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Flower Nails on Jade Halographic Sunset

Hello Friends, today I will be swatching Jade Sunset and also sharing a floral nail art on them. Jade never caught my attention. Until last year I bought them on sale from ; with an intention to just try.I simply bought two Jade polishes ( one of them swatched here) for that purpose. And I was more than impressed by them. So this time when color4nails had sale, I ordered 2 more Jades. One was Jade sunset and I can't recollect the name of the other one now. I decided to swatch Sunset first because of the fresh tangy color perfect to welcome spring.

The swatches are 2 thick coats of polish with top coat. Usually Jades are complained to be sheer but this wasn't bad, it is decent in opacity.

The color of this polish is like a hard candy orange or one may say it to be bright orange but burnt. To that extent the name of the polish 'Sunset' is very true. I love orange color, to be true I love all bright colors. So no suspense here, I simply cherished this one on…

Blue and Green Holo NailArt

You know sometimes, even the least of efforts gives you more than expected result. I am firm believer of 'There are no Shortcuts in life' . If you put your heart and time, result is sweet. However sometimes, god rewards you by giving more than you asked for. And may be this was one of those days:)

I finished this nail art in staright 30 minutes on both hands, starting from application to stamping to finally top coat and clean up. One thing that worked in my favour was clarity of thoughts. Usually I spend lot of time sitting on table, fiddling with polish, deciding color combinations, art work, method, finishing etc. But for this one, somehow I had everything exactly planned.

The polishes used are Different Dimensions Mermaid Kisses and Soak Up. Both of them are amazing bright and dazzling polishes. They were my first purchase from DD and I am blown. They are classic summer neons with lots of holographic glitters.

For stamping I used the latest addition to my stamping plate collec…

Freehand Vintage Florals on Bright Gradient and a little Story

Hi Friends, today I am sharing the nail art I submitted for Picture Polish Nailart competition. I am happy doing so as I am kinna proud of these. I love freehand nailart and especially ones to this level of detail. I know comparing to the other established incredible artists who have mastered detailing, this may be nothing. But I am learning and hopefully will be at that level someday.

I also wanted to share a little something with you guys. When the competition was announced, I was not sure if I would be able to do a nail art worthy enough to be submitted as entry for Picture Polish Challenge, given my health is not at its best. I cannot sit for long due to back pain or even bend a lot for details. I feel low energy and drowsy most of the times. But the moment I shared the competition news with my mom, she immediately asked me to participate. I was unsure because of health. But she said it's Sunday, you are off today and sure you could give it a try. It made me think and with lot …

Review of BPS Holo Polish All Embracing and Nail Art

Hello Girls, today I have another holographic polish from BornPretty Store which is again worth an applaud. I have used BPS polishes in past also from their holograophic line, Chameleon line etc. But by far this is the best one. The polish I am swatching today, followed by nail art is 'All Embracing'.

All Embracing is dark teal in color. When you expose it to sunlight, it gleams rays of bright green and gold. To me it looks like a rainbow in peacock green. The packaging is really rich. It has a outer cap which is sqaure, but once you open it there is a smaller one round applicator. This is perfect and a correction to all past BPS polishes. The brush is wide which is just as per my liking, 2 to 3 sweeps and your nails are covered.

This is strong effect linear holographic polish, formula of which is comparable to ColorClub halo Hues. They are smooth, almost one coater and sparkle rainbow in light.

I did a nail art on it with BPS Heart of Gold from same line and reviewed here. It…

Floral Nails using only Picture Polish

Hello Friends, how have you been? The nail art I want to share today is kinna special  because it's the first time I tried doing freehand nail art with polishes. Now, I am not a big fan of using nail polish for such work because a) It dries on brush in between critical strokes b) It spoils the brush.

And this one in particular was difficult  because none of the polishes I worked with were creme. They are all signature PP holo glitter filled polish making it further difficult to work with. Had it not been for Picture Polish Challenge, I would have never tried these. Initially I thought only Picture Polish is supposed to be used so I sweated to do these. Later I realized I could have used Black and White Acrylic Paints and I submitted another entry.

But good in a way, I went out of comfort zone and tried this. And to be fair these aren't bad. It took over 3 hours. to conceive and execute. I was planning on skipping participating in the challenge but my mom pushed me and motivated …

Soothing Gradient Nails

Hi Girls how are you? I feel I am in a phase where I am loving to work with soft spring colors. Oh! as I write I realise, spring is approaching and may be that's the reason. Whatsoever it is; this is a heads up that you will see more of spring colors and florals in comin

Don't blame me , its the weather. And who doesn't love pastels and florals? I love China Glaze for their heap of bright pastel collection, I really spoilt for choices. I think it is a brand that has some of the best neons and brights.

For this mani, all the three polishes are from China Glaze. They are Grass is Lime Greener,Thistle Do Nicely and Neon On and On. I prepared the base with the gradient of these 3 colors. The gradient itself looked so pleasing to eyes that at one point I was in mood to skip nail art.

But my new floral stamping from BPS was calling. So I stamped some pretty florals in black (BPL046). The stamping plate is delight for all floral lovers and has good etching as always. You ca…

A England Crown of Thistle Swatch and Moghul Motif Nails

Hi Friends, so finally I was able to lay my hands on of my top lemmings from A England : 'The Crown of Thistles'. Every time I would want to order it, this would be mysteriosuly Out of Stock, like seriously? First of all being in India, I am at the mercy of a mule to get my polishes from US. And when the heavens are happy and I am able to find a mule, Crown of Thistles is OOS.

Anyways, after lot of hide and seek, this baby is mine. I have swatched them here for you to see why I was head over heals over this. It is an soft orchid purple scattered holographic polish. It is bright yet subtly royal.

It has signature A England formula, stunning one coater. I have done two thin coats and a top coat.Isn't it gorgeous?

To match the royal gleam and color of the polish, I tried doing some freehand Moghul Motifs. It was a random thought but I liked the idea and the marraige of design & polish.

The drawing is with white acrylic paints and BPS Nail art brushes. You can buy these brushe…