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Advanced Stamped Bright Floral Mani

Hello everyone, I have a vibrant floral mani to share with you today. I did advanced stamping after long with this one. It’s so much fun; I don’t know when I drifted away from it.

But now that I am acquainted with it again, so guess you would be seeing more advanced stamping manis in coming days.

I had the thought of doing nails using some contrasting colors. And after lot of Yays & Nays; I gladly settled with this one.

The base is Sinful Colour Black and stamping polish is MDU Gold. The stamping plate is BornPretty Store BPL046. I love this plate for its flower pattern. You can buy it here and get 10% discount with code HQBQ10.The other polishes used are Orly Window Shopping and Orly Hip and Outlandish. Hope you liked my mani.

Vampy Rose Nails

Hi Guys, today I wish to share some roses in dark vampy flavor. I know Halloween has passed by for which Vampy theme would have ideally suited. But it’s something I wanted to do.

I have done amply number of freehand roses in past and this is not my best one. Yet, I love the mystery and darkness behind them.

I have used Zoya Pixie Dust and DIY Black sheer polish as base. On the black sheer polish, I did a coat of gold flakie polish ‘Treasure Chest’ from Barry M.

Using acrylic paints, I made up a color matching Zoya Lorna for my roses and painted them using Bornpretty store nail art brush.

Do you like them? Or I should playing around with softer tones of roses?

Arabesque Nails in Purple and Gold

Hello Friends, how are you? Things are good this side. Today I have a vivid nail art exuding royalty. There is something with bright purples which make them look so rich and royal. And when I did read I found out the following:

Purple's elite status stems from the rarity and cost of the dye originally used to produce it.Purple fabric used to be so outrageously expensive that only rulers could afford it. The dye initially used to make purple came from the Phoenician trading city of Tyre, which is now in modern-day Lebanon. Fabric traders obtained the dye from a small mollusk that was only found in the Tyre region of the Mediterranean Sea. A lot of work went into producing the dye, as more than 9,000 mollusks were needed to create just one gram of Tyrian purple. Since only wealthy rulers could afford to buy and wear the color , it became associated with the imperial classes of Rome, Egypt, and PersiaIn fact, Queen Elizabeth I forbad anyone except close members of the royal family to …

Snowy Night Mani

Hi Girls, blogging after so long I have millions of ideas in my mind for a mani. My heart invariably leans towards florals and freehand, but I gotto to respect the weather that more than half the world is enjoying.

So, I have a snowflakes mani for you. The mani may seem simple but I have worked to get deep effects in background and some mystery of midnight.

The best pick for the base I had in my mind was my Masura Cobalt Damasse. It is perfectly created the desired lit moonlight night effect from behind the scene.

I topped it with China Glaze Fairy Dust which gave the sparky chilly night a life. For snowflakes, I used Mash stamping plate and Konad white stamping polish.

And then topped my frozen night mani with HK Girl topcoat. Meanwhile, I would also like to share the swatches of Masura Cobalt Damasse.

It is so gorgeous, I am repenting of not using it over a year. Also, important thing that got me on it is the pen style magnet from Dance Legend that I got C4N last year.

Before that, the ef…

Vintage Rose and Caged Bird Nails

Hi Girls, how have you been? It seems like ages since I blogged, missed a lot. And as I type, I feel so naturally home in this happy space of mine. Today I got to share a soft vintag-y nail art that I did using MILV nail decals.

I have already mentioned in my posts before how I loathed the idea of using decals but then slowly fell in love with them. I discovered creativity and art behind using decals and it was a game changer.

The polishes used are Color Club Look Don’t Tusk and El Corazon Gold Stamping Polish. To get some old paper washed in gold look, I just sponged a little gold at places randomly. It gave a rich vintage painting kind of look to whole nail art.

You can buy these decals at here at MILV and they ship worldwide.

Reptile Skin Nails with MILV Decals

Hi Girls, today I am sharing the kind of nail art which is unusual on my blog; a ‘Reptile Print’ Nails. They have been in vogue for a long time and do look sexy when flaunted correctly, but I never had the heart (read courage) to try them on my nails.

I am quite scared (read freak out) seeing reptile or anything near to that. So even after a lot of futile planning to do such nails, I failed.

When MILV asked me to select decals for review I could not help but select a reptile print too. It was the easiest and safest way to do reptile skin.

And finally when I got the review package, this was the first decal I tried. I was really excited and restless to have these on my nails. I am glad they look gorgeous, just as I pictured.

I used gold as the base instead of the said white because I wanted a little gold sheen. I am happy I took to take that call because my reptile skin seems to be glowing now. The quality of these decals is ace and you buy this one here.

Stamped Florals on Soft Gradient

Hello Girls, I have pastel floral nails for you today. I am fan of pastels, they are so appeasing to look at. They give you a feeling of ‘calmness’ when you look at them. And icing on the cake is topping florals with pastels.

For this nail art, I did a gradient with NYX Pastel Yellow and China Glaze Too Yatch To Handle.  The base looked in good on its own.

Yet I went ahead with my plan of stamping neat floral vines. For stamping I used MDU Barbie and NM03 stamping plate from Nail Matinee.

I used a white nail polish and a dotting tool to give center for the flowers. It made the flowers pop a little. I topped this up with HK Girl top coat.

The weather was cloudy and gloomy when I wore this but whenever I would look at my nails it would give me a sense of freshness and brightness. What do you think?

Hi, New Mommy is Back!!!

Hello Girls, so I have some news for you!! I am a mommy now, delivered a baby boy on March 31st 2017. Little did I know I could love someone so much :P.

That could have explained my absence from blogging. But NO, that’s not the real reason!!. If you know me, you would have known that I like to be extremely planned and organised (Read OCD). I have always hated being irregular about blogging, it shows poorly on one’s commitment. Repulsed by the idea of taking forced break from blog during pregnancy or after delivery, I did a rough calculation on how many blog posts would I require to schedule if I need the posts to go live regularly once a week till the month of December 2017, even when I may not be blogging/doing nails. I started thinking on these lines in February 2017 and my due date was 12 May 2017. I thought if I did enough manis in advance, I would be able to have posts up till December 2017. And by then I would be back with nails and may be health and time too.

Pregnancy is a phase…