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Negative Space Floral Nails

Hello Petals, I am obsessed with flowers and bright colors this season. What can I do, it’s my natural call .LOL. So be prepared to see a lot more florals and neons/brights around on the blog. When I get bitten by the heat, I feel like Neons and if the weather is pleasant I think pretty much floral!. Hence with that logic, it was a breezy night when I did these nails.

I have done a number of florals but I wanted to combine them to compliment some other form this time. So I chose a negative space to be wrapped by tiny flowers.

I chose Zoya Maddison as the base since it’s a very sheer pink, perfect for Frenchs or negative space. I did a half nail of Glam Silver on them. The colour isn’t silver actually, its metallic glistering steel silver.

Now to beautifully define and decorate the border, I decided to go with floral wreaths. I used acrylic paints to draw all tiny flowers. The nail art I blindly turn to all detailed work these days is BPS Liner brush. You can buy them here and get a 10% o…

Coachella Nails

Hello Girls, How have you been? The temperature is rising and so is the urge to counter them with blaring colors!. I am all set to do colourful manis drenched in bright colours inspired by the scorching sun, colourful flowers, beach wears and what not! Today I am posting the missed Coachella Themed Mani. I did them last week but a little late in posting them though. Although the design is inspired by Coachella , the colours are inspired by the Golden Glow of the sun in summer.

For all those who are not aware , The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (commonly referred to as Coachella or the Coachella Festival) is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The event features many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music, as well art installations and sculptures. Across the grounds, several stages continuously host live music.Coachella showcases popular and established musical artists, as well as emerging a…

Outrageous Bright Yellow and Purple Nails

Hello girls, wish you a very bright day ahead (or night depending on your time zones) because I have an utterly bright mani for you. It’s a no brainer I love bright colours. They make my spirit feel happy and lively. So, with the sole intention of churning out a colourful mani I took a chair to sit and take time to run through my stash trying to hunt an outrageously vivid colour combination.

But all I could think of is Neons! My imagination seemed all partially blocked. As if there were no other freaking bold colours. And just then it hit me that we are so blinded by all recent launches being neons, pastel neons , neon stamping polish, neon holos and everything neon; that Neon has becoming an extended meaning of ‘Bright, colourful, vivid’. It’s no one’s fault but if we keep getting similar inputs and visuals from all directions, very soon we develop our biases and our perception and meanings changes.

I realised something similar may have happened here. So I decided to go for an outrageo…

Wild Spring Flowers on my Nails

Hi Girls, its spring so I am on my flaunting spree for some of brightest colours paired up with lots of florals. Spring a bliss; the spring wind brushes your cheecks , flowers are blooming outside, birds are chirping, its all green & lively and a bright mani keeping your high in the crowd.

Pheww,what I wrote above is just an excuse. Beacuse I dont need a reason for brights and florals. They make me weak in my knees. I can just pull up a floral or bright color in any damn

With nothing particuar in my mind , I sat down to do a mani when I saw this sweetest neon pink on my rack. Its from El Corazon.It is blissfully bright yet not a redicouous neon for work. All I wanted was this pink on my nails and whatever mani I do should be in sync with this.

Either as a rule or forced by habit or just biased you may say; when in doubt I go for florals. They never let me down. So I loaded my favourite fine brush from Bornprettystore (you can buy the brush here and get 10% discount sitewi…

Spring Bridal Nails

Hello Roses, spring is already in and summer is fast approaching! All I feel like seeing on nails is either florals or neons. I am just shunning nudes and lights for a while. But I wanted to do a delicate and feminine mani yesterday before that.

I decided on doing a Spring Bridal Nails. So that it is elegant, delicate yet gives me some flowers to look at. Actually I was going to stop at stamping on glitter base French nails. But I just felt they looked naturally incomplete and barren without a twig running on the French border.

So I took out my paraphernalia (brushes & Acrylic Paints) and just started painting, like literally without planning. I decided to let the designs flow spontaneously on its own. After half an hour of various color mixing an dirty brushes around; I had this on my nails.

To be frank, I was very pleased because I achieved an utterly feminine nail art with a swirl of floral vine. It looked re-freshing. It’s delicately tasteful with a hint of fun and spring; feels …

Red and Blue Swirls on My Nails

Hello Girls, I have bright nail art for you today. I had been thinking on trying out this color combination for a long time. Red and Blue combination, no rocket science yet I was always doubtful about it. Eventually, while I was swatching Orly Melrose Collection, I got the opportunity.

The base is Orly Window Shopping which is an amazing luscious neon pink red with coral undertones. I can’t quite perfectly describe the color but it is a mix of dark neon pink which leans towards red and has coral undertones. I love this color so much. It is looks so glossy and phunky on drying up. It is such a summer color.

I wore this a day on its own and then did this nail art finally. Now the challenge of a beauty like this is that the nail art should be able to match it. I did not want to try any usual combinations for this unusual polish.

And just when I was clueless it occurred to me, I have always wanted to try blue and red. Strictly speaking,’ Window Shopping’ isn’t red but it was near so I decide…

Gold Waves on Fun Lacquer Midnight Nocturne

Today I am sharing a month old nail art with you girls. Usually this is the fate of a nail art that I am not very fond of. But this is an exception. I liked but it somehow got missed due to sheer laziness. Lol.

Now just to tell you my little story behind this, I did them at my moms place. I usually plan on wearing holos which are best clicked in sunlight when I go to my Mom’s place. They have a pretty balcony which gets surplus sunlight and is well beautified with colourful flowers and plants. I just love that green and colourful corner of house. I can spend hours there. Its so peaceful out there.

So I wore my Fun Midnight Nocturne before leaving for my Mom’s place. I got great shots of it in balcony as expected. Then I was feeling a bit barren with no nail art, which is no surprise. I was carrying some basic stamping supplies for my mom and I decided to use them.

The stamping plate is Uber Chic 06-01 and stamping polish is Bold Gold from Maybelline Colorshow. I liked the simple curvy wa…

Fun Lacquer Cheers to the Holiday (H) and Midnight Nocturne Swatches and Review

Hello Girls, I have two polishes from the Bling King ‘Fun Lacquer’ to show you today. These are my first Fun lacquers and I am excited. The first one is ‘Cheers to The Holiday (H)’.

Cheers to the Holiday(H) is my favourite out of my latest haul. It is multichrome holo polish which is insanely beautiful.

It easily shifts from purple to raspberry to reddish to orange. It’s a visual delight.

And as if the colorshift wasn’t enough there are tons of gold holographic glitters which glow up like rainbow in light. The polish is a two coater and evens out beautifully with a Top Coat.

Next up is ‘Midnight Nocturne’ which is from their Summer 2015 collection. This is one of brightest and most colourful collection from Fun Lacquer in my opinion. Midnight Nocturne is a near royal blue holographic polish with purple undertones and zillions of blue and gold holo glitters.

Because of the color and bling this polish looks ultimate royal. However, it’s not magical as CTTH when the lights are not bright. Non…

Blue and Silver Nails

Hi Friends, today I have a simple yet pretty nail art to share with you. I had just got a polish parcel from Nailsupplies that my friend carried for me from US. I was swatching polishes frantically on my swatch wheel because I had ordered so many polishes. Just while swatching I thought let me let try out some colours on my nails too. And that is when I did these.

I am crushing on Orly past some months now so my every order necessarily has lots of Orlys. I am trying out Orly Indie today and Orly Mirrorball that my friend ordered. But since I had both of our polishes, I took liberty of applying Mirroball even though it’s not mine.LOL. The stamping plate is from UberChic Set 03-02.

Indie was difficult to capture on camera because it looked a different muddy blue in lighthouse pics. If I turned on the flash/under direct light it looked electric blue again not close to what it actually is. This is the closest I could get. After swatching and using so many Orly I feel there is some thing in …