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Press Release : Introducing URBAN GRUNGE by ZOYA!

The NEW ZOYA Urban Grunge collection of creams, metallics & holos reinterprets Grunge with a modern twist for Fall 2016! Featuring six sleek, one coat, color saturated creams plus six coordinating linear, scattered holos and metal foil metallics to amp up the voltage of the season. All densely pigmented with a smooth application.


AUGUST (ZP854): A full coverage gray like a fine, expensive leather with a mid-ranged, balanced tone.
MALLORY (ZP853): A full bodied, vibrant Prussian blue with a deeply saturated color.
TARA (ZP857): A purple plum with a balanced tone between red and purple.
COURTNEY (ZP856): A deep red beet root shade.
WYATT (ZP855): A true racing green with a deep pigment
NOAH (ZP858): A mid-range taupe evenly balanced between yellow and grey


ALICIA (ZP859): A linear holo with a touch of gold.
TROY (ZP864): Liquid pewter with a foil finish and an edgy touch of black and gold.
MERIDA (ZP861): A brilliant lush evergreen scattered holo.
FINLEY (ZP860): A …

Holographic Arabesque Nails

Hello Girls, How have you been? I am writing a post after so long, feels so nice and connected. Don’t get boggled, the regular posts you had been getting were all the scheduled posts which I wrote like a month back. Yes, I like to schedule heap load of posts (mostly I schedule posts for 3 weeks in advance) and then be carefree about questions like what if I am unwell, I go on holiday , break my nails, travel for work, busy in office , guests at home or anything that could possibly break my rhythm of posting regularly.

Anyways, here is a two month old mani that I kept forgetting to post. This is of the era when my nails were square. I miss my square nails but I love Coffin shape more. The polish I am wearing is a brilliant holo ‘Recessionista’ from Krizia (Indie Polish maker from India).

This polish is phenomenally blingy raspberry-purple in colour. It is full of holo glitters which lit up brilliantly in correct light. Even without holo, the colour is very pretty.

Always the catch with th…

Bright Florals in Yellow

Hi Sunshines, how are you? For me, the weather is gloomy and there is practically no sun here mostly. It has been raining very heavily here and dark clouds all around.

But I sure could brighten up my nails. So I picked up a bright sunlight yellow, it’s really sunshine yellow with an orange hint. The yellow I am wearing is ColorClub ‘What’s Up Sun’ from ‘Heat Index Collection 2016’ which is topped with my Essence Sand Effect Top Coat.

It had it sitting in my stash for 1.5 years and the rest is history. So while searching something, I just wiped the dust off this and decided to use it. On my pinky and pointer I am wearing ‘Zoya Aspen’ from their ‘Matte Velvet 2015 Collection’. Oh my, its divine white. It may sound fantasy but to me it looks like the moonlight is dissolved and filled in the bottle. It’s so pristine white subtle shimmer matte polish.

I painted dots with my fancy dotting tools on base. It’s a lovely set which is pretty and travel friendly. They come in a set of 5 wrapped conv…

Green Pebble Nails

Hello friends, I have a simple nail art for you today. Since my new nail shape, I have been enjoying to use nail charms in my manis. I am not sure why this change but as far as my baseless analysis goes, charms look way better on Coffin and stiletto nails.

Now that may be a misconception but that’s what I like to believe. And anyways who cares, because this confidence is letting me use my pile of unused charms. And to be very honest I am enjoying it. Especially when I just want to flaunt my pretty polishes without the distraction of nail art, charms come so handy.

Even when you don’t have the time present a full nail art, you can just rock with a gaudy accent. I wanted to wear a gorgeous kaleidoscopic polish – Dreams About Spring (Magic Flower) from El Corazon. Its a lovely spring green polish with blue micro particles. It looks so great.

On my accent I applied OPI Bubble Bath and sponged the tip with Essie Hors d'oeuvres. I decorated the Accent with a round green pebble like charm. …

In Love with Purple Geometry

Hi Girls, I am thrilled today sharing a not so usual style of nail art today. I mean this is not the kind of pattern I would instantly choose for a freehand. My first jump is on florals and next option is possibly delicate patterns/paisley/heena and likes. However, here I chose freehand geometric patterns over everything.

For me and may be everyone in general it is way more difficult to do straight lines and geometric patterns than doing florals. There is good amount of precision that is required to draw sharp lines and edges. You hands do shake and brushes do slip through out. It’s easier to salvage that kind of situation with Florals (or maybe I feel that because that’s my comfort zone).

Along with a shift in style, I also decided to exercise a shift in color choice. Usually, I would rather go with blue or nudes when asked to choose without any bias. But today I deliberately went with Purple. I used not one but 3 shades of Purple to do the gradient.

The polishes are Lotus Begin, That’s…

Sparkly Aubergine and Olive Green Nails

Hello Girls, I have bright nail art for you today. I am in the process of digging my stash for oldest unused polishes which are gorgeous yet unused. One such polish I stumbled upon is El Corazon Magic of Arabian Night. It’s a beautiful mysterious deep Aubergine color with lovely red – purple- magenta flecks within. It was lying unused for such a long time. See the macro below which says it all.

Since the polish was gorgeous on its own, I wanted minimalistic designs. I wanted to use a different metallic polish for stamping than Gold and Silver. I was hoping to find something pretty but unused. I found KleanColor Metallic Green, woah!

I had it for 2 years and never used it. The stamping plate is from UberChic 06-03. I wanted the nail art to look uncluttered and classy. So I just stamped on my accent and thumb. I needed something different on one of the nails to just compliment and complement the Olive green stamping. But had no idea what possibly could qualify?

Then I remember my hex glitt…

Smiley Nails

To begin with, I never thought I would be a Smiley nails, but here I am. I have never been quite intrigued by drawing smiley on nails. They always seemed kind of kiddish for the effort to do a freehand. Then recently Moyou launched smiley nails I guess. But again I found them too expensive for a one time mani. All that was resolved when I saw a water decal of various smileys. Yes!

These absolutely made sense. I don’t love a Smiley mani passionately enough, to stamp images on mat/stamper, fill in colors and emotions to each stamped image, apply topcoat to each Smiley and finally pull them off carefully to place on nails. No, Sir!

However Water decals just do the exact thing just in fraction of time and gave me more of options of smiley images as well as sizes. You can just the correct one and easily place them. Like I said I wanted to decals a little differently, I did a negative space Smiley. I also chose the base which is not as boring as white but also doesn’t steal the show from Smil…

Tropical Nails

Hi Girls, I have some water decal mani again today. I am on review task of these decal sets by Nicole Diary and there are just a couple more to go. Although I am not a fan of decals at all but I enjoyed using them this time. I am coming to realise they are fun too. I have a done a tropical nail art today bearing in mind the weather.

At first I thought of using a full nail water decal traditionally just over all nails. But then I thought why we should have to push the decal usage to boredom! Probably that’s the reason I didn’t like it, too predictable.

So I painted my pinky, pointer and thumb white, while rest of the nails I did a half of white and other half Orly FreeStyle.

I applied decal only on the white painted base and then carefully drew border between the Orly Freestyle and other half with Green Glitter Hexes. Pheww! It did take time to pick each one of them and place patiently on each nail. But the nail art would not have been the same without it. A little effort makes so much di…

Neon Tribal NailArt

Its summer girls, and all manis I do these days have something to do with Neons or Blings. I can’t seem to get away from that, like it’s a magnetic attraction. I just want to ‘Neon-ify’ or ‘Blingy-fi’ everything.

Today I did a quick bright mani with NicoleDiary Stamping plates sent to me for review. They have great collection at Amazon & AliExpress and they ship worldwide. They sent me a set of 5 Water decals and 5 Stamping plates, so you are gonna see a lot of NicoleDiary items getting used nail arts. While purcahse if you use the coupon code Se2016, they will send along a small gift to you along with the order.

I chose a rustic looking tribal image from the stamping plate ND 103. The base is my barely used, yet one time favourite ‘Space Ghost’ from Love Thy Polish. Over that I stamped the tribals with MDU Neon Orange and MDU Mexican.

Well neon orange wasn’t as impactful as I expected it to be. I was hoping it would be more impactful and opaque. Still not ugly I would say. What do y…

Pink Brocade Like Nails

Hi Girls, I have a festive and bright nail art today for you. Although I did not plan brocade nails but eventually the finished mani ended up resembling and reminding of gold & pink brocade. You know how some bases/polishes are so gorgeous on their own. And then they drive you mad picking a suitable and apt nail art.

This was totally one of those classic cases. The star of today is Zoya Harper which has lovely mix of gold, peach pink glitters and lots of iridescent particles. I have layered it over Color Club Sun Kissed Miss. See for yourself.

The polish is little sheer so I went for layering this time, next time I am going to swatch alone. But man it’s so pretty and I was not able to get even one satisfactory macro to show you guys. However, I am sharing whatever I could manage.

After being mesmerized with this beauty for long time, it was time for some nail art. There was plethora of options available, from freehand to colourful stamping to charms to gradient and whatnot. But my mi…

Pink Foil Nails

Hi Girls, I am having a ‘Foil Phase’! I have strong urge to use foils and explore their usage in every mani. It’s not that I recently got these foils, no. I had them sitting on the shelf for 2 years. God knows how I suddenly remembered about them and now I can’t get enough of it.

I have been looking in my old accessory boxes to dig out some ignored foils. And I could locate few sparkly holo unused foils. I decided to use the pink one; it looked so shiny and pretty. I was not sure if I would be able to get a complete transfer of foil on my nails as I am Foil Newbie. With fingers crossed, I proceeded.

I painted all nails except accent with Sally Hansen ‘Pink Satin’. It’s the color nearest to the foil, so it would camouflage any bald spots from foil transfer. On my accent I painted Black as I had some other plan for this.

[caption id="attachment_6956" align="alignnone" width="600"] Pink Foil Nails Macro[/caption]

I then stamped with Nicole Diary stamping plate N…

Purple and Bronze Rendezvous

Hello Beauties, How are you? I am quite satisfied with the nail art I am gonna share with you today. This is a stamping mani indeed but I improvised the placement of images to have some fun. I did not want the full nail stamping because that’s so routine. I went with partial stamping cutting some planned patterns at places.

The lovely image is NicoleDiary stamping plate which I have got for review. The stamping plates are square in shape (like recent Bundle Monster Sets). Few of them are buffet patterns while other one’s has individual (5-6) patterns placed adjacent. The images are well etched so stamped images come out bold and crisp.

I chose one of my favourite Indie ‘Witchling’ from Alanna Renne (Aussie Indie Brand). It is a gorgeous Aubergine crelly with lovely blue, orange, red and gold hexes. It looks so royal and majestic.The stamping plate is ND 105.

I sure wanted to use a not so general looking color for stamping, so went with MDU Copper. It’s such an opaque and brilliant stampi…