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Watermelon Nails with BPS Water Decal

Its getting warmer around and it looks like summer has already approached. So I decided to give you some fresh summer nails. I have watermelon nailart to show you today.They always remind me of splash of freshness in summer and dry weather. I feel even a sight of them gives a placebo effect of one's thirst being quenched.  So I chose these for you and me.

Now, I am not in a water decal pro team at all. There is something about using water decal that gives me a sense of cheating with actual art. Ofcouse , it is not actual art because we are using ready made Water Decals. Hence very often, I take a pass on them.

However, it would be very harsh to simply grade them as 'Cheating'. A lot is brought in by the look artist using it. Otherwise all nailart done by using SAME would be the SAME. But this isn't even slightly true. Which means even if same tools are given, an artist brings his style and A game to the table which distinguishes one peice of work to the other. Isn't …

Gold and Roses Mani

Hello Girls, how have you been? I hope doing great. Recently I was contacted by MVIL to review their water decals and since I have always been swoon by their designs and range,so I readily accepted.

Today I am sharing the first of the lot with you, many more are shortly coming up. I have always been impressed by variety and uniqueness of MILV decals. This decal would be in top 3 favourites.

I applied OPI Bubble Bath as a base on all nails except accent where I applied King Midas from Starilly. I wanted this nail art to look very royal and exquisite.

I applied a 3D rose on my accent which I had bought from BornPretty long back. I am glad I used this, firstly it broke the spell of being unused for 2 years and secondly, it made my mani look awsome. I used nail glue to stick it.

I so love this mani, I hope you do too. You can buy these decals here, they do ship to India. I got my review pack in 15 days straight from Russia.

Inspired Nails from Lakme Fashion Week

Hello Girls, I am excited about the nail art I am about to share with you all today. You already know, if I am excited about a mani; it gotto be a freehand floral or an inspired one. This one is an inspired nailart from a lovely Lakme Fashion week Couture.

Its a gorgeous Indian attire by designer Jayanti Reddy and the color combination made me skip a breath. I decided to do a mani inspired by it the very next day.

Now, the challenging part about doing an inspired mani from a couture or even peice of cloth is to find out nail polish of similar texture and finish. Its very difficult to match our cremes, shimmers or textured polishes to the sheen and finish of fabrics. Fortunately, I was able to find Zoya Yves and Sue from their Matte Velvet range to match the raw silk like finish.

After taking a sigh of relief, follows an even more dreadful task of figuring out how you could re-create the print/motif on your nails. It takes so much time and brainstorming to decide on method (stamping/freeh…

Cherry Blossom Nails using MILV Decals

Hello Girls, I am mostly about florals and bright colors these days. Well, I admit I am mostly about Florals and Brights all days. I just use weather and season as an excuse to justify my Hopefully you enjoy this flavour of my art too.

I have some MILV decals that I got for review recently and I am impressed by their variety and designs. I am using their Cherry Blossom water decals for the nail art today. You can buy these decals from MILV here.

I applied white nail polish as a base, like the instruction said. Over them I laid the water decal and trimmed down to may nail size.

Viola, it was that easy. After a minute when the decals completely dried on my nails, I applied my fast drying top coat. Oh, did I tell you these days I am using Poshe Fast Drying Top coat instead of Seche Vite. And let me tell you it’s just as good and fast drying as SV. Also it doesn’t thicken ridiculously like Seche Vite.

Now,over to the nail art in discussion. I wanted to see some sparkle on my Ch…

Periwinkle Spring Florals with Zoya Pixie Dust Alice

Hi Girls, How are you? Its spring already and summers are approaching quickly. Which means its time for pastels, florals, neons, beach manis, bold colors and lots of sunscreen. For me the best spring sight is when I have florals on my nails.

So I am going in with some freehand florals in periwinkle/cornflower shade to please my eyes and hopefully yours too.

We/I have more often or not conceptualised flowers in pink, orange , reds or white. I just wanted to try periwinkle for this mani.Also, the hidden motive behind this also was to use my new Zoya Pixie Dust Alice. I am such a huge Zoya Fan and even holding a Zoya bottle gives me a high.

For the mani today I have used OPI Bubble Bath and Zoya Pixie Dust Lorna. The flowers are freehand with acrylic paint and brushes. This design isn't inspired from Robin Moses per say, but I had her style in mind while doing these. I love her for her florals.

The brushes I used can bought here and you can get a 10% off with code HQBQ10. Over the finish…