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Flowers on Mesh Pattern

I got thinking about something girls, doesn’t it so happen that you consciously try to skip something and every time you do so, it sub consciously creeps into your life. As if every attempt to keep it away is a destined failure. Such is strong relationship with ‘Floral Patterns’. I just can’t have enough of them and even when I try to avoid them, they slip in somehow.

After the floral overdose of Valentine week, I really wanted to take a break from them. I was clueless of what to do on my nails. Like really clueless, I was even confused on what polish to apply even after gazing my stash for an hour.

So I asked my husband to pull out something for me. I don’t know how he managed to pull out a weird combination. And he pulled polishes from different corners of my rack. So I had Models Own Pink Veneer, Chambor Mustard Brown, Zoya Pixie Dust Solange and Zoya Pixie Dust Carter. You see how unrelated they are from each other. Unknowingly , I just worked on lines of #HeChoseMyPolish.

After lot …

My Last Winter Nails

Although winters may be just receding off; I realised I missed a few of my winter ideas for nail art. And I did not have the patience to wait for another winter to do them. It would too long and idea would have been stale. To be true, it could be a second last winter mani because I am trying to buck up for another one.

Strangely this winter I did not do any freehand Snow/Winter mani. I guess my general repulsive feeling towards chilly weather forbid to take that much effort. Lol.

This was one of the Cute Winter mani that got stuck in my head as soon as I got UberChic Set 06. I so loved the “Love you Beary Much”. I don’t know if it’s an obvious winter mani but I have never been able to imagine anything else out of these images since I have seen them.

To prep the base I used CornFlower Gleam from Models Own HyperGel. I did not want a traditional blue so went for Periwinkle kind blue. Now there needed to be some glistening snow, some sparkle to give the snow feel. So I did a generous coat o…

LuxaDerme Gloves - Hand Spa Review

Hello Girls, I have an interesting Product Review for you today. In the clutter of numerous skincare products that claim to re-incarnate your face and skin; I have a product that promises something for hands. Yes, being a nail blogger the wellbeing of my hands and nails is of acute importance to me. I was contacted for LuxaDerme Hand Hydration Glove review and I said yes in no time.

This is the time of the year when the weather is dry and your hands suffer worst. Trust me they become more dry and lifeless as opposed any other body part because we bathe only once (atleast in winters) but we wash out hands multiple number of time which strips off the moisture and makes them dull. Lot of my nail blogger friends had this concern, as for us hands are what we show off.

The following is what the Company Claims on ‘Deep Moisturizing Treatment - Hand Hydration Gloves’.

Retail Price : Rs 200, available on various portals like SnapDeal.


Now let’s proceed to Instructions for Us…

Intricate Geometric Nails

Hi Girls, After a lot of pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day I am turning to other colors. So my pick today was Purple and I wore plain El Corazon Matte & Shine Range for a day. It’s a gorgeous matte shine polish, as you can see for yourself below.

After a day when I got bored of plain nails, I decided to do some stamping. I was too lazy to a double stamping or a gradient base or just anything. So I just picked a Pink from the same range and did a little bit of dry brush to get a hint of pink on places.

I am not sure but I think I killed the beauty and phunk of the purple base by doing so. Anyways, I proceeded for nail art. Whenever I want some delicate or intricate designs, I always turn to UberChic without fail. So I grabbed UberChic 06-03 for some cool intricate geometric patterns.

I stamped using Barry M Silver Foil which is one hell of a silver stamping polish for me. The nail art yet looked flat to me.

So to get on some elements I made dots of pink polish which did the trick. Now…

Freehand Roses Inspired by Jaunty Juli

Hello Girls, I am really taking a long shot today by recreating Jaunty Juli’s detailed freehand roses. Let me tell you she is a gem at detailing. Her work is always very crisp, neat and delicate. I have done 2 nail art inspired by her in the past, this is my third one. I spent 4 hours on this still I am 1/3rd of what she did.

Well, may be independently I am not displeased with what I did. But I stand it to comparison of the nail art I was trying to recreate, it makes me ashamed. I think if I just did another trial on this, I could be better. I am getting a little hang of it.

But trust me I am running out of patience to see me fail. I re-did the roses 8 times before I could get any near. I know it takes time to learn and pick up. Each time I would redo, I would feel a tiny step closer and better at it. However, the 4 hours of drill of not knowing if it turns out worthy or not drained me.

I promise I am gonna come up with a better version of this soon. How soon? Well, till I gather courage…

A England Sleeping Palace Review and Swatches

Hello Peeps, how are you all? I have been befriending dark colours off late. Either it’s a change in my taste or the weather which is making me fall for all dark colours in my stash. So I did swatch an extremely beautiful and my favourite A England from my stash: Sleeping Palace.

“Sleeping Palace” represents the slumbering palace that awaits the prince as he journeys to wake sleeping beauty. “An unnatural twilight has fallen upon the land” says the description for this polish on the official A England site. This polish is from the “Burne-Jones Dream” collection.

It’s a scattered holographic polish like most other A Englands. The colour I would say is dusty plum. However in sunlight it looks dirty or muted Aubergine with silver/steel like finish.

It glows beautifully in Sunlight, like they literally glow from within. It looks like there are little gold/copper fireflies inside.

These polishes are totally one coaters and real smooth in application. They stamp too! . And it flatters any skin …

Valentine's Day Nail Art

Hi Girls, finally with all the Valentine Day quotes and elements floating on my nails for over a week, I have the V Day mani for you. After a lot of thought and after thought I settled for a relatively simple V day mani.

The reason being, I have already toiled a lot for putting together a V Day themed mani for you this week. I almost did 7 Valentine themed mani this month. So I am exhausted. Lol. The base of the nail art is China Glaze Ruby Plumps, which I wanted to use for long. I actually bought it for Christmas but by the time it reached me, Christmas was long gone. So here I am making the most of it this Valentine’s Day.

Really, this polish is so vibrant and brilliant. The base is definitely maroon-ish but the endless red and gold glitters make it look sparkly Red. I will swatch the polish to show you what I mean. The stamping plates are from Nail Matinee NM04 which is an Indie stamping plate from India. I used Maybelline Bold Gold for stamping. And that’s it. I think it is a quick …

Heart Vine Nails

Hello Lovelies, It’s not news that love is in the air with Valentine Day round the corner. Although I am not into V Day celebration and likes at all, but this month it’s going to be majorly about hearts and love nails on my blog. Why this change? Because I realised even though I may not be a V day fan but my readers would want to see ideas on V day nails. So I owe it to you.

Too much hearty stuff puts me off generally, so all my heart stuff is mostly buried in dust. For today’s nail art I pulled out a Cute Heart Charm I bought 2 years a ago thinking I would use it for V day. But never felt like.

I was totally clueless for 2 years on how could I possibly use it in a non cheesy way; but got no luck. Last weekend I just pulled out the box and kept on my table and stared it, till there was a flash moment and an idea struck.

I decide to do Heart dangling on plant vines. I was so thrilled by the idea that I immediately removed the mani I was wearing and started upon this. As time passed and th…

Love Letter Nails

Hi Girls, as promised I am throwing around Valentine nails on my blog throughout this week. I am not a Valentine day believer by any measure, infact I find it Cheesy. But this is only for my lovely readers out there.

And trust me, although I may not like the concept I am enjoying thinking through and doing Valentine Theme nails. Today I have Love Letter Nails for you. Now, I had something completely different in my mind for this theme. But when I started browsing my plates and polishes for this, my mind took a U turn to this.

And I am quite glad it did. The kind of Love Letter nails I had in mind was prettier but it was something already done by some nail artists. This one seemed fresh and new. The design and color combination looked like a new treatment to the theme. I may be wrong, but I haven’t come across something very close to it.

The base is SinFul colors Black Out stamped with Hot Pink Stamping Polish #15 from Ya Qin An from Bornpretty Store. The color options they have and their…

Easy Roses with Tooth Pick Tutorial for Valentine’s Day

Hi Pretties, I am doing Valentine’s Day manis in full swing these days. It made me think that may be I should churn out an easier mani with tutorial for my readers. So here I am to give away a simple tutorial which can enable any one to rock a V day with matching nails.

The only tool I used for this nail art is “Tooth Pick” which is very household item. So you don’t need any special tools. Neither do you need any expensive polishes, you can achieve the look by Acrylic Paints too (the base should be nail polish though). The base polish I used are Sally Hansen You’re Crabby and Wet Suit, from their limited edition Sea Bloom Collection.

I have made a Pictorial which is quite self explanatory of the steps. Still, to make life easier let me make an attempt to scribble a sentence for each.

Paint your nails with given colors (or any color combination). On the blue nails just make a rough blob/circle with Pink (acrylic paint/nail polish).
Pick up a darker shade of pink on toothpick and start outl…

Webbed Heart Nail Art

Hi Peeps, I am back with another pinky valentiny nails. I guess that’s what everyone is looking for this season.

It started with when I wanted to apply some pink holo on nails. I did not want to apply my ColoClub Pink holo but something more full bodied and different. Aahh! Cut the chase, to be precise I wanted to apply A England’s Briar Rose which I don’t have! So I started looking for close enough dupe for it and found El Corazon Prisma.

It seemed quite like A England Briar Rose (atleast in a moment of despair, it will solve the purpose). I enjoyed the polish for a day but then slave of my habit I got an itch for nail art on them. I wanted to do something.

So I picked up my UberChic Set 06-03.Whenever I think of a combination of chic and feminine design I pick up UberChic. They are masters at it. I stamped the webbed heart with Black Polish from NailMatinee.

And then finished it with Seche Vite; ofcourse. Now I am not proud of it so much but it looks pretty and simple. Doesn’t it? Let m…

Simple stamping on Fun Seductive Marmalade

Hi Girls, I have a simple mani to show you today. Just to clarify, it is not an accidentally simple but was planned to be simple. The reason being the beauty of the base polish was not supposed to be hijacked by stamping! Lol

The base polish ; Seductive Marmalade from Fun Lacquer is beautiful orange bronze polish full of ultra holo gold and red glitters. The color of the polish looks so ethnic yet the holo bling makes it look modern at the same time. Strangely this polish looks red in direct sunlight. I may need to re-swatch it and figure out a way this doesn’t look red.

For stamping, I did not want to use contrast color as it looks very off and non cohesive, if you know what I mean. The color needed to stand apart yet not be a harsh or a mismatch contrast. Just when I could not think of anything, I saw grey stamping polish that BornPretty had sent for review. It offered contrast yet not intruding.

So I picked up the Grey stamping polish (No #16) and a delicate curly pattern from UberChi…

Soft Mauve Nail Art

Ever since I swatched Zoya Whisper 2016 (here), I have transitioned to like neutrals all the more. I always loved neutrals for the peace they bring to my heart. Zoya Whisper seems to have brought Joy too! These colors are so wearable to meetings and office too. Today’s nail art is on my favourite color from this set, Zoya Eastyn.

I am not a purple person at all. I have always been far from purple or its cousin mauve too. But Zoya Eastyn made me head over heels over this earthy mute mauve.All I wanted to do was a simple delicate stamping and an accent nails.

The polish looks so delicate that any bold work could have just killed it. So I chose a simple interwoven heart pattern from UberChic. I am so happy I did choose this because it just looks as delicate as I had in my mind.

[caption id="attachment_6374" align="alignnone" width="600"] In SunLight[/caption]

On my accent is the super blingy Ultima (an Ultra holo silver polish) from Starilly layered thrice on Ba…