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Colorful Paisely Nails

Hi Girls, its already summer so all that soothes my eyes is some bright fresh colors. Though I am a patron of colors round the year, whom am I kidding?

And I am not a fan of Water decals , well this is also not a surprise. But offlate I developing a realtionship with them. They are also equally fun to work with and require your creativity hat on.

The first time I saw these decals, I could only think straight of going with a black and white paisely nails. But when I started thinking, I thought lets have a colorful base for the paisely. They will look even more refreshing.

I pulled some polishes from the Color Club Heat Index Collection from Summer 2016 launch. The polishes used for Gradient are I'm not a Temp, Sun Kissed Miss and What's up Sun.

Above the gradient I applied water decals that BornPretty Store had sent as a gift. You can buy them here and get a 10% off with code HQBQ10.

Tangy Peach Nails

Hi Fellas, so todays nail art reminded me of the beauty and quirkiness of an old unused polish and simple design. I often get entangled in complex designs & methods getting exhausted at the end. Maybe, I rate my work based on complexity or number of elements/patterns/desings/methods etc I used. So I often end up feeling dissatisfied and irritated when I end up with a simple stamping mani and likes.

I have often been suggested by people around me to embrace simplicity and easy work at times (with open heart and not with grudge lol). But I very often or not continue to be myself thinking simple is not pretty enough. So today's nail art is a conscious attempt to do something simple yet pretty.

Yeah, I talk a lot, I like story telling and I dramatise everything and so on and so forth. But if I did not love any of that I would have shut down this blog (that would have saved some money) and lived gladly on Instagram as more than half the world shifted there.

Pulling me back to nail art…