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Nail Art inspired by Purse

Hello Girls, How have you been? You know how few things just don't occur for a very long period of time and one moment suddenly its comes like a lightening. Now, I have been seeing my sister's clutch purse for an year now, but yesterday something clicked when I saw it. And I ended up getting it on my nails.

I am participating in $omd3nails and Theme for Day 30 is 'MeandMyBag' but I had no idea on what should inspire me. I mean, I was just not getting the feel seeing any of the bag/purse/clutch.

Until when my sister drew out this clutch of her purse and paid the rick. That's the moment I decided to do a nail art inspired by it.

I used Models Own HyperGel 'Pink Veneer and Glam Polish Silver Shimmery Polish. I scanned through the entire plate stash I won to figure the nearest lace pattern. I got it in one of the QA plates. I must say they are amazing plate with great design and etching. I got them from Ali Express and they are a steal.

I used Konad Special Black polis…

Review of Essence Colour and Go – Glitz & Glam,Pumpkin Orange and Walk on the Wild Side

Hello Girls, lately I have been indulging in Essence Nail Polishes quite a bit. I must say I am really glad I spotted them here. Trust me, they great for their price. I bough around 12 Essence Polishes and I don’t regret it. I will be reviewing them gradually for you. Today I have ‘Pumpkin Orange’ , ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ from ‘Essence Colour and Go’ and ‘Glitz and Glam’ from ‘Essence Effect Nail Polish’.

First Up is ‘Glitz and Glam’ from ‘Essence Effect Nail Polish’. I bought this from an outlet in Mumbai stocking Essence but you can it online too. The price for this is Rs 229 and it is a ‘Glitter Jewel’ polish from this line. Essentially, it is a clear base with pink metallic hexes and lots of shimmer. The shimmer shifts colour in sunlight but overall gives a pink feeling if worn nude.

The polish is sheer and difficult to be worn alone without having VNL visible. Either it can be used a Glitter Topper or used the way I used if you have an itch to see how good this beauty is on its ow…

My Nails and my Drink

Hi Girls, these days I am putting a tick mark against few mani ideas that I conceived in my mind long back. But never got chance to do it, due to lack of time or may be other mani ideas outweighed them. The theme for Day 29 is My Nails and My Drink. Every morning I have milk in this cup (I know so boring, but calcium is good for nails). On Saturdays I have Coffee in this (because it’s my off and I love coffee and on Sundays I have Tea (because it’s my husband’s off and he loves Tea).LOL

Back to nail art, the moment I read this theme I was very sure of what I wanted to do. I had bought these cups at least 1.5 years back. I really loved the print on them. So even though we are just 2, I bought 4 of these. The day I bought it, I wanted to do nails inspired by them. But it never made it from my list to my nails.

So when I saw the theme, I knew it was time to shake this off my list and finally do it on nails. I am so glad that I did this.

For the base I used my new addition into Off White Clu…

Happy Blossoms Nail Art

Hi Girls, today I have a very pleasant nail art to share with you. I was clueless on what I wanted to do on my nails for Weather Theme of OMD. I was thinking Rains, I am still thinking rains but then Blossoms caught my fancy when I saw this beautiful wallpaper.  I don’t know if the period of blossoms qualifies as Weather or Season or None but I loved the idea.

I picked up a very old polish for this nail art.  I had bought this polish on my trip to Thailand in 2013. It is from a renowned Thai Brand ‘Beauty Buffet’. I picked up quite a few of them.

This is a beautiful bright turquoise polish with dusty hue. I used this polish as a base and did everything freehand. Since this design has a lot of element s and colours, it took a lot of time to do them.

I had to change brushes for various detailing and make so many colours to match the print. I used Pure Color Brush 09 for detailing and Acrylic Paints from BornPretty Store. You can buy these acrylic paints here . You can get a 10% discount if…

Travel to China Nail Art

Hello Girls, I know the heading of this nail art may be confusing. I don't know why but off late I am craving to go to China and travel, roam & shop there. A lot of my friends have been there off-late and its even more tempting now. I may not be able to go very soon now, but my nails sure can. So got these on my nails.

As I told you , here lies the super power of an artist. My nails with the help of my art can travel as far as my mind can go. They can be anywhere, anytime till my imagination can fuel them.

I have just tried to get images on my nails which one can relate with China. For the base I used a lovely dark mysterious polish from Beauty Buffet, from a Thai brand that I picked up from Thailand.It is lovely maroon black color with grape like hues. In simplest words I can say that I poured some dark red wine on my nails.

For stamping I used images on Mash Stamping plate and Maybelline BoldGold. I then used Wet and Wild Matte Top Coat to make it look even more mysterious. My …

Bright Stamping Nail Art with Orly Adrenaline Rush

Hi Girls, How are you all? I am doing well and I am sailing in a pool of new buys. I have indulged a lot this month and I am happy about it (Guilty too). I have just bought whatever I liked. Also, I got 2 opportunities lately to get stuff from US since someone was travelling. So in today’s nail art I have tried two colours from Orly ‘Adrenaline Rush’ Mini Set.

I used 2 colours on this nail art which are Orly Risky Behaviour and On the Edge. Both of them fiery bright and I so loved them.

I tried a simple stamping on them with HeHe Plates and my latest possession –MDU Stamping Polish – Nabu.  On my accent I used Risky Behaviour while on other nails is On the Edge. I did a magenta glitter top coat on my accent for the punk.

How do you find the nail art? I sure did enjoy wearing such bright colors.

Review and Swatches of Barry M Mustard, Paprika and Sky Blue

Hi Friends, how have you been? Its getting rainy out here in Mumbai, whats the weather like on your side? The good news is now teanperature will be dropping but the bad news is there will be water every where. Pheww!! there is no perfect weather, is there?? Anyways, my agenda is not to discuss perfect weather but my perfect polishes. I truely and deeply love Barry M polishes. They really are bang on in terms of both colors, new launches and ofcourse formula. I specially love them for Jellies.

I got 3 polishes from Barry M to swatch and share today. They are Barry M Mustard (Autumn 2014), Paprika (Autumn 2014) and Sky Blue (Spring 2015 ). First up is Barry M Mustard, which was the prime reason for this purchase.

It is a unique color truley. I do not own any thing like this and quite frankly I have not coome across this shade in any brand. Its is a true autumn colour rather than just dumping dark shady colors, Barry M actually tried to give us colors more relatable to Autumn. For Mustard,…

Cat Nail Art

Hello Girls, How have you been? I am going to keep today’s post short and just share a simple nail art. Yes, I know I always say that I am going to keep it short and end up telling stories. LOL. But today I am going to contain my words. I did a simple Cat and Fish Bone mani. I always saw cat and fish bone images and thought they were cute. I am not a cat person though.

I had ordered some (Read 40 :P) plates from Aliexpress of both HeHe and QA. One of the plates had this image and I was flat the moment I saw them. I must say I am very impressed with HeHe and QA. The designs and etching is so worth the money.

Now moving to nail art, I did a White Base for this using Sally Hansen White Out and then did a gradient with Sally Hansen Wet Cement. It is my favourite grey. It’s the cutest grey I have seen :).

Then I used Konad Special Black to stamp the cat paws, cat and fish bone. As usual Mr Seche Vite was the top coat. I decided on doing the pending ‘Cat’ mani when I saw “Cat” as theme on OMD …

Fresh WaterMelon On my Nails

Hi Girls, How are you doing? I am posting more than my normal frequency these days because I am participating in OMD3 challenge. I am doing more, succeeding more, failing more and enjoying more tooJ. I did this Watermelon Nail art for Day 11.

I spent quite a lot of time in planning this mani in my head. Initially I thought I will only make the edible fruit part of Watermelon. I have seen a lot of black seeds in red background manis for watermelon with green ruffian type pattern to begin with. But I was so bored at looking at them, that I decided to change my plan. I wanted to do a Watermelon skin now. And I was very particular of this part, the skin should look real.

I took all my stamping plates and browsed each one of them to figure out any image which would be near to wavy kind of pattern for doing those stripes which are there on Watermelon skin.After being buried under all my plates, I found Winstonia Generation II, Plate no 202. It had similar wavy random vertical stripes. I tried…

Colourful Lead Light Fish Nail Art

Hi Girls, I am very excited to share a happy and colourful nail art today. I might have mentioned in my previous post how desperate I have been for a good lot of sheer tints even after lots of failed/passed experiments. Eventually when I tried Glass Paints, my thrust was satiated. And now I just love the “LeadLight”.

I am participating in the OMD3 Challenge with all my might. Obviously I cannot commit to a nail art a day but I am trying to make my presence twice a week. Remember, we had a post on challenges and its pros & cons? I found this challenge constructive in that way, except that it asks for a daily participation.

I forgot to mention in my previous discussion, the intention to participate also matters a lot to evaluate what you get out of a challenge. How strongly are you willing to learn, participate and enjoy? I have all the intention to have fun and do more.

For this nail art I used Envy White base. I wanted some blue waves beneath my fishes so I stamped some wave pattern …

Tropical Leaves and Flower Nails

Hello Girls, You can't get enough of tropical nails, can you? I was just thinking the other day on how important leaves are to any tropical nails you can think of. I couldn't conceive any tropical design without leaves popping in between. So I came up with these.

I used Stamping plate BP19 from This plate is a great collection of various leafy patterns. For some reason I am obsessed with leaf images these days, I am just collecting them big time. You can buy this plate here and also enjoy a 10% discount sitewide using coupon code HQBQ10.

I did a gradient stamping with Nail Matinee Light Green Stamping Polish and Konad Special Dark Green. Over the gradient stamped green tropical type leaves, I did some freehand flowers. Initially I was quite doubtful about the nail art but later gained confidence over it after my sister praised it.

I applied a generous amount of Seche Vite Top Coat over it. I love my SV and keep back up of my back up SV bottle :P.

What do you f…