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Double Technique Nails

Hello Girls, I have a very calm and serene floral nails for you today. I am very pleased with the choice of colours and the freshness that it is radiating.

The base color is Color Club Till the Record Stops from their Pastel Neon Collection. It is such a pleasing green colour. I didn’t have anything in my stash to match this. It’s a soft yet bright green.

I stamped a geometric pattern with Sally Hansen Insta Dry Brisk Blue and Bundle Monster CYO 2014 set.

The combination of cool green and blue made the nails look so minty and fresh. I wanted to a dual technique nails. So I chose a less intense image from BM CYO 2014 for background and then did freehand flowers.

I did freehand using Acrylic Paints I got from BornPretty Store. They come in 12 colours and can be purchased here (Item Code #18330). You can also get 10% off sitewide with coupon code HQBQ10.How did you find the nail art? My double technique was a hit or miss? Please let me know in the comments.

A England Fotheringhay Castle Review and Swatches

Hello Girls, I am back with another A England polish from my recent haul. It’s called Fotheringhay Castle from ‘Elizabeth and Mary’ Collection. I am so loving A England polishes these days, just love everything about them.

[caption id="attachment_6008" align="alignnone" width="506"] In Artificial Light[/caption]

A Little brief on ‘Fotheringhay Castle’ because we reviewing a polish named after it : Fotheringhay Castle (also Fotheringay Castle) was in the village of Fotheringhay 3 1⁄2 miles (5.6 km) to the north of the market town of Oundle, Northamptonshire . It was probably founded around 1100 by Simon de Senlis, Earl of Northampton. In 1113, possession passed to Prince David of Scotland when he married Simon's widow. The castle then descended with the Scottish princes until the early 13th century when it was confiscated by King John of England.

[caption id="attachment_6009" align="alignnone" width="584"] In SunLight[/captio…

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art

Hi Friends, before it’s too late and October actually ends I have put together a BCA Mani. I had millions of ideas of what I wanted to do and some of them were awesome, trust me.

But like a kid goes blank on exam desk even after tremendous preparation; I was lost when I sat on my table with polishes. I was cluless and was out of any sort of even remote inspiration. I knew 2 things: 1st I had to use Pink Polish (that’s a no brainer) and 2nd I wanted to use BPS Cancer Ribbon image because I had bought the plate thinking of this only.

You can buy the BPS Ribbon Plate here (Item code #17909) and also get 10% discount with coupon code HQBQ10.

When I browsed through my Uber Chic Plates – Set 3, they seem no less exciting. I fell for images like ‘Fight’, ‘Fight Like Girl’ etc. So I used them also.

Now this nail art is a mixture of all these elements; as you can see. I used El Corazon Pink (which is the same brand that messed with me and many other bloggers, so I am not bothering hunting the name…

Purple and Gold Nails

Hello Sparkles, I hope you all sparkling in joy and health. I have a very random nail art to share today. I did not have anything in specific when I did them; I just grabbed few colours which I wanted to use and went with the flow.

I have been wanting use my Avon Matte Polish – Inky Blue from 2 years (Please don’t make opinions, we all have untried polishes from over 2 years). It’s a dark mysterious matte blue polish which looks gorgeous in bottle.

I finally broke the spell of “Untried” and applied it on my nails. All I can say is that I should have tried them sooner. They are pretty.

On my middle finger I applied Purple Such a Drama from Stay Quirky to get some purple gold glitter and break the monotony. On my accent I just did a coat of Bold Gold from Maybelline Colorshow. On rest of the nails I stamped using Uber Chic Set 03. The nail art turned out indeed pretty in a very short time. How do you find it?

Welcome Fall Nails

I can’t believe it’s already the time of the year where I do fall nail arts. It just seems fresh when last year I was busy with fall, Halloween , Thanksgiving,  Christmas and New Year nails! Time flies is all I can say. This time instead of the prompt telling me to fall nails, my polish screamed.

I was cleaning my rack when I saw “Ablaze” by Alanna Renne. It screamed “Fall” and I listened to it with all my heart. So here I am .

I bought them last year and haven’t used any yet. And when I eventually applied it after an year I was kicking myself for not using it. It is a burnt orange crelly with black round dots, flakes of orange, red yellow colour, hexes and  some glitters. All in all it a gorgeous polish with insane number of elements. It looks very sausy and spicy. If I had to name it I would say “Chillies” or “Paprika”.

I  applied 2 coats of the polish to get full opacity. The polish is good on its own too. I stamped some fall maple leaves on them using Born Pretty Store BPL24.

The plat…

Gorgeous Aztec Nails

Good morning Sparkles! I loved what I am going to share today. I have done many Aztec and tribal nails in past but this one that I am sharing today is different. At least different for me LOL. I usually chose bright colours or crèmes as base for tribals. But today I decided to do a minimalist design Aztec , because I wanted the base to talk more.

I was wondering on what possibly I could do on the vibrant beauty Saint George from A England. You can see the swatches of mesmerising Saint George here.  I didn’t want to do florals because they look cute and delicate. I wanted something sharp and finite for this one. If you are able to make sense of what I am saying. LOL . I picked up my NewU Silver Polish (Bronzy Bronze), dipped my striper and started this Aztec pattern.

I wanted it to look crisp and smart. Also I wanted the base to look very visible and pronounced. It was of course a tedious task to do freehand with nail polish but I knew the kind of intensity I wanted would not have been t…

Witches and Monster Nails for Halloween

Hello Girls, since we are in the Halloween Month, I soaked my nails in some Halloween Mani for you. I am from India and I cannot honestly relate to Halloween. Since I do not feel it, it’s difficult to churn out an amazing mani for this theme. But I did not want to miss doing some Halloween elements on my nails while half the world is enjoying it.

So I have tried out a Witch and a Monster on my nails. Since I have never done these creatures on my nails, I was feeling a bit uncomfortable to have witches and monsters on my nails and sleep. I was feeling creepy. Lol.

The gradient nails are using Nykaa Melon Parfait and Salon Perfect Traffic Cone. Traffic Cone is such bright neon orange but in pics it looks yellowish orange. Neons are so difficult to capture!!. The tan color of Melon Parfait and neon orange so classic in the gradient that I did not feel like stamping at all on them. They  looked so pretty and contrasting.

But, what is right is right. I stamped Witch and Monster using Winstoni…

Night Sky and Starry Nails

Impulsive can also be great, is the lesson I am trying to preach with these nails today. It was 10pm at night and I looked outside the window. The sight of the glistening starts and sky like possessed me. It looked so pure and pretty. I was wondering why on earth I never did a night sky yet?

Well, there is no answer to that. It was a rhetorical question. We all miss on doing the obvious at times and then regret on the lost opportunity. Hopefully, I am not too late to regret the night sky and I still have time and my readers to appreciate it.

I started doing them at 10pm and finished by 11pm, along with pictures and editing. It was so fulfilling. Sometimes, when you really and actually want to do something everything just aligns and falls in place. It may be cliché but never loses its credibility. I really believe this.

Anyways, coming back from philosophy to nail art; I did a gradient of Essence I love my Blue Jeans, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and White. I wanted a gradual blend of colors…

Psychedelic Nails

Hi Girls, I have been doing some Halloween nails recently but I realised, they are not making me happy. Simply because I can’t relate to them and the color scheme is also repetitive for everything-  Orange/black/purple. No offense to millions who love them, but it doesn’t appeal to me. So to get some colors and lost interest in my nails I did this mani.

I wanted to something colourful and non-Halloween. Just then I saw #clairestelle8oct with theme “Psychedelic” and I knew what to do.

I had pictured this even more vibrant in my head. But you all know how nail art transforms while traversing from our mind to nails. Lol. For this mani I used Maybelline ColorShow All that Glitters from their ColorMania Range. I stamped using B Love Illusion Plate. And then, I filled in colours with Lead Light technique. It was difficult leadlighting 10 nail with 4 colors. So you girls say if it is worth? Leave your comments and let me know.

I want to Fly Nails

You know what happens when you listen to your heart? Let me enlighten you, the results are always correct, satisfying and truthful. I am listening to my heart these days and I am very pleased with the outcomes (read nail art) that it is resulting into. It gives you direction that you would not have taken otherwise.

I see an image or catch an idea and just go where my heart takes it. And I am mostly pleasantly surprised at the end. I saw the image of hand painted bird on Pinterest. She looked so pretty and cute.

There was nothing mentioned about it but the moment I saw it I felt she was a baby bird. She looked adorable. I got wondering the next moment, what possibly could have this bird been thinking? And the first response that zoomed my head was probably this baby bird would be wishing to fly. And then in a fraction of second I started doing them on my nails.

The base is Hot Hot Hot pants from ColorClub Pastel Neon Collection. It is such a gorgeous pastel and still makes your hand look …

Lace Nails

Hello Girls, How are you? Sometimes; when we are out of ideas I think its best that we go back to traditional crowd pleasers. They are simple ageless tricks that never fail.

One of such tricks is Laces. They can never ever go wrong. They effortlessly win hearts and look cute. I had applied El Corazon Prisma on my nails the previous evening. I deliberately did not do any nail art because I wanted to enjoy the polish on its own for a day.

These are scattered holo in nature with gold and red- brown shift. The colour is unique orange rust colour which also looks like rose gold from certain angles.

I am not going deep into polish because El Corazon has pissed me big time with more than horrible customer service. They never sent my prize too from Yagala Contest. Worst experience ever!!

However, the polish is pretty and I was absolutely lazy to even think what I wanted to do on them. I did a couple of trials with half heart. But it did not materialise and spoilt the base polish instead. So I rem…

Damask Nails

Hi Girls, I am trying to bite more than I can chew these days; which means I am participating in more challenges than I can handle. But I am making an honest attempt here. So wish me luck. The prompt that I worked on today is ‘Damask’ for #wnac2015 Challenge.

I had expected the result to be better but I guess this is all I got. The colour combination and damask print makes me feel anything but Indian and traditional. All I can think is a gorgeous Saree of this print and combination.

The base is WaterMelon Sorbet from Nykaa (a new entrant in Indian Nail Polish Industry). I used a vinyl to separate out half of my nail length and fill in the blue. For blue I used my all time favourite – Sally Hansen pacific Blue. I am scared the bottle is half now and the new ones available in market are with formula changed. I guess I have to save and use iuse it sparingly. The damask stamping is with Moyou London Fashionista 08.

I then dotted the borders with Maybelline Colorshow Bold Gold. How do you fin…