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Orange Flowers

Its summer friends and all I can think of is some form of freshness, bright colours and a beach holiday. Well, I just had my share of beach holiday last week, so that’s striked off for a while atleast. So, I am left with looking towards bright colors and seek freshness. It’s no surprise that my imagination and control to them begins and ends with nail art. I am just dipping my fingers in bright colors or designs these days.

I love orange hues in general and for summers it a more than welcome color for summers. I decided to swatch and enjoy latest orange hue in my stash- Essie Sunshine State of Mind. It’s a lovely bright color, instantly lifts up your mood. It is a little earthy toned orange or if I may say bright burnt toned orange. Whatever it is I love it.

Now my intention was more to wear orange than to flaunt a nail art. Hence I decided to wear a sober yet punchy swatch of this orange and just give a little edge with an accent nail.

I made a stamping decal using Bundle Monster Lotus …

Green Geometric Stamping on Krizia Harlot

Hi Sparkles, how have you been? I am good and busy like always. I have been shopping new polishes like usual but in the meantime I am trying out new polishes lately. I am referring to Krizia Polishes which is a new Indie polish maker and seller, in India. Her polishes have been making some noise in the nail blogosphere. So I got an itch (read massive attack) to buy some for me.

Today I used Krizia Harlot for my nail art. Let me describe harlot first, it is bright rashberry syrup with tons of micro holo Rashberry and blue glitters.

They look very pretty and exquisite when applied on nails. The numerous micro glitters keep twinkling on nails throughout the day.

You don’t need any special artificial light or blaring sunlight to see them. It seemed an almost holo polish to me in beginning yet not holo-holo. It may be because the micro glitters look more like sparkly shimmers, turning less impactful. Not sure, but it’s an undoubted beauty.

It was a tough job to decide a nail art on these. I wa…

Fresh Forest Spring Nails

Hi Girls, I am in a great mood today because of the nail art I am sharing today. I executed it fairly well and I got good clicks too after long. The weather of Mumbai is very unpredictable these days. It’s cloudy in the morning when I try to click before leaving for work, so pictures tend to come dark and gloomy. The only other opportunity I have is lunch time but the sun is super scorching so pictures come with harsh shadows and blaring light also kills details. But today I got a good shot on a cloudy morning.

I have been feeling so spring and amidst forest greenery with the base polish I have been wearing. The freshness and sparkle of this green reminded me categorically of the gloss and colour of a new leaf. It’s a very soothing new leaf green. It’s a green holographic polish from Krizia (upcoming Indian Indie Brand).

[caption id="attachment_6745" align="alignnone" width="600"] In Direct Artificial Light[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_6746" a…

Sparkly Pastel Nails

Hello Girls, how are you doing? And what’s the weather on your side of earth? The heat is growing on this side and quite frankly I do not like it. But who cares, you still have to go to office, work needs to be done, manis have to be finished and posts have to be written. Not complaining at all, just saying. Anyways, in midst of not so friendly weather I tried doing a soothing mani for ClaireStelle Challenge prompt: Pastels.

Who doesn't love pastels? There is nothing you would do on a pastel base and it won't look pretty. Although my mind was pushing for a floral pastel mani with all its might, I somehow managed to steer the other way.

[caption id="attachment_6758" align="alignnone" width="600"] Sparkly Pastel Nails Macro[/caption]

I thought of doing the pastel gradient first of all as a base, showing soft blending of pastels into one and another. But I decided not to go with regular horizontal gradient so did a vertical one instead.

I wanted some spa…

Antique Dresden Urn Inspired Nails

Hi Girls, I am happy to present my nail art for ‘Antique’ theme of Clairestelle Challenge. I was excited when I first read the theme as ‘Antique’. But as the day approached my mind went blank. I could not narrow down on what I wanted an antique nail to look like. I had all clich├ęd and used ideas in my mind. So after lot of ‘Google Images’, I found this Antique Urn from Dresden.

Earlier when the idea of Porcelain crossed my mind, I ignored it because I thought it wasn’t unique enough. But this urn completely changed my mind. It looked rich antique and mysteriously old. Also the way I decided to recreate it seemed challenging. Initial thought was doing an accent nail or two with the flowers depicting the flower patch and rest of the nails with the ink blue.

It would have been easier but not appealing or unique enough. But only when I decided the beautiful patch painting on every nail, the whole idea made sense to me.

I not only wanted a different antique design but also a unique implementa…

Feather Nails in Antique Mood

Hi Girls, welcome to some sober yet glitzy nails after a lot of neons and florals. I am just doing a little cleansing of my pupils with a sober mani after lots of outrageous brights. However, its summer and I can’t stay away from brights and florals for long! So I will be back in my zone soon.

Although the mani is not in bright colors but the glitzy tips make them look bright and festive. My sister who stays in Atlanta after marriage brought in my new list of lemmings. The top two were OPI Bubble Bath and Essie hors d'oeuvres which I am glad to have with me now.

I sure wanted to do a mani combining them. And then I thought if I am using all new polishes, let me use my new stamping plate too which also my sis got; Bundle Monster Festive Set. I have not loved any set so completely as much as I loved this.

I used the base as OPI Bubble Bath and sponged the tips with Essie Hors d'oeuvres. They looked pristine on their own too. Still, I went ahead and did a minimal contrast stamping t…

Vintage Painting inspired Rose on my Nails

Hello Girls, Its summer and I still cannot have enough of roses from my sprint hangover. So when I read the prompt of WNAC as ’Sponging’ with Vintage theme, I couldn’t take my mind very far from roses. Now the traditional sponging techniques are gradient or glitter sponging but I so wanted to offer another take on it. I also did not want to miss the vintag-y feel on my nails because the underlying theme of WNAC for this month is Vintage.

After lot of careful thinking and brainstorming, I figured a relatively different way to use theme ‘Sponging’ in a Vintage type feel. I decided to depict an old vintage painting of rose on my nails. In general old/antique paintings are a bit dull paper in finish, have colour patches on the canvas which they have acquired with time, very soft yet rich shades, touch of ivory gold, no major colour contrasts and mellowed down dusty look because of which they look ageless classic.

Now rather than seeing and reading so much about Vintage/antique paintings, it…

Minty Contrast Nails

Have you all been ever captivated by the weather/season living on the digital world (internet), more than the weather around you in real world! It happens with me.The entire Nail Art fraternity, spread across all social media is just rubbing one pretty spring mani after the other. Oh Boy! It’s so difficult to resist one. Although the humid summer of Mumbai is officially here, I just feel myself soaking in some spring manis.

I want to all use all my spring colours and pastel shades in one form or the other. So I pulled out Orly Vintage which one of my favourite Summer Mint Colour. The only thing I was sure is I wanted to apply it, anyhow. I had no idea on how to pair it with nail art. With only an Orly Vintage in hand at 11 pm, I couldn’t figure out what form of art could I possibly do on it.I so wanted to do a freehand floral mani but it was too late to even think of it. So I was left with the option of stamping only.

I wanted a contrast mani or something like a cool color block or tota…

Sunset in Forest NailArt

Hello Girls, How are you and how is the summer treating you? I am so far so good. Summer is tolerable in Mumbai. The only change I feel is in my color choices. I am drawn to brighter and bolder shades. Even if my body denies, my nails sure want to feel summer. With that, I have summer sunset nails today for you.

The caveat is, it looks only half pretty in these pictures as it did to naked eyes. I am not kidding, you gotto believe me. It looked magical and bright sunset on my nails. But just before clicking pics I realised, my maid had broken one of the lights of my lighthouse accidently. Now I had to click at the mercy of one light only.

And it was already evening so I couldn’t even run for natural light click. Demotivated and dejected, I tried to click with whatever resources I had. Trust me it looked so pretty than it is in pics.

Inspite of the crappy pics, I got an amazing Macro. I can say one of first successful macro. It looks so vibrant. Anyways, I am talking a lot today and not gi…

Nails on a Sweet Note : Cotton Candy and IceCream

Hi Girls, Its summer and nothing beats the pleasure of an evening with icecream. So today I have combined the next prompt of ClaireStelle with an IceCream. Today's prompt is Cotton Candy.

As soon as I read the prompt I was sure to use my long lost flocking powder for cotton candy. But I wasn't sure of what to possibly pair it with.

Going by the weather and theme of 'Sweet Tooth', I decided to pair them with Ice Creams.

I used Cheeky Plates 'Home Sweet Home' for the icecream image and then colored them with Lead Light Technique.Now I am not sure if the pair goes well or not, but they looked incredibly delicious and mouth watering.



SEASHELLS: NEW Fresh from the shore... Six

Levi - ZP841: Beige gold textured PixieDust with medium holographic hexes. Designed to update a classic neutral pixie with a little more glam.

Linds - ZP842: Cherry red textured PixieDust with red and fuchsia glitter to mimic the look of maraschino cherries dipped in sugar.

Zooey - ZP843: Classic pink textured PixieDust laced with a fine thread of gold and medium sized holographic hexes for an added layer of dimension.

Cece - ZP844: Full impact green, textured PixieDust with a thin vein of gold creating a fizzy lemon-lime effect.

Bay - ZP845: Sky blue textured PixieDust with fine silver and gold glitter creating a dreamy effect. Reminiscent of cloud gazing on warm summer days!

Tilly - ZP846: Starry grey textured PixieDust with a small holographic glitter interwoven with a darker gunmetal. Perfect for hot nights out on the town!


Cut Out Hearts in Spring Mood Nailart

Hello Peeps, how are you? I am good and feels even better to be home after a month of tour of relatives and weddings. Phew! so good to be home, so good to be near to my polishes and regular life. The first thing I wanted to do on my first free weekend is figure out what Nail Art Challenges that are going on and participate in them. I have shortlisted a couple and I am making a genuine attempt.

The first prompt for ClaireStelle Challenge is 'Hearts'. Now I have seen so many cliched heart nails that my mind couldn't think for any traditional or regular way. So I figured out a cute cut out heart pattern with spring filled in it.

I applied Sally Hansen 'Wet Suit' from their Limited Edition Sea Shore Collection. With acrylic paints I painted all the flowers and the cut outs.

To form a beautiful ornamental border I put in silver Carviar beads around with a clear polish. It was slow and difficult but the end result made it worth. What do you girls say? Is it worth?