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Review and Swatches Of ColorClub Pastel Neon Mini Set

Hello Girls, I have indulged into a lot of mini sets these days. I realised that anyways, we barely use 1/10th of a polish even after combining its entire life span with us. 80% of our polishes are used to a maximum of 2-3 times in an year and rest 20% are simply untried. So I thought Mini sets are good option to try out polishes without guilt of wasting it. Out of all the mini sets I saw and bought, Color Club minis made most sense to me. It is neither too less, not too more. They are 7ml approx which is just fine and should at least last upto 10-15 applications. I am reviewing Color Club Pastel Neon Collection Mini Set today.

First up for review is ‘Meet Me At the Rink’. It is the most calm and serene colour out of the lot. It is a soft, light yet bright blue. If I had to simplify, I would say bright sky blue color. The colours are very bright and subtle at the same time. The colours are like neon, make your hand somewhat tan but the intensity of color is not very high. In the lamest…

Feather Nails

When I saw the theme ‘Feather’ for ClaireStelle Challenge, I was jumping on my seat. I wanted to do an awesome Colorful Feather Nails for so long. I thought this is my chance and required push to finally do my Feather Nails.

But eventually when I sat down to do it, nothing including my senses cooperated. I had so many ideas and images in my head, how could everything possibly vanish? I had a very colourful feather nails in my mind. I chose a beautiful base to execute it too.

The base polish is Sleeping Palace from A England on which I stamped BP 18 feather images with BornPretty Store Grey Stamping polish( Item Code : 21282, Color #16). I am so awwed by this line of BPS stamping polish. They are available in all colours, generous quantity of 18ml and they stamp beautifully on black. I am slowly planning to pick them all one by one. You can buy the BP 18 (Item Code : 17263)stamping plate here and stamping polish here and get a 10% off using coupon code HQBQ10.

I used a fine brush to fill …

FreeHand Paisley and BornPretty Store Nail Art Brush Review

Hi Girls, How are you doing? After a long spell of stamping nails, I am eventually indulging in some freehand. Freehand is my first love but sometimes there is a phase when I only feel like doing stamping. This especially happens when I participate in some Challenge.

But I ended up doing some freehand for ‘Paisley’ theme of Wnac2015 Challenge. The reason and sole motivation was my new Liner brush I got from BornPrettyStore for review.

I am a sucker for good liner/detailing brushes. I have been browsing some promising brushes at BPS for some time, but was not sure if Nail Art Brushes are there forte. Last time I thought of testing the water. And I am really impressed. I am not saying this because I got them for review but I truly liked it. I have been using Pure Color Brush 09/10 till now (apart from the fleet of other fine brushes that I collected for so many years). I have a good collection of fine/detailer and striping brushes. And this brush definably makes to my Top 2 or Top 3.

The b…

Cute Owls on my Nails

Hello Cupcakes, how are you? I am so excited and happy to share my nail art today. I wanted to do owls on my nails for so long. Not one but variety of owl nail art was on my agenda. But I failed utterly and didn’t do any. So when I saw Theme Owls for ClaireStelle Challenge, I was like this is my chance!!.

Woah! Sounds like a mission. I have developed a little crush on owls lately for no specific reason. They always were there, always existed but I never found them cute, till sometime. I got an Own T Shirt and an Owl Shorts overpowered by Owl Cuteness. Which reminds me, I was supposed to do nails inspired by them.

Anyways, I ended up stamping a very cute Owl Image from Q Girl series. They have flower eyes which is so cute. I purposely selected my base color as ‘Hedwig’ from Alanna Renne. It is an Australian Indie brand and Hedwig is from their Harry Potter Collection.

It is White/ White off white crelly with black, yellow dots and white bars. It is a very unique combination. Manily, ‘Hedw…

Orange Abstract Nails matching my KarvaChauth Attire

Hello Friends, How are you doing? The temperature is slightly dropping around here which rings a bell that New Year is round the corner.Also it implies that it’s time for lot of Christmas mani now. I am sharing a colourful mani today that I did to match my KarvaChauth Outfit.

I know I am late to share it but I am just missing things one after the other somehow. I am both busy and lost these days. For example I should be sharing my Diwali Nails now. I finished them before time but still missed on posting.

For this nail art, I have used Zoya Pixie Dust – Dhara for this nail art. It matched my Saree to perfection. I am so in love with this polish. I made some decals using Bundle Monster CYO 2014 plates to match my blouse.

I am quite satisfied with the nail art and how well it matched my attire. What do you think guys? Btw, the matching costume jewellery I am wearing in my picture is gifted by my husband for Karvachauth to match my dress.

Shatter Glass Nails

The Challenges this month that I have been pushing to complete with all my might are coming to an end soon. I am already patting my back for coming so far without missing a single prompt yet. The theme I am doing today for Wnac is Shatter Glass. I was very excited when I read this theme because I have an exact same stamping Image of Shatter Glass from Bundle Monster CYO 2014. And I finally get to use it.

Honestly the nail art doesn’t look as brilliant as I had thought but it will survive the theme. Initially I wanted to a leadlight to get the look of colourful shattered glass. Somehow colourful shattered glass looked fancier in my head. Thankfully, I tried that on false nail yesterday and it looked dud. So I am switched back to traditional silver/grey glass.

I applied Sally Hansen Wet Cement as a base which is my HG Grey Color. But I wanted the glass to look more real and shiny and reflective. So I applied a Holo top coat from Starilly – Eclipse. It did a good job of making my grey look…

Gothic Nails

Hi Girls, I am back with another nail art which is a prompt for Claire’s Nail Art challenge for November. I am thoroughly enjoying myself doing this challenge. I am doing nail arts that I had been intending to do for long. I am using polishes that I missed on using for ages.

Like the NYX Dark Glitter that used toady, I bought this polish like crazy and I was in so love with it. It looked so vampy and secretive at the same time. But what did I do in return? Never used it!!

So now for this challenge when the theme was ‘Gothic’, this ignored polish was my first pick. I used Nykaa Black Liquorice as the base and then applied a generous coat of NYX Dark Glitter. The stamping plate is NM 03 and Red Stamping polish from Nail Matinee.

I like the mysterious and seductive look of my nails. What do you say girls? Does it look dark and gothic?

Pink Filigree Nails

Hi Friends, I am yet not back to feeling myself. My mind is void of any ideas and motivation. I just feel perpetually tired. Pheww! I don’t know what’s wrong; may be just the changing weather. Anyways, I am trying to survive this period hoping for a highly motivated and fertile brain days ahead. But there is nothing that a bright pink can’t fix or better. Going by the same traditional philosophy, I picked up bright neon pink to lift up my mood.

The base is Kaleidoscope Neon Pink from El Corazon. I sponged some holo pink and silver glitter polish on the tips of my nails. Only cream pink made the base look flat and predictable. So I added some blingy elements. But now I think it may not have been the best call.

Anyways, going ahead I stamped the base with Bundle Monster Secret Garden plate and Mundo De Unas Fiji. I love the Bundle Monster Secret Collection plates. They are so feminine and floral. I had won it in Valentine Days Contest.

And then I finished my nails with Seche , Of course. O…

WoodLand Nails

Hi Girls, I am excited to share a nail art today that I executed after a lot of planning in my head. Surprisingly, it looks as pretty as I had thought in my imagination. I had to do a WoodLand theme for #clairestellenov8 Challenge.

I was digging down so much for some ideas. When doing a nail art challenge I always prefer sticking to stamping. So I was hounding through all my stamping plates and trying to connect dots from different plates to frame a story. After a period of time, you accumulate so many stamping plates that you absolutely loose a track what kind of images you own ( I am so ashamed admitting this).

After some (read lot) of thinking I picked up Q Girl 22 for WoodLand theme. The plate is gorgeous undoubtedly but the images are placed in a complicated way. It will make any normal person doubt their stamping skills. I was expecting a lot of re-work and frustration while doing these nails. But I was surprised by my precision. The base is NYX Pastel Yellow, Pastel Green and Cha…

SnakeSkin Nails

Hi Sugars, please don’t get put off by the name of the nail art. I have been daring to do a snakeskin nails since a very long time. But I could never gather the courage. I am extremely scared of snakes.

I bought snake skin vinyl from Lou It Yourself last year and still I never used it. Finally, there was a theme of ‘Vinyls’ for ClaireStelle Challenge. And I was like ‘Now and Never’!!

So I picked up few holos so that there is a little fun and bling. I did not intend to give a real feel of Snake Skin to my nails. I just wanted - Snake Skin on a lighter note. I don’t have the heart to execute and wear something reminding me of gruesome snake skin.

I applied El Corazon Prisma as a base. Then I did a gradient of Color Club Kismet, Beyond and Cosmic Fate over the vinyls. I am not sure what should I say about the end result because I never wanted real type Snake Skin in the first place. It looks good but doesn’t make me happy. May be it doesn’t look like a Snake Skin at all. Do you find them re…

Water Colour Flowers Inspired by my Top

Do you ever ponder, what is in a pink to make a girls heart melt every time she sees it? I think it is a rhetorical question which has no answer. I have thought about this a lot of times but never been able to make sense out of the unconditional love towards pink. May be because Pink is soft, innocent and cute. Irrespective, I still get amazed when a pink polish touches my nail, like it happened for this nailart.

I have worn this pink in past too but every time a pink touches my nails I feel elated. I had a dinner with my friends the next night. It was a weekday so I had to go for dinner in formals. Since my dress was bound to be boring, I decided my nails had to interesting. I decided to do a matching nails.

Now the question was how do I get the print of my top on my nails? It was a soft floral top. And when it’s floral, watercolour is my first preference. They make it look so real. The blending and the flow of the colours are so perfect. It is a peotic feeling to see one colour trespa…

Egyptian Tribal Nails

Hi Friends, I am gladly sharing a simple stamping but utterly gorgeous nail art with you today. Since the base was extremely pretty – Zoya Carter I really did not have to struggle much with nail art. Sometimes simple things give so much pleasure. One of my friends Mithila, who blogs at NailPolishPlay; suggested that the nailart looked Egyptian Tribal. I loved her idea and named it so.

This nail art is totally done with all my unused/brand new stuff (I don't know if I should be guilty of Unuuseds or proud of using new stuff. LOL). The Zoya Pixie Dust – Carter was ignored in my stash for 2 years, which is the gorgeous royal base. The stamping polish used is Kaleidoscopic Gold from El Corazon, which was lying virgin too.

And finally I used Bundle Monster Shangri-La SS10 for stamping. They are so pretty. Bundle Monster is doing a fab job these days. I love all their creations off late. So I don’t know if it’s the base, the stamping polish or the stamping plate or it’s just me that make …

Fall Leaves Nails

Good Morning Girls! I am seeing so many fall nail art these days and getting awwed by it. The beautiful Fall Nailarts on internet are really giving me a near to real feel of it.

I was simply thinking to do Leaves on my nails, but with fall in my head I could not think straight (read Green Leaves). So, I got some fall leaves instead. I am happy how they turned out. The base is Alanna Renne ‘ Butter Bear’. I love it. I think it’s a great base for a fall nail art. I have been using it for Fall Nails for 2 years now. It is orangish yellow in color just like the gold leaves of Fall.

I finally used Uber Chic 03-02 for stamping the leaves. I was always fascinated by this image but always missed using it. Finally, I have it on my nails!!

I definitely wanted some green and orange leaves for Fall, so filled in the leaves alternatively with Orange and Green Sheer Polishes. I like LeadLight technique, way easier than making decals. I then finished with Seche Vite and took a sigh of relief. I am glad…