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Orange and White Floral Doodles

Hi Girls, today is Day 30 of the Challenge, which means it’s almost the end. It is the first time that I participated in a 31 Day Challenge and completed it. One item less in my ‘Bucket List’ now! I wanted to do it once atleast and I am gald I am done. I can confidently say 2 things now; firstly it was a mad frenzy brainstorming, doing nail art, writing posts, remembering dates, posting pics and what not. And Secondly, I never want to go through this I will still be participating in Challenges no doubt but not for all days. It takes a toll on your life, time, health and creativity. I definitely did try out new things I would have never otherwise, it made me move out of my comfort zone at times buts it’s too much (with a full time job and house to manage). So Challenges are good if taken in the correct spirit and correct amount.

The theme for today’s challenge is ‘Inspired by a Tutorial’. The tutorial I am referring to today is from Lindsey -‘WondrouslyPolished’. She rocks fr…

Nails Inspired by Mother's Painting Work

Hi Friends, I have a special and close to heart nailart to show you today. A few weeks back my dad found some old pictures while cleaning the house. These were the pictures of my Mom’s over 15 year old paintings. Gosh! I had totally forgotten that my mom ever painted. I did know that she painted but it was a very faint or negligible memory of painting so many nature paintings on canvas.

So when I saw the images of my Mom’s painting (dad clicked those paintings on his mobile and sent us) ; I was overwhelmed. This was just when I was planning my mani around ChalkBoard Nail Challenge. And as soon as I saw these paintings, I chucked all the previous ideas I had in my mind for ‘Inspired by an Art Work’. I knew these were the best paintings to get inspired from.

The other thing that occurred to me on seeing these paintings is the source of art in me. No wonder I am all artsy, I got it from my mom. Well, our canvases may be different but love for painting remains the same.

It was very difficult…

Nails Inspired by Fashion : Sushmita Sen

Hi Girls, today's nail art is special not just because it is fashion inspired (you know I love doing Inspired Nails) but because I am doing nail art inspired by someones attire who inspires me as a person. She is Sushmita Sen , Miss Universe 1994. What makes her very special is not her title or what she won but the kind of winner she it at her heart.

She is wearing a Manish Malhotra designed attire, while walking for Lilavati Hospital. She made a beautiful heart wrenching speech there. And I have been her fan ever since. She spoke beautifully how we can just make a little change..just one mind instead of saying big things like changing the world and running the futile chase. She emphasized on how parents should raise their child as a 'child' and not as a 'girl' or a 'boy'. She said million other worthy things which were simple yet impact full. She is a single mother who adopted two pretty daughters who were orphans, which itself spea…

Inspired by Book 'Alice in Wonder Land' Nails

Hi Girls, the theme for Day 24: ChalkBoard Nails Challenge is ‘Inspired by a Book’. I am not an avid reader. Actually, I am not even an average book reader. The last books I remember reading are some management non-fiction books during my MBA. And they were definitely not fancy enough to do an ‘Inspired by Book’ Nailart on it.

So I had to scroll back to my childhood when I used to read story books and thoroughly enjoy them too. One of such evergreen classics is ‘Alice in Wonder Land’ which inspired me for the mani today.

I am also excited about the new polish I am wearing – Bow Thermo Top Coat. I have not yet explored the polish to the fullest. But I have read and seen videos that this polish can be used a thermal top coat over regular polish to make it color changing.

[caption id="attachment_7403" align="alignnone" width="1889"] When Partially Cold[/caption]

Sounds exciting, isn’t it? I will show you a couple of swatches in between the nail art itself. I wou…

Green and Gold Water Marble Nails

Hello Girls, today’s theme for Chalk Board Challenge is ‘Water Marble’ and those who read my blog/IG know I have never done a damn Water marble or even dry marble. I just hate it. I hate to put all that effort and see the dead body of my polish floating on water like no one’s business.

And why I am saying wasted is because I don’t find the water marble patterns so fulfilling to justify the polish wastage and number of trial & errors. Quite frankly, I did try twice (I know it’s barely enough to leash the bitch called ‘Water marble’) and failed badly.

After that I never ever made a genuine attempt, just gave up. No offence, I find them beautiful but it’s just not for me. So whenever I am forced to water marble (by a challenge or by mood) I turn to my cheat code Bundle Monster Water marble Plate.

And that is what I did here today (as if it was difficult to guess). I stamped using MDU ‘Gold’ on Krizia ‘Forest Gump’ which is bright dark leaf green scattered holo polish (swatches coming up…

Galaxy Nails

Hi Girls, I am excited to share my galaxy nails today because it’s practically the first time I did a traditional Galaxy nails. Yeah it’s nothing to be proud of; I don’t know why I have always been hiding from doing it.

Not that it is difficult or painful, but I guess I was waiting for correct call. Well, I got the correct call for Day 19: Chalk Board Challenge theme ‘Galaxy Nails’. I said to myself; “If it’s not now it’s probably never”. And I jumped into it without over analysis.

I pulled lots of polishes (like really LOTS) in excitement (and I am quiet embarrassed that I pulled colors in which it is impossible to even imagine a galaxy, well I am first timer at this .LOL). After careful consideration I picked up Glam Polish Sparkle Blue, China Glaze That’s Shore Bright, Sinful Colors Snowwhite, China Glaze Fairy Dust, Sinful Colors Junky out of the heap.

I sponged these colors in various pattern on the base Glam Sparkle Blue. After the desired base was achieved, I did generous coats of…

Glitter Placement Nails

Hi Girls, I have little glittery and blingy nails today. And why not? The theme for Day 17 of ChalkBoard Nails is ‘Glitter’. So I thought of playing with accent glitter placement and some holo polish too.

The base is Orly Trendy ( Melrose Collection) which is bright coral polish with lots of silver flecks. On my accent I applied two coats of OPI Bubble Bath.

On all nails except accent, I sponged the tips with Fun Lacquer ‘Art of Holo (H). On the accent I did careful glitter placement. Like each and every glitter picked on the right side and placed on my accent.

Pheww! I find them classy yet just enough bling to steal attention. What do you say girls?

Geometric Nails

Hello Friends, its Day 16 of the Chalkboard Nails Challenge and the theme for today is ‘Geometric’. My nail art may be not my best but I am glad I gotto use of one my favourite unused geometric pattern stamping plates.

When I bought these plates (BP77) from Bornpretty Store early last year, I was under dilemma if I could ever get correct image placement on all my nails. Because remember last year we did not have Clear Stamper to help to you see where your image is landing.

The mere thought of strain ad re-takes I would have to take to get all nails correct gave me a fright to try them. That explains why this plate lied unused (without making me feel completely guilty)

But this year with launch of Clear Stampers, that strain was taken care and I had been planning to use this plate correctly. And when I read the theme as ‘Geometric’, I was sure that this is the correct time to inaugurate it.

The polish used is 'Garnet' from Health & Glow. The stamping plates can be bought here a…

Delicate Negative Space Nails

Hi Girls, today is Day 15 of the Chalkboard Nail Challenge and the theme for today is ‘Delicate’. Such themes are my favourites and from the moment I read it, I had so many ideas popping in my mind. After longbrainstorming sessions,  I ended up looking at my Screenshot folder and got inspired one of favourite nail artists Lieve91.

She is an amazing freehand nail artist who gets inspired by anything (mostly fashion) and sketches them impeccably on her nails. Today I am doing nail art inspired by a nail artist who inspires me to be inspired from anything and everything!

Also, its 15 days of the challenge which means we are half way through, but I am exhausted as if I had been doing it for Too much work, like really. Actually too much is an understatement. And to add to my list of accomplishments,  I said I may not be able to write blog post for the challenge, it’s Day 15 and I have not missed a single blogpost.*Appluad*

The polishes used are Sally Hansen You’re so Crabby, Teeny…

Yellow Roses on KB Shimmer Pink Tourmaline

Hello Girls, as you all know I am always excited to share my floral nails. Simply because I love thinking of them, drawing them, looking at them and everything about them. And today I present my freehand florals on one of my favorite base :)

[caption id="attachment_7328" align="alignnone" width="1857"] In SunLight[/caption]

But more of the base description and swatches towards the end of the post. The base is KB Shimmer 'Tourmaline' from their BirthStone Collection. I struggled a lot to get just as awesome pictures as the base and the roses are. Because it is an utterly pretty base cab be quite distracting as well.

[caption id="attachment_7329" align="alignnone" width="2040"] In Artificial Light[/caption]

And I had to justice to my freehand roses too. Hell, it takes a lot of time to make roses look real and also do that on your cindy. But all is worth once you get the sight of fresh flowers singing on your nails.

[caption …

Cute Dog Nails

Hello Girls, today is Day 13 of Chalk Board Nail Challenge and hence I have a cute dog nails. The theme for today is ‘Animal Print’; so I thought apart from the usual paw prints; let me print the animals too.

I used Born Pretty Store Puppy Plate for this nail art. This plate has adorable dog images and I was sure I would be able to rock a mani out of it.

But stamping faces is so difficult, one slight displacement or one distortion could make your dog look like a wolf!! So the pressure of the stamper and placement has to be bang on. The reason I giving these stories because it happened with me, oops.

This is the 3rd attempt of my Dog Nails using the same plate which I finally did and worth the effort.

The polishes used are Essie Petal Pusher and stamping plate is Q Girl 59 and BPL025 from Bornpretty Store. Both the plates can be bought from here and here. You can use discount code HQBQ10 for 10% off sitewide.

Polka Dots and Flowers Mani

It’s Day 11 of ChalkBoard Nails Challenge and I am still alive, managing mani, taking pictures, editing, writing posts and sharing on social media. Pheww!! It’s really really draining but the joy you get after each completed theme makes it worth it. This is my first 31 Day Challenge so atleast for now I am excited (Though I may never do it again).

The theme for Day 11 is ‘Polka Dots’ which isn’t my favourite. But add florals to anything I dislike, and bamm I like it!!I saw the image of a cute tart cake on Pinterest one day and thought how adorable would they look on nails too. I had saved this image for a long time, till found the theme polka dot to just match it.

The polishes used are China Glaze Neon On & On, Sinful White and Sinful Black.

The dots drawn are from my recent review parcel, a dotting too set. It contains dotting tool of all sizes, looks chic and quirky packaging. You can buy them here and get 10% discount with coupon code HQBQ10.

The stripes and flowers are all freehan…