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Cute Animals in Snow

Hi Girls, December is drawing towards an end but there is no sign of winter here. I don't like winters anyways so not that it makes me sad, just sharing :) . Winter or no winter I will continue to do nails for which more than half the world is in mood for. For today it's holo snowflakes and cute animals.

The base is OPI Bubble Bath and the tips are sponged with Sally Hansen White Out. I applied Orly Sec n Dry over the gradient base. For snowflakes I used BPLX-008 which is festive Christmas plate , you could buy them here and get 10% off with code HQBQ10.

I wanted some dazzle, so it became imperative to involve best of my holos . For stamping snowflakes I used ColorClub Beyond. To give a frosty centre to these snowfalkes, I added dots of ColorClub Blue Heaven.

The cute animals on rest of the fingers are from BM S163 plate. I made a decal out of them filling in with ColorClub holo polishes. I wanted this mani to look frosty and sparkly. Do you think I suceeded? I am happy though.

Christmas-y Floral Swirls Mani

Hi Girls, although I did not plan is not a christmas mani per say but I chose christmas colors considering the mood around. I recently got Creative Shop Stamping Plate 30 and it's a beautiful collection of lovely images.

The first image that caught my fancy was this one with small flowers in swirl pattern. My initial plan was to make a decal out of it but later I had thoughts for Lead Light technique.

I made a base of Zoya Aspen which a lovely shimmery frozen matte white. It just looks like sparkly snow. The colors are filled in with Lead Light technique.

Overall, they did not turn out to be as spectacular as I thought they would be. But decently pretty, what do you say?

Candy Coloured Sweater Mani on Picture Polish Cherish

Hi Girls, I will begin todays post with a short review anbd swatch of Picture Polish Cherish. I am sucker for nudes & likes and Picture Polish gives us another one.

Cherish is a collaboration shadeby Anna Gorelova  from the Ukraine.It is a soft nude with signature picture polish scattered holo. It looks beautiful and sparkly in Sun. I am wearing two coats of polish topped with Orly Sec N Dry.

I love it both as polish and as base for nail art. I wore the polish on its own for a day and then did a Freehand Sweater mani.

I picked up pastel fun candy colors to make the sweater pattern. The brushes are from most trustworthy store for them, BornPretty. I am a fan of their brushes and may have close to 10 from them.The brushes can be bought from here  and can get a 10% off with coupon code HQBQ10.

These days my back hurts like to execute any freehand or detailing. And this one was no different. So may be you will see more of stamping and less of freehand in coming days. But I promise I will …

Christmas Tree and Decoration Mani

Hello Girls, again half the Instagram Nails fraternity is celebrating Christmas; I am getting into the mood too. I did a simple Chritsmas Tree and little decoartion Mani around this.

China Glaze Ruby Plumps has been my favourite Christmas Nails and no christmas mani is complete without it. Its such a lovely deep red polish with loads of red and gold flecks. It looks rich and festive.

I used BornPretty Christmas Stamping plate BPLx-008 for this. You can buy these here and get 10% off with code HQBQ10. For the accent I used Starilly Ultima as base and then filled in the Christmas tree by lead light technique. It turned out pretty christmas-y I say. What do you say?

Winter Night Nails

Hello Girls, I have a winter mani to share with you although I see no winter here. Temperature in Mumbai is as high as 34 Celius. Pheww!.I used Masura Magnetics which is a recent addition to my stash. It is Masura Cobalt Damasse. This is beautiful indigo blue mettalic polish which exudes mystery of night once touched with a magnet.

I didnot have a magnet (I have ordered magnets from Dance Legend but it hasn't reached me yet). But I did not have the patience to wait for it any cost. So I got my moms fridge magnet and ripped apart the decorative head from magnet, and used the magnet.

So obviously the small round magnet did not do best job and mom too is upset on destruction of the fridge magnet. Double loss. But it did satisfy the impulsive urge to use the magnetic polish atleast.

Now, with help from my brother to chose image and theme , I came up with this nail art. I used Barry M Silver Foil for stamping. The stamping plate I used is BMS163 for the fox in chilly pines and Uber Chic f…

SnowFlakes Nails on Different Dimension Mermaid Kisses

Hi Girls, I am back with a swatch and a nail art. The swatch is of Different Dimensions Mermnaid Kissses which I got last month. The nail art again is not in sync with weather here. It's a snowflakes mani and I have never even seen snow in my life. But who cares about what I see; its more about what I want to see :)

Mermaid Kisses has a neon blue base with silver holographic glitter and microglitter. Its a lovely bold blue with added sprinkles of holo glitters. They dazzles briliant in Sunlight.

For the swatch I used two coats and a top coat. Its a beautiful polish both for summer and winters. The moment I swatched these, I knew few snowflakes over this would be charming and give chilly feel.

So I did a snowflakes mani over these to see if my imagination about these matched reality. And yes it was just as beautiful as I thought.

It looks so much like sparkling snowflakes. I am completly satisfied by this as far as a winter mani goes. What do you people think?

Orange and Gold Fall Nails

Hi, I start the post today with one question fellas, does it happen that what you see impacts more than what you feel at times? I have been seeing so many fall nail art, winter mani, sweater mani, dark winter tone nails and what not. It plays on my mind so much that I feel these thoughts are stronger than the weather I see outside the window. Just to clarify, the weather in Mumbai is pleasant and we don’t see fall or winter here.

Today I am overpowered by weather on Instagram more than what's around. I started with applying my favourite fall color which is Picture Polish Autumn. Its a gorgeous burnt orange with lots of gold shimmer and glitters.

I wanted to go for Orange and Gold tones so I paired it with Starilly King Midas for this mani.I like their combination, they are warm, fiery and rich. I used a watermarble pattern stamping plate for freeflowing rough pattern. Although the specific portion of  pattern I picked up, doesnt resemble deeply to watermarble. It's pretty irresp…

Floral Vine on Picture Polish Summer

Before you all say, I am confessing I am using Picture Polish unreasonably frequently. My only reason is I want to use them before they get dusted in my unused stash. I have not been able swatch PP Summer first because I had to wait for another day to get sunlight clicks and then postpone nail art by one day.

So here I am with a light vine floral nails. I had been wanting to do a simple freehand mani for a week. Considering how tired and dead I was after work, I am patting my back for taking effort of freehand mani (or any mani at all). I had also been itching to use my bornpretty store brush again which I got for review. You can the set here and get 10% off with coupon code HQBQ10.

More than their plates, I am a fan of their nail art brushes. They are spot on and the variety is lavish.

I chose to make only white vines and flowers in an attempt to avoid too much busy work & contrast on the gorgeous base.I wanted a very soft feel of florals, which I think is achieved to quite an exten…

Bright Gradient Nails

Hi Fellas, I have been out of ideas for a while and I realized this when I sat desperately on my off day to do my nails. I couldn't think of anything at all. All the screenshots and inspiration pics came to no rescue. Just then I was arranging something in my wardrobe and saw my green and blue dress.

The gradient and the print of the dress became inspiration for this nail art. I just wanted pretty nails to last for a week and I got them. I usually change my nail art thrice or twice but these days health is not completely on my side and I have been busy. So, I am trying to settle to once a week.

For the base I did a gradient of Sally Hansen Green With Envy, Blue me Away and Pacific Blue. The base itself looked so bright and complete that I could have left it like that.

But I knew I will not stop here. So I chose a lovely pattern from Moyou Asia 09 that shows enough base to not lose the beauty.For stamping, instead of black which would have been a sharp contrast, I chose white which wo…