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Red Roses NailArt

Hello girls, how are you doing? It’s getting colder in Mumbai, atleast as per Mumbai standards its Chilly out here. I just feel like being in bed, sipping coffee, sleeping and wearing dark polishes. Actually, I am not that inclined to do nails offlate. Just those polishes or nail art not attracting me enough in this temporary phase of my life. So after a week of nude nails, I decided to use a beautiful polish which would rekindle my love . I applied Zoya Veruschka.

Man, this polish is damn gorgeous and unique. Inspite of being green which I find extremely unattractive, this polish is so pretty. It was launched by Zoya in 2014 as a part of ‘Matte Velvet Collection’. And after applying these, I am so very restless to get Zoya Matte Velvet 2015 set.

Now on this beauty I did not want to stamp at all. Yeah just for your information I am loathing stamping these days too. So I replaced a few dried out acrylic paints with fresh ones and decided on making some roses in Red and Gold. I applied a …

Zoya Whisper Collection 2016 Review and Swatches

Hi Girls, I am very thrilled presenting Zoya Whisper 2016 swatches for you today. Since almost all polishes are based out of US and due difficulty in transportation to India or long shipping time; we end up getting newly launched shade only when they have turned old! It is such a pity . By the time you find out a way to ship your products or mainly find a polish mule to carry me; the collection is old. But when I saw the teaser picture of Zoya Whisper 2016, I not only knew I had to order this but Pre-order this. So this is my first pre-order purchase and I am really proud of it.

This set consists of 6 soft neutrals which are of real class and modern taste handpicked by Zoya . Zoya says about the set ‘Experience Serenity with this muted and tranquil palette of transitional neutrals for 2016’. I could not agree more. The entire collection is crème, I would say squishy crèmes to be precise. They are in between jelly and crème but mostly opaque in 2 coats.

Zoya April is described as a light…

Freehand Paisley Nails – Inspired by Satya Paul Home Décor

Hello Girls, How are you doing? I am good and happy sharing a nail art that makes me feel myself. I love doing nails inspired by pretty things I see around; they make me take pride in my work. But due to time constraints and other restrictions (like sticking to a theme, challenges, swatching etc) I am not able to devote as much time to them. Needless to say doing nails inspired by a subject of beauty is quite complex to plan and execute, hence takes way more time than regular nails. Anyways, the post is not to rant but yeah I feel better offloading my worries and sharing with you guys at times :). Today I have my favourite designer Satya Paul for inspiration again.

I was browsing Instagram the other day (I spend most of my time on phone on Instagram, Lol) and I was tired hogging on all swatches and nail arts. As a usual practice, when I feel overdose of browsing nail art; I start browsing for images/items for inspiration. They help me clear my mind. As mentioned above, I went to Satya …

Purple Lace Nails

Girls, This is the phase of my life where I am trying to like colours that I have I have ignored earlier. One of such raved colours by dear friend Manisha from FollowManiMatters is Purple/Lavender. She always feels weak in her knees with Purple, where as I have been always kicking off purples out of my sight. So here I am trying to befriend them.

I swatched Uhu Uliluli from Doctor Lacquer Scuba Loha and man I haven’t seen a sweeter Lavender (Check Swatches here). It is kind of making me rethink my reservations towards the purple family. Anyways, since I liked them I decided to not simply remove them after swatching but do a simple nail art too.

I have limited experience in using this color though, so I am not of my color choices for the mani. I chose Bright Mexican Pink Stamping polish from BornPretty Store (Ya Qin An) to stamp Laces from Bundle Monster CYO 2014. These stamping polishes are utterly pigmented. They just make a mark on any color. You can buy them here and get a 10% off li…

Freehand Pineapples and review of BornPretty Store Nail Art Brush

Hello Girls, How have you been? I know its lazy gloomy winters but to let you sail through it I have a super fresh pineapple nail art. Initially, I just thought of going with the flow and do a winter mani. But it’s giving me chills seeing so much winter outside window and even on everyone’s nails too. So I decided to do something which would make me peppy and fresh instead.

I wanted to do something summer, may be a summer fruit. I have been wanting to a freehand Pineapple nails for a very long time. And finally when I got these BornPretty Store brushes for review I was sure this was perfect for the pineapples I had in my mind.

I chose a very fresh pastel neon base for pineapples. I for sure wanted a summery feel irrespective of the weather outside. So I turned towards my latest favourites, Doctor Lacquer Scuba Loha. I picked a bright yet muted lemon green neon polish named ‘Lau’i Pala’. This polish glows brilliant neon in dark. I have enclosed a glowing picture for you to enjoy.


Colourful LeadLight Flowers

Hello Girls, the weather still is chilly and dry outside. Did I tell you I hate winters? Yes, I hate winters. Last year I did a lot of winter manis but this year I decided on doing something brighter to cut the gloomy spell. I intend on doing few winter nails too (if I am able to motivate myself before winter ends). For today I have a bright colourful Sun Flower nails.

I know sunflowers are yellow but it is a sunflower of my imagination and I demand a colourful one!!. Haha.

I can get tired of counting the number of months that I spent procrastinating on using these images from Uber Chic Set 3. I wanted to use them the moment I saw these plates launched and now we are running on Set 6 till I could finally do one!! Shame on me

I was impressed by the shading and detailing of this image. Actually, it’s the USP (Unique Selling Point) of UberChic that they lay so much emphasis on detailing and shading of each image. That differentiates them from other stamping plates.

[caption id="attachme…

Water marble on Holo Nails

Hi Bubbles, please do not be misguided by the subject of this post. I did not try a traditional watermarble in any way or capacity. Any similarity in WaterMarble is merely due to the WaterMarble stamping plate I used. Lol.

Water marble is something I have never attempted and I do not see it happening any time soon. However, what I could attempt is buying the WaterMarble Plate launched by Bundle Monster in Collaboration with Sloteazzy.

The base color is the gorgeous blingy : Cheers to Holiday (H) from Fun Lacquer. It is multi chrome polish with lots of holo. The silver polish used for stamping is Barry M Silver Foil and then of course topped it with Seche Vite.

I wanted to try out on neon colors first (as if it’s a surprise). But then suddenly I got stuck at holo and thought how about holo watermarble! I am pleased at the attempt. I am all the more thrilled because this nail art is for the BM Water Marble Collab with my nail buddies. Basically, we had ordered this plate together and so th…

Quilted Channel Nails

Hello Girls, How are you doing? The weather around here is getting better and the winter is subsiding. Although I fell terribly ill a couple of days back due to this change but I am good now. Today is one of those days when I am sharing a nail art I have been having an itch to try for like 2 years at least. It’s the quilted pattern!

I know it’s quite shameful for planning to do something for 2 years and still unable to do it. I saw some videos on Youtube on how few bloggers swiftly did these quilted patterns using Dental Floss.

I ran to the chemist next day and got dental floss. I will not say that I never tried quilted nails. But when I failed once, I never tried them back. You know ‘I gotto Do It Spirit’ was missing. An year passed by, I was now watching a quick video of quilted nails on Instagram and I realised, that I lost my packet of dental floss. I bought a new pack to try again. The results were better but far from what I expected so I chucked it.

Last week I saw ‘Quilted Nails’ …

Nails for My Sister’s Wedding

Today let me begin the post by a sweet announcement. My younger sister whom I have often referred to as a ‘Tom Boy’ in lots of previous post tied knot on 09th December 2015 with her soulmate. So my little sister isn’t so little anymore. And I did these nails at the commencement of Pre-wedding functions to set the mood.

My sister was very happy with my nails. I wanted to do them for her too, but on the D Day we all got too busy and these images wouldn’t match her dress. So we dropped it.

But I gracefully flaunted them in some of the functions and got compliments. The base is a gradient of NYX Banana and Salon Perfect Traffic Cone. The images are from Nail Matinee- Stamping Plate‘NM02’ and stamping polish is also from the same brand. Doesn’t it seem so wedding? Would you love not to wear them for a wedding?