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Diwali Nails

Hi Girls, I am a bit late for sharing diwali nails this time. Actually, I did my diwali nails on time but it felt cheating to not write a blog post and share it only on instagram. I know the world is moving away from reading to browsing, from stories to pictures, from feeling to just seeing. But deep down I always feel attached to blog and readers. Ofcourse it is a cost to maintain blog and lot of time and devotion. But its worth when I can express my thoughts and experiences with you as I write. I feel connected. Often, while I am doing my nails, I already start having a monologue about my nail stories and what I am gonna share with you.

Anyways, there is whole another long episode on my ties and feelings about blogging and betrayal of people moving to just image browsing.  For this post lets focus on Diwali Nails.I did nails which carries both essence of diwali and matches my attire.

I wore a black, pink and orange dress and did nails accordingly. I did gradient of Picture Polish Wand…

Freehand Vintage Flowers on Picture Polish Fools Gold

Hello Friends, I am here with my second Picture Polish swatch and nail art which is Fool’s Gold. After having PP Orchid swatched here, I moved to my favourite PP out of the lot to swatch. And it was Fools Gold.

It’s an aqua turquoise crème base with lots of beautiful gold hex glitters. I am kind of late to get this polish; it has been raved around for ages. I often used think it’s just hype; what miracle could a turquoise and gold possibly do that no one else has ever done?

But on seeing this in person and moreover after swatching it, I was sold. This baby has some metal. The hype is all worth. It is such a stunner. All my clicks are in Sunlight. When clicked in shade, this polish leans heavily towards blue.

About the Inspiration behind this polish: ‘Flecks of Gold as seen through tropical waters. Fool’s Gold is a green/blue jelly scattered holo with gold glitter and dries smooth on the nail. Designed to come alive with a shake of the bottle. It is a collaboration shade with Sammy from N…

Picture Polish Orchid Swatches and Lace Mani

Hello Girls, I am kinna feeling back on my foot again after not being well for a long time. Hopefully my health stays on my side now. I am also happy because I got my latest big haul last week. I got 8 Picture Polishes, 4 Different Dimensions and 1o ColorPop Lippes. Woah!! so much goodness. And can you believe they are my first picture polish, I never had one! As a thumb rule, I start swatching with the shade I like the least and get over with it.

In this case it was Picture Polish Orchid. I am not a purple fan. Though I did a recent scanning of my stash and found that I somehow own way too many purples for even a purple lover!. How is that possible? Don't ask. I have purples in cremes, textures, pixie dusts, mattes, mettalic mattes, holos , crellies, mettalic, stamping polish and what not! And I have the audacity to say I don't love purples. Whatever, bottom line one should not try to find logic in our stashes, hauls leaning towand likings.Ever!

By giving one look to PP Orchid …

Fall and Festive Nails

Hello Girls, its fall and festivity season. I did a nail art fusing both the spirits. Now, fall is not something that we Indians relate to because we don't see it, simple. For us this time of the year is filled with celebartion, pomp and festivals. On of our biggest festival Diwali is just round the corner. So having this in mind, I did something that reminds me of both.

My first pick was my perfect fall and festive polish : Fun Lacquer 'Seductive Marmalade'. Its an GORGOEOUS rust orange polish with gold and orange holo. And Orange and gold are auspicious colors for us for Pujas. It looks extremly festive and edgy.I paired it with some black Arabsque prints. These prints look very exquisite and rich, just apt for the festivity and celebration.

I used Moyou Arabsque 06 and MDU Gold for stamping. I did a little french tip of same black and gold arabsque image to get some cohernecy. Cosette Clear Jumbo Stamper helped me place the image perfectly without having to slog for decal…


Introducing Enchanted by Zoya

Combining the magic of the holidays and the wonders of winter, Zoya’s new Enchanted collection creates an ethereal beauty spotlight for nails this season. Consisting of four glittering PixieDust Mattes and two velvety color-flip metallics, this unique nail polish collection is absolutely stunning.


ELPHIE (ZP871) green pixie: A bewitching emerald green with a sugary green sparkle in the exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.

OLIVERA (ZP872) green flip: A spellbinding color-flip metallic with an indigo base and a green and purple shift.

LORNA (ZP853) plum pixie: A luscious berry with a sugary sparkle in the exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.

WAVERLY (ZP876) sapphire pixie: A brilliantly deep sapphire blue with blue sparkles in the exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.

ALICE (ZP874) periwinkle pixie: A captivating periwinkle with magenta and blue sparkles in the exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte S…

Scenery Nails

Hello Girls, I have a pleasing nail art for you today. No, I am not patting my own back but sometimes you just want to see something pretty to feel pretty. Incase, you have not noticed yet, try surrounding yourself with something that your mind considers beautiful and you will see it's mere sight soothes your thoughts. You know as we say, 'You feel good, when You look good'. Technically, nothing might change but the mere auro something beautiful has the capacity to beautify your mind, like placebo effect.

So whenever, I feel out of beauty and peace in my life; I try to cage something beautiful on my nails. And trust me , it just casts peace to my thoughts. One such phase was last week. I was feeling unwell, out of creativity and passion. I started frantically browsing through all beautiful nail art on internet, trying to calculate what could qualify to bring some rest and beauty in me.

I cannot pin point what exactly inspired me, but I browsed a ton of Narmai's work. The…

French Florals in Antique Look on My Nails

Hello Friends, I am feeling like a freebird after finishing the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge successfully. Yes, I completed all 31 themes! And now after a month and half, I can finally do whatever my heart feels on my nails. You guys know if I am left free, my imagination always goes to florals.

I had also been feeling a little disinterested and off nail art because of the huge challenge pressure where I was just churning out manis like a task done by a machine(at some points yes, I just finishing the job, the rest of days I enjoyed). I also got deep crack on my pointer 3 weeks back, had to keep that dead nail alive by slapping silk wrap on it periodically. It got down my enthusiasm further. So I decide after challenge I am going to chop my nails to get rid of the crack (which totally touched my skin). But when I sat down to cut the nails, I could gor like 1mm nail left from my smile line and hence the shape of my nails came back to short squares.

I thought I am not gonna touch polishes or…