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Advanced Stamping on Fun Lacquer Holiday

Hello Girls, I have a typical ‘me’ mani to show you today. Yeah it sparkles and it has flowers!! I was just browsing my stash and I realised I owned Fun Lacquer Holiday(H); yeah weak polish memory due to the heap of polishes we buy. You just lose track of what you lust, what you want, what you need, what you already have, what you have but have sparingly used, what you have and never used and what you have but you have no clue of the ownership!! Life of a Nail Blogger; sad but true!

So, one of such polishes is Fun Lacquer Holiday (H) that I got in holidays of 2015, I guess. I used it once in excitement and that’s it. I forgot about it! Sorry polish goddess!

Now when I discovered this bottle of sparkle in my stash, I rushed out of guilt to apply it. I had not decided the nail art but I was sure I wanted to wear it.

Such a gorgeous multi-chrome holographic signature Fun Lacquer is. It suddenly reminded me of why I was dying to buy it (although I made the polish die in one corner after I bo…

Holographic Leaves

Hello Girls, How are you? I am not sure what kind of weather is trending across the globe, but I am feeling green and fresh. After some smog and fog around in Mumbai, the sky starts to clear now. Feels good :)

Summarizing my general feeling in the weather around, coupled with my usual love for nature; I have some holographic leafy nails to share today.

It took a little bit of an effort to not be caught up with florals whenever I think of nature nails (even from distance). I was sure I wanted to pay attention to leaves in this mani, which support the life of these flowers which dominate my art & imagination.

I did advanced stamping with Moyou Trend Hunter 02 and filled in the leaves with Zoya Merida and Jade Oasis. The base polish for decals is Picture Polish Cherish.

I am in love with the freshness and sparky-ness of these nails. I hope it was refreshing for you too.

Pineapple Nails

Guys, you would not believe for how long I have been having a Pineapple nails on my checklist. Its lame for how long we keep on missing doing something again and again.

Ofcourse, I did a freehand pineapple nails which was way more detailed and complicated.But I had been having an itch for a stamped one, giving me opportunity to use my pineapple charm.And finally, I am glad to share one today. I am glad how they turned out.

First, I did two coats of Essie Sunshine State of mind, stamped it with water marble stamping plate from Bornpretty store and MDU Yellow. Over this I did a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust and it looked so sparkly and luscious that I just wanted to leave it like that. But then I remembered how long I had been waiting for my pineapple nails and ignored my

I stamped pineapples with BPS stamping plate and Konad Black. On my accent, I just painted black and stuck the gold pineapple charm using nail glue. The sealed the nail art with HK Girl top coat. Ohh god, it was…

Red and Blue Faux Water Marble Nails

Hi Girls I have a faux water marble nails for you today. I have never done an actual water marble nail art and I do not intend to one any time soon.

So occasionally, when I feel the itch to wear a water marble effect, I turn to my stamping plates with WM images and it satiates me.

I wanted to go with a red and blue for this nail art so I used Zoya Demetria. It was topped with a coat of Barry M Treasure Chest to get some gold flakie effect.

Later I stamped with MDU Iris and Bundle Monster BM-XL210 and then topped it with HK Girl topcoat. Do you like it? Are you in the water marble camp or a cheat water marble camp like me? lol

Winter Nails

Hi Girls, at the onset of this I must accept that I may have got a little forgetful. Or if I have to reason out, I would say I am dreadfully busy. Why do I say about being forgetful? Well, because this is the second nail art I created with so much effort to post on a specific date. And...forgot!

Wait, I planned the mani after more than usual level of brainstorming. I remember giving off some of my truly treasured sleep hours (which are anyways too restricted with an infant) to this nail art. I clicked pictures the next day,spent all the free time to select, edit pictures and write blog post, only to realize today that I missed scheduling it.

The same thing happened with my Christmas mani too. I did a decent nail art, clicked pictures, edited it but forgot to post it. I am not big on Christmas mani or winter mani for simple reason that I am celebrate Christmas or face winters here. Yet, I usually take the effort of doing such nails as sometimes it's good to just jump in the celebrati…

Egyptial Prints inspired Nails using MILV Decals

Hi Girls, the nail art I would be sharing today is another one from MILV samples sent to me. I think I got biased towards golds while choosing them.

This one looked quite feminine yet bold with gold. It reminds me of some Egyptian prints. I decided to do a light peachy base instead of white as the instruction said. I didn’t wish to keep white and gold contrast.

On my accent I applied KB Shimmer Pink Tourmaline, which is from their gemstone collection. Such fantastic sparkly chrome holographic I tell you.

I used MILV water decals for the design and sealed them with Poshe Fast Drying Top Coat. You can buy them from their website here.

Poppy Nails

Hi there, I have vivid poppy nails to share with you today. I have been thinking of doing a poppy nail art for long. I think when I say Lucy from Lucy’s Stash do freehand poppy nails, I fell in love with it.

And then I kept either forgetting it or genuinely not able to plan to do it. Nearly an year later I happen to own this Creative Shop No 30 stamping plate.

What do I see? It has similar poppy image (though Lucy’s was freehand). I was excited and decided this to be the first nail art using this plate.And here I am with this happy bright Poppy Nails. My initial plan was a freehand Poppy Nails which is just getting delayed. But yeah, may be in time soon we should see a freehand Poppy on my nails.

For now, this all the Poppy love I could give you. The polishes used are Zoya Purity and Zoya Demetria, technique is advanced stamping. Hope you like it.