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Romantic SunSet Nails

Hello Girls, I have had a nailfull day this weekend. I finished some pending review posts and did few nail arts. What makes me happy is that I did some freehand, relatively after long time. I was showing some nail art to my husband last week. In no time, he asked me why I do less of freehand now and reminded me how it used to make me happy. He also started saying that ‘Stamping is cheating; you should do the original thing, your thing’. I got pissed for a moment, but I knew he was damn right. So I submerged myself to couple of freehand on weekend.

I did see a painting on Ana’s Instagram account that she painted off late. It looked serene, calm and romantic to me, she did an amazing job. I was quite inspired and decided to get something similar on my nails.

I did slight modifications to suit my taste and nails, but overall they are similar to her painting which I wanted. The sunset looked so romantic to me. The reason I got inspired is because, this is kind of place I could sit for hours…

NewU Polish Swaches and Review - Grape Fruit, Maroon Shine, Carmine Pink and Black Glitter

Hi Girls, Today I am Reviewing and Swatching a relatively new entrant in Nail Polish Market of India. Recently, it has made a lot of buzz due to its grand launch both online and offline. NewU is operated by H & B Stores Ltd that is a 100% subsidiary of Dabur India Ltd, which is the fourth largest FMCG company in India. They have both online and offline stores and sell multi brand products.They have an in house polish brand NewU. Now, I have not seen any recent Nail Polish Brand Launch with such explicit range of colours. Last big launch was Maybelline ColorShow which had only 40 colours. I am not sure on number of colours NewU has but they are plenty. They have polishes in different range: Everyday Chemistry (Rs 55), Party Poppers (Rs 75), Gliterrati (Rs 75), Mirror Mettalic(Rs 75) etc. Prices vary as per Collection but let me tell you they are very nominally priced.

These 4 polishes were provided to me by NewU for review -  Carmine Pink, Grape Fruit, Maroon Shine (From their Party…

Woven Heart in Pink

Hi Girls, I have a simple nail art to share which I did on a newly launched polish brand in India, called ‘Stay Quirky’. I ordered a few for myself and today I used the first one.

I was also keen on using my Mundo De Unas stamping polish. The base polish is Stay Quirky Jersey Effect Scared Beauty. Jersey Effect is the textured polish line from Stay Quirky.

This polish per say is baby pink in color. The texture and tiny particles of the polish give me an absolute feeling Strawberry Yoghurt or Strawberry Crush.

The polish dried kind of matte and that is when I came in with stamping. I used ‘Fiji’ from Mundo De Unas for stamping. The woven heart pattern is from the stamping plate is BP61 from BornPretty Store. You can them here and also get a 10% off sitewide with my coupon code HQBQ10.

Neon Aztec Nails

Hello Girls, I am not being able to distance myself from Neons by any means. I just keep coming back with more neons with every post.They just attract me and I go with flow with zero resistance.  I just love dipping my toe in neon every now and then. Neons are addictive and let me see if I can get you on my side with my neon nails.

Today I am doing an On-your-face and bright sunset gradient in neon along with some freehand Aztecs. I wanted a Sunset gradient but super bright, like happy sunset. I have used Color Club Disco Is not Dead as a base first. I prefer keeping lightest colour of the gradient as the base. After it dried off, I applied Disco is not Dead along with Salon perfect Flamingo Flair and Traffic Cone on makeup sponge for getting gradient nails.

After some round of dabbing, the gradient came out gradual and beautiful. I loved it. But I missed on clicking a picture of it to show you. It made my hands look so tanned. It looked like I had dipped my hands in Sun and then pulled…

Summer Floral Nails in Blue and Yellow

You know sometimes even elaborate mani which took ages to do doesn't give an inch of happiness, while a quick so-so mani you barely could manage a perfect picture makes your day. I don't know what the elaborate difficult mani lacks at times which these quick not so perfect ones seem to have, giving us a smile. I think it's just our expectation which makes biased judgments!!

Today is about one of such quick not so perfect mani. I really can't tell you how I struggled to do it. I was so getting late and still wanted a mani on my nails. I was almost prepared for a nail fail with the kind of speed and half heart effort I was doing my nails.

But I guess God was merciful and I did not have to hide my face in embarrassment (read nails). These are not great but good enough for the day. I used Sally Hansen Teeny Bikini and Wet Suit for base. They are from their Sea Shore Limited Edition Collection. On them I used some direct transfer decals that I got from Malaysia. On my pointer…

Bright Stripes Nails

Hi Girls, Keeping my madness to bright and neons true here is another nail art of mine. It is bright, popping and reminds me of very colourful Beach Towel.

I saw this initially at Yagala’s Instagram account and they seemed too colourful to ignore. The design looked quite simple and pushed me to try. Only when I started doing it I realised how painful can putting endless colourful stripes on nails be? But with each stripe the nails would look so pretty and awake that the hassle seemed worth.

The technique is basic, taking out a striper and drawing colourful crisp stripes sidewise; but neatness and color combination is the key. It takes lot of patience. Also it got me thinking that in midst of so many advanced and complicated techniques; we forget to explore the basics. I could never imagine that these stripes could look prettier than freehand or stamping or leadlight or pond mani or stamping decal or negative space or water marble and so on. I thank Yagala with all my heart for reminding…

Independence Day Nail Art

Hello Girls, Today I proudly present my Independence Day Nail Art. I am not proud of my nail art but my country and our struggle to Independence. I most humbly, present my nail art today trying to showcase my countries struggle to Independence. I would request you to go through my post and be a part of this.

We were called the ‘Bird of Gold’ and we were thriving and flourishing as a prosperous Country till Britishers caged us and ruled over use for 200 years. We were enslaved and subject to a lot of atrocities and humiliation. This is what I have shown on my thumb and Index.

We had some great leaders who put freedom ahead of their life. We saw a lot of bloodshed, brutalities and massacres. After 200 years of consistent fight and struggle, we finally won Independence in year 1947, 15th August. My Pointer and Ring Finger narrate the same in the simplest way possible.

After 15th August, 1947; we came out as winners and finally got our country back, its glory and freedom back. We now breathe…

Tri-Colour Nail Art for Independence Day

Hello Girls, Today is one the very rare occasions when I am not only done with the Independence day mani last week but also did a second mani on the same theme today. I had closed the Iday mani last week, but today being pre- Independence Day I felt like wrapping around some tricolours.

I was not at all in mood to a second I-Day mani but since I was changing my nail art yesterday, I thought why not get something Tri-Color to match the occasion.

I did a lot of thinking through the day and decided I wanted to do a leadlight technique and matte look. So I applied White Base on my Index and Ring finger. I stamped this image using Bornpretty Store Stamping Plate BPL003. It is one of the most used plates in my stash. I have literally never used any plate as much as this. It has all usable designs. You can buy this plate here and also get a 10% discount sitewide by using coupon code HQBQ10.

I did a Green, Orange and Blue on subsequent nails. It looked kind of blank to me but. So I did tiny polk…

Hawaii Nails

Hi Girls, How have you been? In ‘Neon’ of health?? Lol, I am loving neon so much more than pink these days. They make me feel happy and energetic. And again a perfect opportunity to unleash my neons was the prompt for Claire Stelle August Challenge was – Hawaii Nails.

I had so many ideas running in my head. Trust me, I can do a month long of Hawaii Nails and still not get over with it. Since my mind was brimming with ideas, I had to spend a lot of time settling down with one.

I also happened to be browsing Yagala (Galina’s) nail art account on Instagram and I came across these. Eventually,I put all my ideas under the pillow and just went with flow and made these. I had a neon frangipani in my mind but I just couldn’t figure out a perfect image of it, so I settled with Hibiscus.

The base is Sally Hansen White Out and the flowers are from various neons I have- Models Own Polish for Tan Sunhat & Flip Flop, Salon Perfect Flamingo Flair and the black is using Acrylic paints. Everything is…

Sparky Fish Fin Nail Art

You know how sometimes, we have very high expectations from ourselves and we end up disappointed even with a decent work. Just because the benchmark was high, a decent work also gets slaughtered with repulse. It happens to me very often and in such cases I end up never sharing my work with anyone. They just die a peaceful death in my Phone Memory. But this time, I happened to show it to my nail buddies. And they seemed to like it surprisingly. So I thought maybe this is not as bad. I wanted to do a stunning high contrast nail art and this is the not so successful outcome.
So when my Nail Buddies told me that these look pretty, I thought maybe it is time to revive them from phone memory and present these to the world. I am still not very confident but still I thought, let’s give it a shot maybe you will like it too. I am not very neat with Vinyls but I am getting better these days.

The base polish is Essence Color and Go – The Boy Next Door which is a stunning sparky royal blue. Over it …

Colour Burst Nail Art

Hello Girls, as I mentioned in my last post that sometimes we end being disappointed because of the high hopes and expectation we put to our work. But there are also instances when our simplest work amazes us because we expected very little out of them. Or we were just trying out something new. Today’s nail was a similar blissful experience.

I was utterly confused on what to do on my nails. The only thing I was sure about is to do a nail art but I was clueless on what to do. I wasted lot of time lazing around and thinking, and finally came up with an average idea. I wanted to try out my new Stay Quirky Polish and Uber Chic Plate nail art. Not to forget I also wanted to try out my recent possession Mundo De Unas .But the basic thread was to design a nail art around the Stay Quirky Shimmer Purple Such a Drama.

It is a clear polish with beautiful hex of blue, green and gold. I just loved it. Something just clicked in my mind and I started painting my nails black. Everything was just figure…

Tribal Nail Art in Red

Today is one of the day girls, when I am wearing red on my nails. I am not a ‘Red’ person. As a matter of fact, I don’t know if I hate ‘Red’ more or ‘Red’ hates me more. Because I feel, we do not complement each other. I decided to try out the Orly ‘FireBall’ from the Orly Adrenaline Rush Collection. It looks so pretty in bottle.

But since I got a mini set, the tiny size of the bottle is making it impossible for me to pose. My hands and nails are looking like a witch when I hold the tiny mini. So I decided to shun posing with minis. Hope you can survive that because it is killing for me not to be able to hold and show you the bottle.

I did wear a thin layer of White polish underneath for the Orly Fireball to pop. Also I did not want to get myself exhausted with 3 coats. The last time I applied this polish without undie, there was some VNL.

Over the Orly Fireball, I did a freehand tribal print on this red using acrylic paints that I got for review from BornPrettyStore. It is a set of 12 c…