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Damask Stamping on Zoya Pixie Dust Sunshine

Hello Sugars, I have been waiting eagerly to try out each polish from my last haul of Zoya and Starrily before I get bored of seeing them in my wardrobe and they touch the dust of ‘Untrieds’. The first polish I picked was Zoya Pixie Dust ‘Sunshine’. I love Zoya polishes as well as their cute bottles.

Though there is one thing I am confused about , why did they name a blue polish- Sunshine? I was expecting something yellow or atleast super bright; anything but blue. Anyways, that does not reduce the beauty of polish. It is lovely dark dusty blue with silver shimmers. The polish of course is textured like a Pixie Dust is supposed to be. The polish dries up textured, gorgeous and matte.

I was quite confused on what to do over it. I could not use acrylic paints for freehand because if I did so, I would have to apply a Top Coat to protect it. This would have definitely killed the essence and finish of textured polish. So I needed to stick to polish only. I am horrible with tapes so that opti…

Starilly SuperNova and BPS Stamping

Hi Beauties, how are you doing? I am fine and will be even better while you read this post because I am off for a Vacation in Malaysia. Almost all my post in April is gonna be scheduled ones, so no real time posts. Eventually, out of my pile of untried I decided swatching ‘Starilly’ SuperNova. You remember the gorgeous sparkling ‘King Midas’ from the same brand? This is the second Starilly I am gonna try.

It is supposed to be multi chrome polish and it does look pretty multi chrome in the bottle. But when on nails, the multi chrome effect was not very prominent. I mean it’s not that the effect was absent, it was pretty much there and one could make out. But it was nowhere close to mind blowing. It did not distract me while working which means the attraction was low, unlike its friend ‘King Midas’.

The polish is extremely beautiful and gorgeous, all my friends appreciated it. But did not touch the heights a Multi-chrome should have. The colours like purple, violet, pink and gold were qui…

Simple Elegant Stamping from Bundle Monster Secret Garden

Hello Girls, I am on roll these days doing one nail art after the other. And surprisingly they are all turning out decent. However, the one I am going to share today is nothing great but it’s kind of simple and pretty.

I bought few (9-10 ) NYX Advanced Salon Formula polishes last week and I was very restless to try them. I wanted to try them before I forget about them and they go to my untried list (very dangerous list, polishes that made to there haven’t recovered to the tried list in 99% of the cases). So the window for any of my newly bought polish to move to the ‘Untried’ list is not more than a week or so. If I try it within 7-10 days of possession, chances of that polish being used in future (read at least twice in 1 year) is good. After the passage of these crucial 10 days , my polishes usually die virgin for the want of being tried.

Ha Ha, I am mentioning this like it’s an achievement. Well no, I am definitely ashamed of myself doing this. And I hate myself for it. But truth is …

Mermaid Nail Art

Hi Girls, I am sharing a nail art today which exceeded beyond my expectation. Very rare event though :roll:  Like usual, I had something in mind but I was also sceptical that the nail art always turns out to be a few notches lower than what our imagination made it look like.

I had really worked and brainstormed on the effect I wanted depth in my work. I did gradient with three colors ( NYX Salon Formula Manhattan, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie and a purple gold glitter polish I got from Nepal). I so wanted to give an illusion of color shifting on the base of the nails, like how you see it when a mermaid swims, the color of her body reflects differently with each twist and turn she takes.

In particular I love the tips of my nails; they actually look like there is bright sunlight on the sea water.

I was actually not sure that the effect would materialise and just did this nail art as a random trial. Like all experimental nailarts I did it only on my left hand. I had not expected it to be a suc…

Neon Nail Art with Born Pretty Store Stamping

Hello Sunshines!! Yes literally sunshines….with the kind of shift in weather we are seeing these days in Mumbai. All of a sudden the temperature is rising high and there is lot of sun. Here in Mumbai we are not very used to high or low temperature, it kind of makes us jittery and cranky. We detest hot and cold, we are more used to moderate humid climate. Anyways, with summer approaching I decided to get some neons nails, to get the feel.

The original thought was to do a Lace Nail art, before the neon bug bit me. Initially, all I could think is traditional lace nail art on a delicate background. But after a while I got a thought why not try laces on neon? I mean what stops our imagination? And whenever I think neons, I am pulled towards 2 best neons in my statsh- Models Own Polish for Tans- Sunhat and Flip Flop. They are so happy neons. They make me feel like holiday when they are on my nails.

The stamping turned up pretty decent, it is actually looking like there is a neon pink pattern …

Pink and Yellow Bright Chevron Nails

Hi Girls, even after two years of my nail art journey I am quite surprised by number of untried techniques I have on my list. I have done one more than 200 nail arts yet not tried quite a few things. Anyways my resolution this year is to explore them. Nail That Technique Challenge is helping me too. So presenting today, my attempt with Vinyls.

However, this nail art is not for Nail That Technique but this technique is new to me. I have never used Vinyls in my nail life, in my defence I never had them. But now since I had my friend Namrata in US to help me get them, I can’t use the same excuse.

I must tell you using Vinyls are not very easy. It is not difficult but definitely not a cakewalk like it seems in most of the videos. I definitely got mislead by videos greatly underestimating the complexity and the trick required.

My attempt is not very neat and crisp as the pros have. I was quite disappointed and on the verge of giving up on this technique when I thought, like any other techniqu…

Lead Light Technique Nail Art

Hi Sugars, let me begin by saying it took huge effort to put this nail art together, in every way. I so wanted to do a Leadlight technique nails. I didn't own any sheer tints . The amount of gorgeous LeadLight Nails on net increased everyday making me feel more miserable. So I decided to pull up my socks and make some. And this is how I put them to use.

I went pillar to pole finding out printer ink or stamp ink to make sheer tints. I had read somewhere on net that they can be used. Inspite of lot of legwork, I couldn't get it. All I could get was a Camlin Blue (more like purple which we use for stamping pad to stamp legal documents). One day while I went out to have some juice near my office, I saw a very small shop that sells printer cartridge. So I gulped my juice and walked in a running like speed to the shop.

I saw that he also sold printer inks and I was so happy. But they were only available in packs of 1 litre. What would I do with so much ink? I can atleast make 15 liter…

A Gold Mermaid Scales on my Nails

Hi Sugars, I am hoping your day is bright and lovely because I am going to share a bright and lovely nail art. I am quite pleased with this nail art. This nail art features two of my new possessions which make me even happier. I used Zoya Pixie Dust ‘Solange’ and the BornPrettyStore Plate L003 (I got for the plates for review).

I don’t have to say anything I guess to trap the divine beauty of Zoya Pixie Dust ‘Solange’. It is a stunning bright gold textured polish, if put in simple words. It is like gold crushed and sprinkled on your nails. I had a family function for which I could absolutely do no nail art (which happens mostly, I am nude nails on almost all important days).So I decided to apply Zoya Pixie Dust Solange to do the charm. It looked so pretty on its own. The next day just before removing the polish, I thought why not try some stamping on it with my new BPS Plates?

I quickly laid down the BPS Plate L003 on table and my stamping kit. My mom was yelling to join for lunch and I…

Frills Pattern Nails and BPS Stamping Plate Review

Hi Girls, I am very pleased to share my nail art today because once in a while my nail art does turn out the way I want to  :razz: . Yes, this was one of those days. I had just got two Sally Hansen polishes the other day. Let me tell for all those who don't know, Sally Hansen is my dear loved brand. I love their polishes, consistency,  brush, packing and mostly everything.

So hell bend to use my new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear I did gradient with both of them, since I couldn't pick one and leave one :wink: . The green I have used is Sally Hansen Green with Envy and the Blue is Blue me Away.

I did a base of Green with Envy and then gradient using both colors. However, at the tips where blue met green I feel color looks more like dark green or dark teal. Whatever it is, it makes it all the more beautiful.I used Sally Hansen Disco Ball to jazz it up. The mystic shine adds so much charm to the base, isn't it?

But here is the real elixir to the nail art which threw life to it, the Fr…