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Festive Gold and Fuchsia Nails

Hi Girls, How are you all? I am good. December just went by and still no pinch of cold. Nonetheless, I am sharing a warm Gold holographic polish swatch from BornPretty Store. I usually long for these bright ad gleamy colors during colder weather. But cold or no cold I am enjoying this.

I got this polish from Bornpretty for review. Now I have used their earlier versions of Holographics and have known they are decent. But this range of holographics is simply 'Killer'.

This is a classic gold holographic polish called 'Heart of Gold' and its the best one could name it. It is a strong linear holographic polish. The effect is comparable to ColorClub Halographics. You can literally see the rainbow on your nails. You can buy them here and get 10% off with code HQBQ10.

Coming to the packaging. I so love it. It is exquisite, oozing luxury. If you read my review of BPS Holo polish from 2 year back, I have complained about packaging and bottle. They heard it and it is impeccable this…

Peach and Gold Nails

Hi Girls, I have a simple nail art to share today. I wanted to try the combination of matte bright peach and gold. I had something prettier in my mind which obviously has not translated on nails completely.

The hot peach polish is Orly Freeflow. Its is such a warm yet bright peach polish. It makes me swoon everytime I open the bottle. It is flattering for all skin tones.

I used Moyou Asia 07 and MDU Gold for stamping and then did a coat of Inglot Matte Top Coat.

On my accent I am wearing KB Shimmer Diamond. Yes, I mentioned in one of previous posts on how I lost it and again re-ordered it out of love. It is stunner, what say?

Black Floral Nails inspired by Wondrously Polished

Hi Fellas, how are you? I am good. I am good whenever I do things that make my heart sing, bestow peace to my mind and provide feeling that I can create something pretty. So, no marks for guessing how much a Freehand Floral nail art makes me feel 'good'.

The nail art I am sharing with you today is not out of the world, considering the amount of detailing I have done before on florals. But this one, I just liked it for its randomness and wilderness. Not everything needs beautification and detailing.

I came across this nail art done by Lindsey from Wondrously Polished which was inspired by Washi Tape. Ohh, I was stumbed. I took a screenshot of it thinking to re-create it. And finally I guess after months, I did so.

The base is Sinful Colors Black. All the freehand is with Acrylic Paints and my favourite brushes from BornPretty Store. You can buy the brushes I used from here and here. Also don't forget to use my coupon code HQBQ10 to get 10% off.

I applied Inglot Matte Top Coat o…

Simple Nail Art on KB Shimmer Tiers of Joy

Hi Girls, I recently hauled from Color4nails on black friday and although I got 10 polishes.Though now I am thinking why didn't I take any more?lol.  I lost one slot out of those 10 polishes to KB Shimmer Diamond which mysteriously disappeared from my house from my last order. It was too beautiful to forget. coming back to swatching one of the polishes KB Shimmer Tiers of Joy from the same haul.

This was a part of  KBS Fall 2016 collection. It is a delightful cream based nail polish loaded with goodness of  gold holographic glitters, pink glitters, as well as micro holographic glitter.

It is a lovely office wear polish with some real sparkles added to it. I applied 2 coats to attain complete opacity. I will say this is a classy blend of soft creme and some bling which will suit any complexion.

I may have not done complete justice to the polish and ended up with a simple nail art. But I had been waiting to try out this color combination for long.

I wanted to do an equally soft and soot…

Press Release : ZOYA CHARMING – SPRING 2017

Spring arrives with six new nail colors from Zoya including three fresh creams and three dewy micro-sparkles. All in the long-wearing two coat, full-coverage, 10FREE* formula nail polish lovers love.
Plus, three coordinating Zoya Lipstick hues!


Jordan (ZP886): a soft blossom pink cream

Abby (ZP887): a light lavender cream.

Tina (ZP888): a medium amethyst cream.

Millie (ZP889): a dewy violet micro-sparkle.

Lacey (ZP890): a light dewy green micro-sparkle.

Amira (ZP891): a soft dewy blue micro-sparkle. $10 ea. (US)

Belle (ZLS13): a hydrating soft pink with gold shimmer frost finish.

Brooke (ZLS09): a hydrating mauve with magenta pink pearl effect.

NEW Violette (ZLS14): an amethyst purple in a hydrating cream formula. $12 ea. (US)




Antique Filigree on Picture Polish Ornate

Hello Girls, I am swatching Picture Polish Ornate today along with a nail art that is no less classy the Ornate itself. It is a collaboration shade with 'A Lacquered Affair'. It is a warm mute plum crelly with lots of gold, bronze hexes and glitters. It also has magenta hexes which makes this polish even more adorable.

[caption id="attachment_7641" align="alignnone" width="2079"] In Artficial Light[/caption]
The formula is classic PP, two coats and a top coat. It exudes richness and royalty both in the bottle and on the nails. It looks different when viewed in different light. When I clicked in articial light it looked darker dusty muted plum, maybe a little taupe too.

[caption id="attachment_7642" align="alignnone" width="1666"] In Sunlight[/caption]
But when I clicked the next day in sunlight, the color like blossomed to a much lively plum purple. It looked amazing both ways. So how and where you click, will determine w…

Rose Love Letter Nails

There are some nailarts which we have seen in different variations over a period of time. But they don't loose their sheen or charm because they are classics. One of such is todays nail art. I know we may have seen many manis on similar lines but each one still makes us swoon. The Love Letter Nails with classic roses.

I wanted soft colors and warm feeling for my love letter nails. So I went in with one of favourite pastel base, Essie Blossom Dandy. Its a lovely soft light mint blue colored creme polish. It is an extremly pleasant and happy color.

I stamped the letters using MDU Caramel instead of black because I was looking for soft transition of colors rathet than bold contrasts.For quite some time I browsed stamping sets after sets looking for cute small flowers which I could turn to decals . But after wasting time in the futile search, I realised I can draw decent flowers quite effortlesly. And may be more real looking than decals.

So I dumped the stamping decal idea and made free…

Nails Inspired by WingBack Chair Print

Hi Girls, How are you? I am excited sharing this nail art with you. There are two types of nail art that make my heart skip beat. First being Freehand (esp Florals) and the Second being Inspired Nails. I love doing them so much. It gives me a sense of achievement and victory once I am able to pin down my imagination on my nails.

I was just browsing Instagram the other day and came across a sponsored post by a Limonstory about 'WingBack Chair' Saree Edition. I fell in love with the vibrant print. I immedeatly took a screenshot and the rest is history.

Just when you look at the vintage type damask prints and feel vintag-y ; the bright yellow and pink pull it back to look contemprary modern. I was head over heels over this brilliant mix. Elegance with bright colors, wow.

I made this nailart in breaks because with my current condition of back pain, I can barely paint my nails in one go. I don't remember how many breaks I took for this but I guess I finished them on second day.