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Nails for New Year 2016

Hiee All, so it’s another year which just passed by! And we are here to welcome another year with lots of enthusiasm, hope and resolutions. In my case, a new nail art too is added to the welcome platter! Lol.

[caption id="attachment_6287" align="alignnone" width="600"] In Natural Light[/caption]

I have super blingy nails today using my most sparkly polish – King Midas from Starrily. I had a totally different nail art in my mind. I was planning neon pink and bright purple colors as base. And I actually did a base coat and applied 2coats of the polish on all 10 fingers. I didn’t stop here; I stamped a delicate pattern on all nails as I was thinking of double stamping.

Just before stamping the final image doing second round of stamping, I felt the nails are bright but they don’t look ‘New Year’. I did not want to do a So-So Sub-standard job. So with a brave heart I held my breath, and removed all the work. Yes, Base Coat + 2 Layers of polish + 1 Layer of Stampi…

Flowers on Holo Nails

Hello Friends, how have you been? I am so upset due to the dry spell in my creative idea pond for a quite some time now. I am just not able to imagine or churn out anything worth. Urrrghh!! And this feeling is driving me mad. Anyways, I turn to floral when I am out of ideas because they never(read almost never)  let you down.

And that’s what I did today. However, I am not very happy with the floral I did today. But that’s that. Not all days are good.

The base is El Corazon Prisma 30 from my beloved El Corazon. How so ever shitty the brand and the Art Director is; the polish is good. But unless you want to wait for a month to get your polish shipped, get humiliated by the Art Director for asking about shipment and then get polishes only after 2 months to see that only half your order is delivered, please don’t bother ordering from there.

I am refraining from wasting my precious words on the polish because my experience with them has left a sour unforgettable taste. The polish is pretty th…

Doctor Lacquer Scuba Loha Collection Review and Swatches

Hello fireflies, how are you doing today? I am bright and glowing with the Scuba Loha :).So I have a picture heavy, words heavy and awesomeness heavy post for you . I have been eyeing this collection for a long time but always missed on laying hands on them. After a long wait today I finally have these babies to show you! It is a Set of 8 polishes out f which I got 7 (which are crèmes) and I let go the Rainbow colour glitter dot topper.

This set contains 7 pastel brights or pastel neons which all glow in dark!! It has ‘THE’ 2 things that make me Ga-ga over a collection: Bright Pastels and GID. Someone just heard me and made this. I will conclude my review about this collection after I have shown you the swatches.

[caption id="attachment_6250" align="alignnone" width="600"] Doctor Lacquer Scuba Loha Swatches in Dark[/caption]

About the Collection : Scubaloha is a portmanteau of scuba and aloha! This collection consists of seven gorgeous glow-in-the-dark paste…

BornPretty Store Chameleon Polish 205 Swatches and Review

Hi Girls, I have another BornPretty Store Chameleon polish for review today. I got great response from the last one, so thought why not delight you with another one. They are basically brilliant Multi Chrome Polishes by BornPretty Store.

These polishes cannot be worn alone and need a black undie. This was a minor setback for me earlier but once I applied the polish, its beauty made it seem all worth.

As you can see the polish shifts from deep aubergine to Magenta to green and gold at times. Like the previous one, I did not have bend and twist my hand to uneven positions to capture the effect. The colour shift is very evident and smooth.

I am greatly impressed and pleasantly surprised by this line of polishes from BornPretty Store. As I mentioned in my previous review, if I had to point out something I did not like it would be the cap and the brush. I can’t deal with square brush of short length. But maybe that’s only me.

You can own these polishes here and also get a 10% off with coupon c…

Beach Nails

Hello Surfers, again an out of season post but who cares!! Hah Hah, I feel like going to the beach so will let my nails shout for it! So I used my artistic powers so get some beach fun on my nails.

I had been planning to do this nail art for very long time. Few months back I developed a crush on Beach Nail charms like shells, snails, starfish etc. But I could not quickly lay my hands on it through any portal. I located it in BPS and Ali Express and both would take a month to deliver, killing the joy of achieving it.

So I decided on hunting on some local and quick options. With prayers in mind and deep faith in heart, I entered the most resourceful craft store in my locality (actually I travelled like 10 km to find this so not in my locality technically!!). And I found mini shells and snails that they sold for craft. I wanted it to be further small so that they look good in proportion of nails. But these are all they had.

I hand picked the smallest of shell and snail to use for my mani an…

Zoya Pixie Dust Swatches: Carter, SunShine, Dhara and Solange

Hi girls, how are you? May be you would think I am mad to suddenly swatch an old collection of Zoya from nowhere. I know it may be uncalled since these polishes released 2 years back. Yes, and that’s exactly the age of my polishes too lying in my stash. These were brutally ignored and unused. Suddenly something struck last week and I swatched Zoya Carter. I was so much in love with it that I hated myself for not using them for so long. I got addicted to these Pixies and finished all swatches in a week straight.

So, with all guilt in heart for not sharing before; I have ‘Zoya Carter’. I am taking a deep breath and a pause as I write this because I am short of words to explain this correct. Let me try. This is the most bold royal purple I have seen. The color may not have done the magic alone. But the texture and magenta shimmers peeping from inside the polish take it to the top.

There is royalness( I don’t know if it’s a word) and elegance exuding out of the polish. The magenta and purpl…

Tiger Nails

Good Morning Girls, I am finally picking up pace and trying to use images from my forgotten stamping plates. I am talking about the images which make you swoon and convince yourself to buy the entire set, just because you wanted that one image. But once you acquire the set, all good reasons to buy the plate goes outside the window. Please don’t judge me; I am majority of us do that!!

On that note, I used BM CYO 2014 plate set which I bought because I loved the image of Tiger Stripe but never used it till now. Also to lower my guilt quotient I used another untouched beauty – Zoya Pixie Dust Solange for this nailart. How could I miss using these for an year is the question I am asking myself!

I wanted to do more for the base of Tiger nails but Zoya Solange just looked so complete that I just survived a simple stamping. What do you think?

Flower in Wood NailArt

The weather is getting colder and drier these days, isn’t it? So it is automatically dropping hints for me to do nails related to fall, autumn, dried leaves, wood and so on. But after seeing the finished work on my nails, now I have totally forgotten on what I intended to do actually. Lol

I had something else in mind for sure. I remember that I definitely wanted the mattified wood log prints on my nails, which I have pretty much got in my end result. Rest I was looking at some autumn leaves when I felt the nail art looked too dry and barren. So I thought some flowers would bring some life and happiness to my nails.

I did try stamping some loose maple leaves (Gradient of yellow, orange and brown) but all together the nail art gave feel of a very gloomy dry weather. I spoilt my accent and middle finger trying the leaves and I was too lazy to remove now, so I just applied Barry M Paprika on them which became base for my new design in mind.

After a lot of failures and trial & Error, I fi…