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Neon Nails and New Nail Shape

Hi Girls, I have something new and exciting to share. I have been living and loving Sqauvol nails for a decade. It’s like I have been married to them simply because I do not find any shape as great as this. Today I have taken a bold step (atleast for me) and changed them to Coffin shape. I am really nervous and excited at the same time.

I did a bright neon nail art inspired by IG @Justagirlandhernails. I really loved her flawless fresh nail art and decided to do something on similar lines. I decided to use same colour schemes and similar patterns. I loved her nail shape too and somewhere that gave a strong push to my long time pending wish to experiment this nail shape.

The gradient is done with Salon Perfect Flamingo Flair and Models Own SunHat. The neon green is Models Own Bikini. Models Own has some of the prettiest neons, I love them.

I went to a whole level of madness to finalise images for each nail. My pointer and pinky are recreation of @Justagirlandhernails but for the rest I ke…

NailArt inspired by SatyaPaul Saree

Hi Friends, we know my Inspired June is drawing to an end and I am already missing the fun around it. I could not possibly wrap this up without doing a nail art inspired by my favourite designer ‘Satya Paul”. I love his work. There has never been an instance when I browsed their account and did not find a muse!.

Today’s nail art is inspired by a lovely Saree carried gracefully by Gauri Khan for her line under SatyaPaul Umbrella. The saree looks simple yet utterly classy and gorgeous. I had taken a screenshot of this, 3 months ago but could not have been able to do a nail art on it till now.

They have not turned out as great as I thought they would. No wonder, the saree is so pretty that it’s difficult to match its beauty.

I did a gradient of NYX Pink, Essence Redvoltion and NYX Midnight. It was very confusing as to what kind of base would exactly match the saree. After few trial and errors I settled with this. The stamping polish is Maroon from NailMatinee and stamping plate is BP048. In…

Vintage Rose on Plaid Nails

Hello Roses, How are you? I hope blossoming and in pink of health. Today’s nail art isn’t a direct recreation but much more of inspiration. I have mentioned in my previous post of how I am fan of Annabel’s (IG: Followthatway) floral nail arts. And she is especially amazing at roses. After lot of attempts I think I am finally reaching near.

She is excellent in pairing flowers seamlessly with any print/pattern/background. And in this nail art I have tried to do something similar. I watched her IG video of roses over and over again, endlessly to see how she does the ‘Rose Magic’. And finally I think I landed somewhere near (Optimistic assumption!)

She did amazing pairing of roses over a black-white stripe base, which got stuck in my mind. It looked awesome. I really wanted some similar fabric print and feel for the base. So I tried getting roses on plaid background .Not sure, if it was a wise call but that’s what I wanted.

I used Zoya Lake from their Whisper 2016 Collection. I wanted a sere…

Fashion Inspired Nails

Hello Fireflies, I am feeling very pleased and refreshed as I present today’s nail art. It has two of my favourite elements. I am always intrigued and connected to Fashion Inspired nails, like it’s my first love for inspiration. To top that I am recreating one of my favourite nail accounts ‘Lieve91’; she always does out of the world freehand fashion inspired nails. Like the marriage of Freehand and Fashion couldn’t have been any better.

This nail art is inspired by Lieve91’s inspiration she drew from Andrew Gn. I cannot put in words how immensely her Fashion Inspired Nails impress me. This is my attempt to be close to her work.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was before creating this and while creating as well. The design in itself is so pretty.

The base polish I used Sally Hansen Wet Cement which is favourite Grey polish of all times. I did freehand art on them using acrylic paints.

I created two hues of Yellow (one dark for outlining and the other light for petals) but sadly it did not…

Tangy Orange and BPS Nail Art Brush Review

Hello friends, I have a fun bright floral nail art for you today. Along with the nail art I have also reviewed a new nail art brush that Bornpretty store sent me. I am already smitten by the existing collection of fine, detailers and striping brushes that they have. Let me show you my nail art so that you can decide if it’s worth the hype.

I wanted to use one of my untried polishes for sure. I am so sick of cribbing on unused polish that I decided that possibly every week I should wipe dust off from an unused polish. Right?

So today’s unused polish is HardCandy Peach Pop. It’s a sweet Peach Crelly with peach, orange, gold etc glitters in it. The polish looks pretty and fun.

I decided to go with Black that would be wrapped around in some orange florals to match my polish. Usually I don’t go with sharp contrasts and avoid using black. But this time I wanted to swing with black and orange flowers. I wanted my happy florals to pop in black.

I used the Bornpretty Store brush (can be bought her…

Ripped Denim Nails

Hi Mates, so my inspiration June is in full swing and I cannot tell how happy I am with this. I am digging out all screenshots / old inspirations and turning them to nail art. I am feeling more powerful as an artist who can enslave any piece of art/inspiration to emerge on my nails. Yeah, I am being melodramatic again, but that’s who I am.

I have done a ‘Ripped/Torn Denim Nails’ today that had been on my list for not months but years. I last saw them on ‘Lets Nail Moscow’ account and got reminded of this. She has executed it seamlessly, mine is a sincere attempt.

I have always loved drawing inspiration from fabrics, attires and clothing. Denim nails have been on my ‘To Do List’ for very long time and I am so glad I am checking it off today.

I was really confused in the beginning on how to achieve this look, there was no video either. And there was a brief moment when I felt its falling apart. But then eventually, some tweaking and I was able to get something that looked close to torn den…

Kitten Loves Coffee Nails

Good Morning Friends, today I have a very cute nail to share. I saw these pretty nails on Miss Happy and Her Nails (Madeline) IG account and instantly fell in love with it. The kitty and the coffee!! Could it be more adorable?

Madeline does very pretty freehand nail art. And you know my heart is always biased towards freehand nail artists. The nail art looked simple to begin with but I struggled to draw every bit of it. I don’t know why. May be actually that difficult or I was just having a bad day. I had to redo the cup alone 4 times.

Eventually I finished them with not so much satisfaction in heart. It’s really difficult to recreate someone’s work I guess. You can never guess the calculation she must have done to execute every element. I am recreating someone else’s interpretation of an idea or concept. So you have a direct comparison to someone’s execution without knowing the idea behind. (Hope I am confusing you, by reading my thoughts outloud, LOL)

This is why I prefer ‘Inspired’ mo…

Tiny Flowers on my Nails

I am back with another nail art from the ‘Inspired Series’ as promised. So this may be the fifth nail art for the series and I am already addicted to this frenzy. It’s so much fun, that I don’t want this to stop. Today’s work is an inspiration by the Flower Queen (that’s what I like to call her) Annabel from IG@Followthatway.

I admire her flawless flower romance on her nails. Almost all her work has something to do with flowers and she does it so meticulously. I have always been awwed by her roses and how she pairs up other random flowers almost looking like a bouquet. Man, I need to learn it from her.

I have tried to get a bouquet of tiny colourful flowers on my nails today. Not sure where I stand as far inspiration is concerned because her florals shy all florals.

But the nail art turned out decent. I have been a Fan of florals since time immemorial. And nothing beats a good freehand floral nails.

The polishes used are Fun Lacquer ‘SuperStar’ and Colorclun “Look Don’t Tusk’. BornPretty …

Nail Art Inspired by Manish Malhotra Gown

Hi Beauties, I am sufficiently charged up for June Inspirations and I have been frantically looking for inspirations with all my might. I have been able to accumulate heaps of exciting inspirations that are giving me the desired to push to translate them to nail art. However, now the list of inspirations has again gone so overwhelming that it feels like I could keep running the inspiration month for another year. And the list will not be exhausted!!. Anyways, today’s nail art is inspired by the talented ‘Manish Malhotra’.

He is a magician who turns rags to magic carpets (magic carpet is a metaphor for designer couture). I saw this extremely classy and delicate gown on instagram the other day and was speechless. It is so pretty. The colours and designs are very subtle and sophisticated.

There is barely any contrast in the gown yet it is impactful. The transitions are very smooth and designs are minimalistic. Now it is difficult to recreate such a master piece with barely any element or p…

Neon Filigree and Twin Mani

And so goes on my inspiration train! I am enjoying it so much that I am already feeling nostalgic that this inspired series will end this month. It is so fulfilling. To see something and recreate it, its best feeling an artist can get. Today’s mani is a recreation as well as twin mani of my dear friend Jane from IG : FoxxyNails.

I think I stumbled across her account while we were participating in one of the challenges. I love her work; it’s beautiful and always has flawless finishing which I miss at times. Oh, I also adore her nail shape.

The moment I saw this mani, I feel in love. It is such an intelligent combination of neon gradient, holo and vintage looking filigree. I have had the same BPS plate for a year but had been saving this particular image for some day special and eventually it was just left unused.

So when I saw Jane using it so brilliantly, I wanted to do the same.

I used a heap of colours to make such a colourful neon gradient but trust me it is a visual treat to see so ma…

Lemon Nails

Hi girls, today I am excited to share a simple freshness filled mani. I got lemon on my nails to get some Lemonade this summer. Initially this idea seemed very casual for nail art but when I saw Gabby’s nails from Gabbysnailart , I was super motivated. It looked like a blast of freshness to me. And the weather could not have been more apt to do them. So here I am with Lemon on my nails.

Also this perfectly aligned with my June promise of only doing Inspired Nails. Remember, I am doing ‘Inspired June’ series. I am so thrilled about it. I have tons of great nail arts and paintings and artefacts and whatnot which I intend to recreate. I am sure it’s going to be fun and satisfying.

In the hunt for inspiration when I started frantically browsing IG, I was flabbergasted by the amount of talent that people have. Each one has a unique style, taste, colour choice, detailing, execution, photographing and what not.

I just felt like being in everyone’s shoes for a while and see if I can pull it off …