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Summer Turquoise Nails inspired by Satya Paul Saree

Hello Cupcakes, how are you doing? I hope great. As I have already mentioned countless number of times, I love doing nails inspired by something, and that something is just anything beautiful. I have done nail arts inspired by dress, flower vase, curtain, quilt, painting, designers dress and what not. And each time I happen to like it even more. So today I am presenting nails I did inspired by a Saree designed by none other than SatyaPaul.

I just love what he does; they are designer yet wears yet appeal to masses. What I mean to say is, he picks out prints and colors that not only set fire on ramp but can set fire on streets too. One of such designs is of this saree. It is so fresh and spring. I love the turquoise color and gradient. And as if anything could make it more beautiful, he added flowers.

I had saved the image of this saree for like 2 months on my phone and I so wanted to do it. I fell for it the moment I saw it on their IG profile.

Onto the nail art, I applied two coats of wh…

Garden Scene Nail Art

Hello Friends, how are things at your end? On my side things are okay but weather is super gloomy. Its dark even in morning and its raining all the time. It casts such a dull atmosphere. I can't control the weather outside but definitely on my nails. I saw a nail art on NailStamping4Fun Youtube Channel on the recommendation of my dear nail buddy Manisha who blogs at ManishaManiMatters. I was so taken away by the scene she made on her nails. I so wanted to do it. And so did Manisha. We were equally spell bounded by this nail art. So we decided on recreating her work as our twin mani.

Now, as fabulous NailStamping4Fun's nail art looked, we knew at heart it would be as difficult. But it was so pretty we decided on taking a shot. Also, we had been intending to do a twin nail using BundleMonsters Secret Garden -plate for so long.

I had participated in Bundle Monster Valentine Day Contest and I was asked to tag my buddy. I tagged Manisha, because apart from being polish sisters we hav…

Simple Floral Stamping Decal Nail Art

Hello Girls, I feel like writing a confession post rather than a nail art post today. I am hauling more and doing less of nail art these days. Even though these are the polishes that have been on my wish list for long, now that I have them in my hand I don’t seem to be as excited as I thought I would be. I think it’s just a phase. Anyways, I am trying to swatch new polishes as much as possible to deal with my guilt feeling. Today I used Essence Kiss Me Freddy for my nailart.

Let me take a minute and talk about the base before I hop on to the nail art. For base I have use Essence Redvolution and Essence Kiss Me Feddy. Redvolution is my favourite red. I am not fond of ‘Red’ in any way. I rarely apply it on my nails too. But this baby can make a red phobic person like me to love it. It is not deep red but bright red with coral orange undertones. It is rich but not red in its extreme. It is very glossy and will catch your attention undoubtedly.The formula is simply great.

Similarly, Essence…

Nails inspired by Manish Malhotra Summer Bride Dress

Hello girls, I am very excited to share my nail art today. I thoroughly enjoy doing nails inspired by dresses or prints or patterns or clothes, actually everything pretty on earth!!. I just feel like trapping all pretty things on my nails. I saw this dress on Manish Malhotra's Instagram and I fell in love with it.

I saved this image over a month back in 'To Do Nail Art' folder. I seriously get an adrenaline rush seeing beautiful things and get crazy to capture them on my nails. And it gives me sheer immense pleasure to do this.I feel empowered when I am able to recreate something I see on my nails. I think that's the true super power of an artist.

I loved the freshness of this Summer Bridal Dress. The first one hour that I spent doing these nails were a total failure. I was just about to give up on this when all of a sudden it started clicking. I was able to get some sensible roses on my nails finally.

For base I used OPI Vampire is my Buff. I wanted some glaze on the bas…

Barry M Paprika with Tribal Print

Hi Girls, I got 3 new Barry M polishes in my kitty recently; thanks to my friend Manisha. I am a fan of Barry M polishes yet own a very of them (I think only 6 or 7). The new shades I have got are Barry M Mustard, Paprika and Sky Blue. It was such a difficult choice to pick only 3 polishes from the ocean of Barry M but after days brain racking we managed to pull out names of 3 polishes each. Today I am swatching and flaunting Barry M Paprika.

This is the least favourite of out of three Barry M I ordered. I will not lie, I was disappointed the moment I saw this. I was expecting it to be more of reddish brown than just brown. I am not a brown person. I have brown polishes but I rarely apply them. I feel they are sad colors and will not suit me.

However, when I applied them my negative thoughts about this polish subdued. I was not happy but not as sad too. My husband was so impressed by this color that he kept on appreciating it. When I told him this is not my color; he said if you think t…

Nail Art on Essence Glitz and Glam Swatches

Hi Girls, this post begins with a small note of information, which is my latest crush on 'Essence' Polishes. I own a few since last year, but there has been a surge of emotion for them lately seeing their colors and launches in India :) . While other brands have conveniently decided to launch all their left overs from collections launched worldwide, Essence throwing their latest collection in Indian Market. I bought close to 12 essence polishes. Hope to swatch them soon. Today it is only Essence Effects Glitz and Glow that I bought for Rs 229.

I am in love with these polishes, their colors, collection, brush, formula, brush, price. They are great at this price. Their regular 'Color and Go' Collection are at Rs 199 and 'Effect Polish' at Rs 229. I bought this at Rs 229. It is a sheer shimmery polish with lovely rose glitters. It couldn't be more delicate and girly.

It is a sheer polish but I just wanted to go with the polish instead of using this as a Topper. …

Bright Tribal Nails

Hi Girls, how have you been? I am good and buried in my new and untried polishes and plates. God, I hate myself so much for just dumping polishes like greedy in my stash and then turning back to them. I am just browsing polishes and collections these days and then dreaming about them. And subsequently then buying them. Anyways, if I start pouring my guilt out in form of post, I guess you will have enough posts for a month so I am stopping here and sharing my colourful mani.

I got China Glaze Mini Electric Nights Set, Colorclub Pastel Neon Mini set and few other polishes through my friend who was coming from US for his wedding. It was very sweet of him to get everything inspite of his heavy luggage.

Anyways, I was very excited so I ripped off the packing of CG Electric Nights and picked out two of my favourite polishes from them. I find Tremble Maker and Ready to Rave the happiest colours of the collection. Also they seemed unique to the regular neon collection.

Apart from Tremble Maker a…

Diagonal Chevron Nails

Hi Girls, I want to share one of my quickest mani in terms of conceiving the idea and implementing with very limited resources. Btw, Did I tell you my younger sister is getting married? No, I missed guess. We had been to her engagement last month. It was all done very quickly so it was all last minute flight and sloppy packing.

And the evening prior to her engagement there were guests to surprise us and I had to get ready before they came. Now, I had just removed my beautiful mani and was running around the house nude nails; planning the mani for engagement next morning for me and my sis.I definitely did not want to go nude nails infront of them because these people were meeting me for the first time and I wanted to make nail impression.

I just pulled out an off white and black dress and started wondering what possibly I could do on my nails. As a good practice I always carry Off white nail polish with me wherever I go. There is so much you could do with them.

But I did not want to do sa…

Neon Vintage Decal Nails

Hello Girls, how have you been? The nail art I am sharing today was totally impulsive and unplanned. I knew I wanted to use Neon Colors on my nails but I was clueless how. I saw something on facebook and it just clicked. I did almost recreate neon nails I saw Nicky from NickyNailsLove.

I liked it and just went with the flow and created it. I wish I was not as impulsive as I am not completely happy with my color selection. The nail art turned out happy and bright, but it could have been better. I was meeting 3 of my nail buddies in evening and the theme was neon, so I am glad I complied with the theme.

This nail art is done by making Advanced Stamping Decal. I stamped the images on stamper and then filled in colors with nail polish one by one. Yes, One by one, this made it so tiring to do on all 10 nails. I made 10 decals on 10 different stampers. If you need to know how to make a decal you can check this post.

After filling in the colors ( Models Own Flip Flop, Salon Perfect Traffic Cone…

Leafy Summer Nails

Hello Girls, Its summer and the weather has started throwing its tantrums. Its hot and sweaty, sucking out every bit of freshness from life. Especially in Mumbai which humid through out the year, temparature rise causes uneasiness. Its not scorching heat killing you but that the feeling of stickiness makes you droopy. Anyways, this is not about weather bulliten but how I was feeling before I did these nails.

I did a simple and quick stamping to squeeze some freshness to my eyes.We dont realise but we always notice hands & nails most as opposed to any other body part. Especially if you are working, your days pass by just seeing your fingers jump from one key to another on laptop through out the day (similar is the condition for people working at home). So it is very important to set the mood of nails right, if you want to feel better. So I threw in leaves and shimmery yellow to do the job.

I used Zoya Veruschka which is from their matte velvet collection and 'Nails' Shimmery …