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Bright Pink and Black Nails Inspired by Pari Choudhary

Hi Girls, I am excited to share my nails today. Two reasons , first one being its a fashion Inspired Nails which is always close to my heart and second being fantastic color combination. Oh Boy, I loved the mix of Black in Raw Silk sheen and neon coral pink. My heart melt down when I saw these.

The design is minimalistic with addition of some gorgeous gold, yet it looks so exquisite and rich. The moment I saw them, I knew I had to get them on my nails. And I got them. Aah! its such an accomplishment when you can honour your words and thoughts. I always make honest effort to stand by whatever I say (both outloud and inside my head) and respect people who do the same.

Back to the nail art, the dress is designed by Pari Choudhary under Instagram account Bunaai. I couldn't get this out of my head, so I got them on my nails. It took long to decide look/pattern/design enough to make my nails resemble the dress.

After intense browsing, the polish I used are China Glaze Neon On and On and Si…

Grey and Lime Nails

Hello Girls, how have you been doing? I am doing well. I have so so many polishes which are lying unused and untouched. Now this is not a new feeling for polish addict, right?. The pinching feeling I have behind this is that so many of them have never been used or seen together. They lie next to each other in my drawers but never made it to my nails together. And they do look great in drawers as neighbours, so why not nails?

Trust me when I pulled out some of such closely lying neighbours, the combinations seemed nothing less than a breath of fresh air. It was pleasing to my eyes so see something that I do not stumble upon everyday.Hence, I am trying to experiment with colors these days. I may sound like a drama queen or emotional while narrating simple playing of color combinations. But trust me I feel very emotional and connected to polishes and color. And this is the exact way I feel about them (actually much more).

The color combination I chose today is Grey and bright Lime yellow-g…

NailArt Inspired by Lakme Fashion Week (By Rara Avis)

Hello Girls, you all know I feel pleasure in doing 'Inspired Nails', right. So whenever I run out of ideas or feel less confident as an artist I turn to do inspired nails from anything pretty that catches my eye. It helps me get my strength back. I begin to feel a sense of achivement of being able to grab and enslave the object of a beauty on my nails even though I may not physically own it. I have said this number of times, I feel powerful as an artist to be able to capture and tame everything that soothes my eyes.

So recently, we had Lakme Fashion Week which is a huge event in the fashion frantenity. As a result we had a chance of witnessing so many gorgeous and outstanding peice of work.

I got a lot of screenshots/pictures with the straight intention of doing nailart. This particular couture is from Rara Avis. The simplicity of this couture got my attention. It looked de-cluttered, neat and chic.

Somehow I also had been longing to use the combination of Red and Blue on my nail…

Classic Roses on Essie Virgin Snow

Hi Fellas, I am super excited today to share my nail art. You all know how much I love freehand and florals being my favourite subject. Now out of florals also I feel thrilled to paint roses as it is one of the most difficult flowers to paint if you want it to look real and 3d like. A lot of effort, calculation and intution goes behind making them look real.

Past few weeks something strange had been happening. I would sit down with all polishes and best of my nail art brushes on table, excited about what I am gonna paint. And after futile thinking and fruitless planning, I would waste hours and end up with a pretty standard floral. I mean it would be a freehand floral but won't have my touch.

Had I not been able to do stamping, I would have survived perhaps. But not having been able to do freehand esp florals disturbed me. I know may be I am overreacting but that's how important they are.

So last week, I decided to break the spell. I got to my table at midnight and decided that I…