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3D Flower Charm Nails

Hi Girls, I am swatching and flaunting a very old yet one of the favourite crellies that I own. It is Burning Blossom from Femme Fatale. I am trying out a 3D cermaic Charm for the first time also here. I am not quite comfortable with 3D embellishments in general though. Actually to be honest, I am uncomfortable with them.

But today I took a leap of faith and decided to give it a try. Also it went just like cherry on cake with my already gorgeous ‘Burning Blossom’.I did not want to do any major art on it and hideaway the beauty. So I was very sure, I only wanted to do the accent. The beauty of this polish boosted up my confidence to try out something new. I prepped my accent nail with OPI Bubble Bath and topped it with Essie Hors d'oeuvre.

I pulled out my 3D flower charm box which had been lying in my wardrobe for an year. It’s a lovely assorted wheel of pastel color ceramic flowers. You can buy them here and get 10% discount with coupon code HQBQ10.

Now, on to some swatches of Burnin…

Traditional Indian Nails

Hello Girls, I have very conventional nail art to share today. Well, to begin with I had no intention of doing a traditional Indian nail art. But with the turn of events, I ended up here. I was just swatching the El Corazon Matte and Shine 163.

It’s a lovely sea green color with lots of metallic shimmer in it. It’s not a dark sea green, but may look like a slightly darker cousin of turquoise though.

The beauty is that inspite of the lustre and shimmer this polish is matte, which makes it look extra-ordinary.Now to appreciate how did steer towards such a traditional and authentic Indian mani, you will have to first know that it was Rakhshabandhan /Rakhi. So I was seeing decked up ladies, traditional attires, and festive decorations all day long.

It did something to my system and I picked up the most stereotype traditional and Indian colors and patterns. I paired the El Corazon with Zoya Amal from their Matte Velvet Collection. It belongs to the same genre of brilliant color and shimmer bu…

Tropical Neon Holiday Nails

Hi Friends, as much as I love neons on my nails; I barely manage to wear them. Being a working women, I spend 3/4th of my life in office. Which means no outrageous neons. And on holidays when I can officially wear them, I am running around places nude nails. Sad Story of my life!

Eventually, there came a vacation where I just did the right nails on right time. My neon nails, on my trip to Bangaore, Mysore and Ooty.

I even got a click of my nails perfectly paired with the Mysore Palace. I always miss on clicking my holiday nails if any. But for this time, I even clicked it before and during the trip.

[caption id="attachment_7178" align="alignnone" width="600"] Neon Nails and Mysore Palace[/caption]

The polishes used are from my favorite brand Orly. The base coat is Orly Bonder since I wanted my mani to remain as intact as possible during the trip. On other days I live on Peel Off Base coat.

The neon beauties are Orly Beach Cruiser and Orly Key Lime Twist. Th st…

Banarasi Saree Inspired Nails

I would like to begin the post today by pointing out the fact that some traditions ,certain customs can never be completely done away with. They never loose their luster. And why not, somethings are worth preserving. Isn't it? One of such traditions in India is the Banarasi Saree. Yes, they are much more than a fashionable garment.

Every women, atleast till our mom's generation have been proud owner of quite a few Banarase Sarees. It has been a pride possession for women for ages. Its like gold of garments. These gaudy and heavy sarees are literally preserved and kept in muslin clothes to be passed on to generations.These sareesare among the finest sarees in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and opulent embroidery.

Today's nail art is inspired by one of such sarees that I saw in my mom's wardrobe when I was small. My mom has a good collection of Banarasi Sarees, that she sacredly keeps safe and dusts out on certain occasions.

My mom …

Damask Nail art on KB Shimmer Rust No More

Hi Fellas, I am so happy flaunting my first KB Shimmer!! Yeah I have been like 5 years old in nail art world, but only got my first KB Shimmer now. I will be showing a bit of swatch along with a neat, simple yet pretty nail art.

The polish I am wearing is ‘Rust No More’. It is a linear holo and true to its name looked rust colour in bottle. I can also describe it as beautiful burnt orange.

But once you swatch it and show it some light, luscious pink and peach tones comes from within. It is not a very strong holo in my opinion, but holo enough to look pretty.

[caption id="attachment_7133" align="alignnone" width="600"] Macro of KB Shimmer Rust No More[/caption]

In strong and direct sun light, it looks reddish too. The macros have come out of similar dark shade.

I did not want to disturb the peace of the polish. I mean it looked so serene and quiet. I just wanted to do a pattern which doesn’t cast shadow on the polish.

So I picked up this subtle Damask pattern fr…

Tiny Floral Decal Mani

Hi Friends, today’s mani is special not because of the nail art but polish used. Don’t get puzzled, it’s neither the favourite nor the most expensive polish I own. It is my highest ageing Untrieds. I bought these 3 years ago!! What a crime to go Gaga over it first, run odd miles to get and then never use it. Guilty, as charged!

The polish in talk is Essence Color and Go – HeadPhone. It is Glitter packed polish in black jelly base. It has got tonnes of silver, red, blue and black glitters. The overall polish looks sparkly grey from a distance.

It is a real pretty polish however, doesn’t flatter my skin tone. So I just hid my hands around the day at work when I was wearing it on its own. And as soon as I got home, I slapped them with a tiny floral decal.

It looked cute and so much better now. I am in the phase of nail art where I am beginning to like Water decals. They are not as bad, come to your rescue quickly in tough time and isn’t as easy as it looks.

[caption id="attachment_7127&…

Nails Inspired by a Washi Tape

Hello Friends, I have a lovely nail art to share today which I did as a Twin Mani with my lovely friend Manisha. She blogs at manimatters and we have been more than nail art buddies for last three years. A number of times we have met with each other’s families’ too, although we stay in different cities. We have been partners in crime because most of our hauls are

[caption id="attachment_7103" align="alignnone" width="600"] Twin Mani Inspired by a Washi Tape Collage[/caption]

Lately, we were awwed seeing this adorable Washi Tape and we decided a twin mani on our interpretation of the print. We have not tried to recreate the Washi Tape print but just present our takes on it. And I am overwhelmed on how adorable the nail art turned out too.

Let me begin the details by atleast saying, this was a difficult one. Foraying mostly into florals, symmetries have gone a little out of my comfort zone. I practice and demonstrate asymmetrical random beauties …

Dotticure in Red

Hello Girls, I have a rather simple nail art to share today but it’s pretty. I recently got my favs from Zoya Matte Velvet 2015 Winter Collection. Ya ya, I know it’s too late but I wasn’t able to find a US mule till now. So I have Zoya Sue, Aspen, Amal and Yves.

Today I am working with Zoya Amal. It so very gorgeous, such a classy red it is. Bold and shimmery but in matte, how can you beat that?

See the swatches for yourself. They have lovely pink red shimmer in the polish. It’s so rich but looks frozen due to matte effect.

I wanted to do something simple and neat on this so that the base is more visible. So I went it dots of simple white and blue combination.

Now I pulled out exquisite dotting kit provided by BornPretty Store for review. It is damn pretty and organized with 5 double ended dotting tools. They are so pretty in themselves, satin pink in color with silver dots.

The set comes in a flat fabric holder which ties itself to a close pouch after use. I am in love with it. You can bu…

Frozen Flowers on Zoya Sue

Hi Girls, I am always thrilled to share a floral mani with you and today is no different. Doing flowers on my nails is extremely close to my heart and a happy visual delight to my eyes. Today I have a slightly different take on my floral look. The colour scheme chosen and the finish give it a cold winter frozen look.

I hope you are getting the essence of my description or may be understand better with pictures when you start scrolling down.

I haven’t chosen any contrasting and spring colours for my flowers today. So while they may not look cheerful and fun like my usual floral mani, but they got an aesthetic appeal, a class.

Credit also goes to my serene and gorgeous base, Zoya Sue which is a classic English pale gold shimmer yet matte polish from Matte Velvet 2015. I have been chasing Matte Velvets from a very long time but could lay my hands on them only now.

I sponged the tips with Essie Hors d'oeuvre which has been my favourite ever since I got them. It further added to the majest…