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Cute Bunny Nails

Hello Girls, I have yet another cute bunny nails for Easter. I am bit late in blogging about it, but I managed to post on Instagram timely. I did them as a second Easter nail art which would be easier and cute. But the real reason for doing this was the Bunny Glitter Polish Set I got from Etude House last year on my visit to Malaysia. As is it Etude House stores look like you entered a cake shop and this Bunny Polish peeping from the corner just looked like the icing. I fell for it and a lot of more stuff and made huge dent in my wallet. Don’t blame me, their store smells heavenly and looks all pink and sugar. You are like possessed by ‘The Pink’. I lost control (in case I have any, Lol)

However, what was once deadly cute in store was lying dusty in my nail wardrobe. So I thought to myself, it has already been a year and if I don’t use it even now, it will only get used next Easter! With that in my mind, I rushed to do this apparently easy nail art.

If only it was as Easy! Phew!. It was…

Easter Nail Art

Happy Easter Girls! I have an Easter Mani with cute Easter bunny for today. Now, don’t hate me or laugh at me when I say I thought that Easter was on Friday! And this gave me sudden panic attack that I have not touched upon my much planned nail art and it’s already Easter. The thought made me irritated because it was difficult to do the nail art, edit pics and write blog post in the remaining time before calendar date changed.

But then I decided, let me still go ahead with the nail art even if I have to post it a day late. I so wanted to do it. I gathered some courage and heap of colours that I needed to do this mani. It took me quite some time to do this mani. To be frank, even more that the execution, the planning took time.

So let me begin with listing down the colors I used. I painted all my nails white from Sinful Colours ‘Snow me White’. Then I did gradient with popping colors like Thistle Do Nicely, That’s Shore Bright, Too Yatch to Handle from China Glaze and few brights from El…

ColourFul Feathers on Fun Art of Sparkle

Hello Sparkles, I am back with another dazzle and bling nails. Why not, I am off to trip with my girl friends and any amount of sparkle is less. And my nails will see a lot of sun which they don’t see usually because I spend the entire day in office. So it is quite a good excuse to wear the most holo polish in my stash.

I had been planning to do a feather nails for very long time. Then I saw them on UberChic set 06-03 and they were just the kind of feather I had pictured in my mind. There was no doubt that it had to be a colourful feather. So I decided to do an advanced stamping.

I am really crushing a bit on the glitters and sparkles and ultra holo-ness of ‘Art of Sparkle’ from Fun lacquer. So I chose it as my base. Not a difficult choice. However, the pain with such a bases is that they look dazzling to your eyes but fail infront of your camera. I swear it was a PITA to capture it.

[caption id="attachment_6585" align="alignnone" width="600"] In DayLight[/c…

Dazzling Purple Nails

Hello Peeps, I am feeling great sharing this nail art for you. I tried out something new and it turned out great. For those who have been following my blog or seeing my nail art, they know I barely use a purple polish. It’s my least favourite color for no reason. I don’t hate any colors but few colors are less loved. I always have a knot in my head that purple doesn’t suit me. I am good with darker shades of purple which are more aubergine in hue. So here I befriended the purple and I loved it.

The polish is ‘Thats shore Bright’ from China Glaze which had been lying virgin for 6 months. I got them with lot of hope that if not regular, may be a neon-er version of purple will make me fall with it. But it lied unloved, ignored for 6 months until one morning a wore a purple shirt and was nude nails. So I thought why not apply a purple matching polish. Now just FYI I barely own any purple clothes either since I don’t adore that colour. So why not pair two unloved combos (purple shirt and po…

Turoquise and Blue floral Nails

Hello Friends, I have a beautiful impulsive nail art to share today which satisfied me to every bit. I guess impulsive is under estimated, they please you more than planned! What say?. I was just watching some movie and I got intriuged by the crop top the actress was wearing. It was such a lovely white top with abstarct flowers of turqoiuse and indigo.

I literally paused the TV for few seconds to just enjoy watching the flowers and prints. And I quickly thought that I may not have the same top but I can capture the same print on my nails!. This would have given me a greater satisfaction than buying the top.

I pulled out the polishes in minutes and I had a clear vision on what I wanted to do with them. Usually I am undecisive for hours on what to do on my nails. But today I just had it all sorted.

I did a white base for flowers and on rest of the nails I pulled off pretty gradient to compliment the flowers and complete the look. I used Orly Vintage, Hip and OutLandish and Orly Indie for t…

Jungle Nail Art

Hello Girls, I am quite relieved as I write this post today. I had purchased a Lotus Mat along with other stamping goodies from Bundle Monster. However, I struggled big time with Lotus Mat. The decals won’t just come off the mat and if I tired further the decals used to break brittle in pieces. I was feeling so bugged and guilty with this purchase, while all my other friends were pulling off decal (pun intended) seamlessly.

So after discussion with my nail buddy Manisha and some reading, I decided to finally spin a final take on the Lotus Mat with all my vigour. And it worked!! It worked like a charm. Only two things that I did differently were: Earlier I used to clean the mat with acetone and apply clear polish to make decal while now after acetone cleaning, I just lightly touched the mat with my creamy/oily hands to cut out excess dryness that may have been preventing the decal to pull off. Secondly, I changed the way I pulled it out. Instead of using a tweezers to just pull it, I ro…

Nails Matching My Dress

Hello Girls, today I present you the kind of nail art that makes me happy. For those who have been reading my blog, you know how much I love doing ‘inspired nails’. I am the merriest if I can find inspiration to my designs from things surrounding me. The nail art today is inspired by my Bandhani Print Dress.

Now if I have to tell you (which I always love) the actual turn of events that led to this nail art; don’t think I am mad. On Sunday I went shopping for my husband and it was only meant to be my husband’s shopping. However, I am clueless on how I ended up buying 2 Jackets (after winter has passed by), 2 Tops , 1 Tunic Dress , 1 Palazzo pants and 2 Foot Wears!! Excited as always, I wanted to try the pink foot wear immediately to work on Monday.

So after lot of analysis, I pulled a dress from my wardrobe which will exactly match the foot wear. It was already 9 at night. And I had to change my polish anyways so I thought why wear a matching one. Since Orly Freeflow was yet unused and m…

Colorful Dry Brush Nail Art

Hello girls, I am really digging Orly these days and almost every alternate nail art of mine has one or other color from Orly. Today I used my latest and brightest possessions from Orly.

I recently got the Orly Melrose Collection which has been reviewed here. There are some real bright and fun colors in the set that I pulled out and used for this bright look.

The base is Orly Vintage, while dry brush is done using Window Shopping and Indie. The black dots are with acrylic paint. I was already wearing Vintage because I was swatching Melrose Collection. Now it’s is such a pretty bright mint color that I didn’t want to just take off without throwing in some nail art on it.

Dry brush has always been on my ‘I want to try list’. I feel it is one of the easiest and fun techniques that I have barely explored. So I went for it. As it was already late night and I had little time, the situation was also apt.

It just took me like 20 minutes to finish and clean this. I am glad with the way it turned o…

Women’s Day Nail Art

Let me begin today’s post by wishing you a very Happy Women’s Day. No surprises, I did a nail art to let my nails celebrate it too. I don’t think they turned out great, but I leave it for you to decide.

SHE is like flower; she blossoms and spreads joy, beauty and fragrance in every life that touches her. This is the message I attempted to convey though my nails.

The base is a gradient with Doctor Lacquer Omilu, Lau Wiliwili and Kumu and stamping is using BornPretty Store P73 and BPL21.

Just when I was thinking the nail art isn’t good enough, I remembered these are glow in dark polishes and I hadn’t yet checked this nail art in dark. Ahh! And what I saw blew my mind. It was like an anchor of hope to my sinking titanic of confidence.

It glowed so bright and looked very pretty; such a solace. I loved the glow in dark shots way more than in light. What is your favourite, girls?

Orly Melrose Collection - Review and Swatches

The ORLY Melrose Spring 2016 Collection features six new nail shades in a variety of finishes all inspired by the famous Melrose Avenue in L.A. I got them after taking lots of favours from my friends travelling from US. I liked almost all the colours of this collection; they seemed so fresh and vibrant. Anyways, I am biased towards Orly because of their amazing formula. They are all two coaters mostly, luscious shine without top coat, great colors and grip caps for easy application. Anyways, let’s jump to the review without wasting time.

Beautifully Bizzare : It is soft pink in colour and has a pearl finish. I can say it is shell pink with iridescent light blue shimmer. The shimmer isn’t very visible though. One may require from 2 to 3 coats to build up the color. I did 3.

The pink is actually dull and can give the look of pearl in various lights. I love crème and Jelly finishes, pearl finish just doesn’t work for me. So this is my least favourite out of the set.

Window Shopping: Ahh! Th…