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Colorful Abstract Nail Art

Hi Friends, how have you been? I feel like I am talking (or writing whatever!) to you guys after long. Although I have been regular in my posts, I wrote them like 15 days back and scheduled them. So I am writing one today after half a month or more. I must say, I missed it. I am having crazy busy days at work so I return home in half senses. Anyways, I don’t want to rant here. I am writing this post on a happy note today because finally I did my twin nails with Anita. We chose an abstract intricate colourful design.

Anita blogs at Stylethosenails and I have not only been her friend for more than a year but also her fan. I adore her freehand and her honesty to nail art. We decided to do a twin nail long back but our busy schedule kept us from doing it. Bearing in mind that my twin nail had to be with Anita, I chose an intricate detailed design that I saw on Pinterest. I think I went a bit far because it was challenging indeed.

It took quite long to do all the detailing in the nail art, b…

Fishnet Pattern on Black Nail Art

Hello girls, how have you been? The nail art that I am going to share today is done solely to reduce the guilt feeling of my ever growing Unsued Pile. I have used a black Indie polish which is made in Thailand but I bought in Nepal and also my Models Own Chrome I got few months back.

So you get it, I am trying to kill two birds with one arrow. Lets see if I am successful. I wanted to try out each of these polishes for long, and I am happy I finally did.

For the base I used Wet and Wild Black Creme because I did not want to put multiple coats of my black Indie to get opacity. Usually opacity is an issue with crellies. So I did one thin of black polish. On the balck base I applied the black indie. The Indie is like a black jelly polish with lots of multi colored glitters. I got an opaque look two thin coats.

The polish in itself looked gorgeous. The combination of smooth black with colorful sparly glitters looked very funky and complete in itself. But I had a strong urge to do stamping on …

Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradient with Roses Nail Art

Hello Girls, as I said in my previous post, the summer record is just stuck in my head. I am turning to everything bright, fresh and summer these days. One of my favorite summer shade is orange. So I picked up 'Juicy Cocktail' from the Gradient Collection- Etude House on my Malaysia Trip. Actually I didn't buy it, hubby gifted me lots of Etude House products there.

Anyways, with so many polishes in our stash we actually didn't need a gradient set to make  gradient nails. We practically have all versions and hues of every single color to pull off a gradient like this. Yet this set attracted me. The orange base, shimmers and the entire mix was literally a splash in the pool of some orange cocktail.

I am so glad I picked this baby. I enjoyed doing the gradient . It was so easy than the traditional sponge method. All you need to do is correct layering.

It was so soothing and refreshing to look at it. I kept staring my gradient nails for all day long :).

The next day I did some…

Colorful Doodle Pattern Nail Art

Hey Girls, as I said in my previous post I am loving freehand these days and I intend to try more of intricate patterns and doodles. I know it is a relatively tiring and straining method as opposed to stamping.But freehand has its own charm.

It is quite easy to get patterns by stamping and I love it. But at times you want to be the master and take the brush in your hands. I am having one of those moments.I had such an awesome bright nail art in my mind when I began this. But the work neared towards the end , I knew I am not gonna reach there  :-( . I did try though but I guess I had set the expectation too high.

Also the fact remains, I am not perfect in freehand so I am accepting the flaws. Again, I intend to do more of these till I fair.

The base I used is Health and Glow - Pearl Snow. It is a very soft off white. I love using it as a base. I didn't want a sharp contrast for colors so avoided white.

I used Pure Color Brush 09 for all the work and acrylic paints. I am satisfied with …

Spring Floral Nails Inspired by SatyaPaul Tunic

Hello Girls, I am so happy sharing this post today. Sometimes you work really hard, uncertain of the outcome but it is exhiliarating if it is successful at the end. I had similar feeling doing these nails. I was exhausted and tired but contempt. I always love doing Fashion inspired nails. I cannot tell you how victorious I feel when I am able to slave a design from the surrounding on my nails.

Anyways, its not the first time I have done SatyaPaul Inspired Nails. I often browse their Instagram to refresh my vision with the beauties they design. I feel like getting everyother of their design on my nails. Really, I get a high to do nail art seeing all lovely designs.

The print of dress is very refreshing and soft and spring. I loved the free flowing colorful petals. And the blending of the petals took it to another level.

Which clearly means it was as difficult to recreate it. There was no way I could get the colors of petals flowing one into other seemlessly, other than watering my acrylic…

Pretty In Pink Nails

Hi Girls, how are you all? Happy and Colourful? I don’t know it’s the weather or me but I only feel like wearing bright and happy colours. Dull and Vampy Colors are eyesores for me in the phase that I am going through. I just feel like seeing happy and bright and fun colours on my nails. Ofcourse, any shade of pink is an exception because Pink in any form makes me happy. So I decided to blindly apply the Pink in my latest possession Sally Hansen –Sea Shore Collection which has 4 dusty pastel colors. It is called – You’re So Crabby.

I was not sure at all of what I am going to do them; I just wanted to apply them. And they sure made my looks happy and delicate. I spent considerable amount of time thinking what nail art would go with it, technique, polishes etc will compliment it. After wasting a lot of time, I impulsively picked a HeHe plate I got from AliExpress sometime back.

The web kinna design just caught my attention. It looked webbed as well as lacy. I liked the ambiguity and grabb…

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Nails

Hello Girls, how have you been? I hope bright and sparkling like the weather. As I mentioned earlier, I am hit by a bug that directs me to do only bright and summer nails these days. I think it’s the glaring sun that has done something to me. LOL. Anyways, it was my 4th Marriage Anniversary on 12th May and I did this late mani for it.

I did try a mani from Moyou Bridal plate on 11th May, well in time for the anniversary. But when I showed it to my husband, he said instead of ‘I Do’ images and English wedding vows, I should get something near to our Hindu Wedding so we could relate more to it.

However, we were getting late for the Surprise Candle Light- Champagne and Cake Cutting by me hubby (He thinks I was surprised, but I had a faint feeling about it already  :P). So I chucked changing my nails but did not chuck the idea.

Now, after 3 days after Anniversary I did this. It is so close to the colors and prints of our traditional Hindu wedding. Red and Yellow are very auspicious for Hindu…

Colorful Holiday Nails

Hello Girls, I am back from my vacations and I did miss talking to you guys in form of blog.All the posts you may have read for this month were written in Mid March and scheduled for April. So yeah, long time since I wrote one :). I had been to Malaysia for 11 days and it was a hell of vacation. Me and my husband had a blast. Oh..not digressing, todays post is to share the nails I wore for my trip.

Please do not keep any high hopes, I am mostly nude nails on all special days so considering that history I would say it was commendable to not only be wearing polish but also some decent amount of art on it. LOL

It was a very quick nail art but I am happy it turned out decent. I was running short of time. And still I managed to do an average nail art nail art on my hands and also a matching work on my feet.

I barely paint my feet so nail art on them is far thing. But this time I did paint them to match my hand. Although my feet are tiny and its embarrassing to share them here, I will take an …

Mothers Day Nail Art

Hello Girls, I am a bit late in posting my Mothers Day Nail Art, but bettter late than never. I did my nail art on time though, but could write a post for blog on time. I am not a firm believer of these days usually, but yes I didn't want to miss the opportunity to dedicate a nail art to my mom.

I spent a lot of time (read a llloooottt of time) to decide what to do for mothers day but none of the ideas seemed satisfactory.

I made lots of decals from an image of a girl from Pueen Buffet Plate. But the face looked more on bitchy side. I defiently didnt want such an expression on the face I wanted to represent my mom.

I wanted it to be an angel face , like she is. And then it suddenly struck, that I should get fairies on my nails to best describe her. I used Moyou Fairy Tale Stamping Plate for it. It looked better. I was still not completly satisfied but it was near to what I felt. The reason may be that there are actually no words or images on earth to describe what I feel for my mothe…

Summer Paisley Nails

Do you know the feeling when a song gets stuck in your head, and keeps on playing in your mind like a record wether you like it or not? It happens with me often. But this time it is with my nail art, I am just stuck to Summer theme and everything that I can imagine is to do with summer. I just feel like using bright and refreshing color & different color combinations.

I had been wanting to do a traditional Paisely for so long. With strong determination for the same, I pulled out my Moyou Paisely Plate. But with summer stuck in my head, I couldn’t turn to traditional colors .

So picked my latest proud possession – Sally Hansen Sea Shore Collection. I wanted blue for sure and not just any blue , a semi bright fresh blue. I picked up ‘Wet Suit’ out of the collection. It is a summer pastel blue with a dusty hue. Since my blue was anyways mellow, I decided to go bright with my pink.

I picked a Neon Coral Fuchsia Pink in Malaysia which is from an Australian brand Bloom. Oh Boy! It was a he…

My Latest Makeup Haul and Experience with VoucherCloud

Hello Friends, How have you been? By now you must have known if I have any spare money I just splurge into polishes. Even if I do not have additional money, I splurge into polishes.LOL. But this time I did a makeup haul. I wanted to do this for long, experiment in some makeup products. I love dressing up, dolling up and getting ready. But I am not very experimental with makeup like I am with nails. Reason is ofcourse my confidence in trying out experimental makeup plus I guess the cost of makeup products these days.

So basically, if you just want to try out something like that with a fair chance of rejection later, the cost would pinch your pocket. I definitely wanted to buy some makeup before my big 11 days vacation to Malaysia. So I was into browsing sites, but with so many sites and clutter I lost interest.Anyways, few days back I happened to come across I don’t know if there are any portals on this model but this is what they say about themselves: