool and directly jumped to 1st Standard. When I started nail art after reading an ocean of articles/blogs/how to/tutorials I was blinded by images of Newspaper nail s esp when I read about Nail Art without tools.This developed a repulsive kina feeling for water marble and News Paper Nails. You know the overdose killed it.Lol.

But after over 2 years of my Nail journey, I stumbled upon Newspaper nails while doing ‘Nail That Technique’ Challenge. You know what I told about the right kind of challenges, they make you stand face to face with what you left or missed. And I am very glad to finally do my first News Paper nail art.

I used NYX Pastel Pistachio for the base. I totally love this polish and it couldn’t be more true to the name. It’s a lovely pistachio shade which is so creamy and glossy. Since I had just bought this polish few hours back and the inclination to use it was deeper.

I used the cuttings of daily n…

Lakme Hair is Fashion Giveaway Winner and Styling Colored Hair

Hello Beauties, How are you doing? I am as happy and chirpy in my new look from Lakme. Really, this is the best thing that ever happened to my hair. Anyways, today it is not about me but about you. I got great replies to the question : Why do you think Hair is Fashion? It was difficult pick one best answer.

Image Source
But here is the answer that Won the Giveaway :
"Hair has been a fashion element since centuries. Remember old story books showing queen's with cake like hair buns? Lol. Be it hair dos, or hair jewelry, hair fashion has been very important style statement. Current hair fashion trend may have changed but its still popular and important fashion element. These days there are lot of options of hair cut styles, getting hair colored, rebounding, straightening, hair extension and many more. Just the right style of hair cut can make you look 10 years younger. For e.g. From the Lakme Show stopping make over styles, I liked 'Illusion' most. It makes one look even mo…

Negative Space in Tribal Mood Nails

You know sometimes you are just in mood to jump out of your comfort zone for once and try out something different. I had one of such moments lately and I tried on a negative space and tribal fusion mani.

Now, tribal prints have been my all my all time favourite and quite frankly there is nothing out of comfort zone here. But the kind of patterns that I used this time for tribal print is definitely different. Blending tribal with negative space was also a challenge.

So if not for the result, I am still happy I did try something different. These are kind of patterns I had been eyeing on for long but couldn’t gather the courage. It feels so good to challenge oneself and come out fairly successful. I am sipping that feeling now.

This mani is all free hand with nail polish and acrylic paints. The white I used is Sally Hansen White On, the neon pink is Models Own Polish for Tans- Sun Hat, Turquoise is Models Own Hypergel - Turquoise and the black is acrylic paint.

I know I have not done my best…

Designer Rupert Sanderson shoes Inspired Nails

Hi Girls, as you can completely make out I am in totally inspired mood these days. I so wanted to do the Fashion Inspired Nail Art Challenge but I collapsed the second day itself. The theme I am doing today is 'Shoes Inspired Fashion'.

After polish, shoes are my second obsession. I just love to wear them, collect them, shop them and look at them.I have more than reasonable number of footwears is what I an say :P. I am quite fond of Shoes designed by Rupert Sanderson for quite some time now.

I was inspired by most of the shoes designed by him, but finally I chose this one ;a stylish bright spring mood peep toe Shoes. I had this image saved for a while and this was just the correct time to translate this into a nail art.

The white used is Sally Hansen White On, the Orange tips are Maybelline Colorshow Tangerine Treat, the hot pink is Nubar Purple Mania. I stamped the wavy chevrons using Moyou Fasionista Collection. The brown pattern is freehand.

I am quite satisfied with how it turn…

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art

Hi Girls, this is my first time doing St. Patrick's Nail art, not sure why I never tried this before. It is the third St. Patrick's day since I have been doing nails but I never actually considered doing it. I think i didn't have the right green. Lol!

I did this nail art on Zoya Veruschka  a brilliant frozen sparky green polish from their Velvet Matte Collection.On my pinky and fore finger I am wearing Santa's Helper by Alanna Renne.

I stamped the image using Bundle Monster Secret Garden collection. Although the finish of the Zoya Veruschka is supposed to me matte, I applied Seche Vite to make it Glossy.

Also I fixed Golden studs on my pinky and fore finger using nail glue.

Veruschka is a Czech word, very common name in Russia meaning faith. Please leave your thoughts about the nail art below.

Freehand Twigs and Leaf Nails

Hi Freinds, I had expected this nail art to turn out a little bit more delicate and dreamy kinds. But here I am with this. Its not bad but not what I had imagined in my mind.

I was expecting the leaves to be more random and curvy , also my twigs to be more flowy. But at the end I am not disappointed. I am happy with the result and the fact that I did freehand. Yeah, freehand always me happier and gives me more satisfaction.

The design is quite inspired by my quilt on which I have posed my hands. I did play around and tweeked the colors though.

The base I used is Wet and Wild Night Prowl which had been lying untouched in my stash for 1.5 years now. Such a shame!! It is dark black currant kind creme polish with so many dark purple shimmers. It looks really rich and mysterious in person.

All the freehand done over it is acrylic paint and finished with top coat. Please drop your comments on how do you find my nail art.

Lakme Showstopping Collection - My Experience and Giveaway

Hello girls, few months back I was contacted for reviewing Lakme ShowStopping Collection.I was like why not? Not because the offer was from a premier salon but since my relation from Lakme goes way back. I had chosen Lakme for my makeup and Saree Draping for my Engagement in 201o. And I truly impressed by their impeccable service. They gave me just what had in my mind.

Anyways, I got call from Divya from Bandra Khar to fix up an appointment where she told the look included cut and color. Now I have never ever colored my hair and I am extremely skeptical about it. But because it was Lakme it got me thinking. I thought if I have to ever get my hair colored I would never turn to anyone except Lakme. So why not now?

[caption id="attachment_4935" align="alignnone" width="491"] This is where the Magic Gets Done!![/caption]

I called my younger sister to assist me choosing the style, but she was late. Meena at the salon made me browse the royal book of Show Stopping…

Saree designed by Gauri Khan - Satya Paul Inspired Nails

Hello Girls,I said that I am off challenges categorically. Yes I remember a long post on it and discussing both pros and cons. With that entire notion in your head you come across a challenge which you just crave to do, somehow, anyhow. This is one of those challenges.

[caption id="attachment_4921" align="alignnone" width="600"] Nail Art fashion Week Promt[/caption]

I have always been fascinated by fashion inspired nail art. My strongest inspirations have been my dresses. I just love getting them on my nails. I mean that’s my superpower if I can do nails. They are unique because I own those inspirations.

I know I am way behind the challenge but I just wanted to do it, even if I am lagging behind. For the first days theme ‘Favourite Fashion Designer’ I chose Satya Paul. I love his designs and they make me feel weak in my knees.

This particular saree that is my inspiration has been designed by Mrs Gauri Khan under the brand of Satya Paul. Look at the saree , it…