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Purple Leaf Stamping on Zoya Britta

Hello Girls, I have a simple nail art to share today in a combination that I would not have pick up usually. Inspite of the simplicity and the odd combination, the nail art impressed me.

Every time I walk down the lane of ‘Untried combinations’; I question myself, why didn’t try this earlier? I applied OPI Bubble Bath as base and then painted half nails with Zoya Britta.

I then used BornPretty Purple stamping polish to stamp and outline. These are quite opaque and show up beautifully on dark bases even. You can buy them here and get 10% off with code HQBQ10.

The stamping plate used is BornPretty Store BPL016. Hope you like it.

Camouflage Nails

Hello Friends, today I have a little different kind of nails to share with you.Instead of routing to florals and usual colourful looks I did camouflage nails with origami dear head. I usually don't go for these, but here I am!

Not that a camouflage or a jungle nails never crossed my mind, but since its not close to my heart I would always find a reason not to do it. Yeah, we do what we actually want to do mostly :)

I got origami image plate from Bornpretty store for review few weeks back. I really liked the dear image on the plate and may be perfect setting with these image was camouflage, so I went with it.

I used ColorClub I am not a Temp , Zoya Veruschka and Barry M Paprika for the camouflage. I then did a generous coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust for the spark.

On my index and middle nails I did 2 coats of Essie hors d'oeuvre and then stamped the decal deer image. The image is from Bornpretty store BPL089. You can buy it here and use coupon code HQBQ10 to get 10% off.

I hope you …

Inspired Nails : Van Gough Painting 'Almond Blossoms'

Hi Girls, I am extremely thrilled to share today's nail art with you. It is not because I think in anyway that they are my best, no I think I may have done better. And I can do better.

But these are my first 'freehand' and 'inspired' nails after my 4 months of delivery break. I am not sure how I can put this to relate-able words; but after seeing my swollen shivering fingers & aching back during pregnancy, chopped nails after delivery ,ugly figure and being a mother before a girl life; the confidence to do the usual, dress the usual, look the usual subtly vanished. I had long spells of depression thinking ' Will I be ever able to do this, wear that, feel this, enjoy that and lastly but most importantly 'Will I ever be able to be ME'?A large part of being me comes from the way I dress me and my nails. Its a no-brainer that these are the hardest hit areas after pregnancy.

In sometime, I slowly started shedding weight without practically doing anything.I…

Flowers on Wet and Wild Periwinkle Of An Eye

Hi Girls, I have a simple yet elegant nails to share with you today. It was one dull evening of boredom and unpainted nails. The only obvious color that could take me out of this blue is blue itself. Lol

I am a fan of cool colors, the blues and greens. They are so pacifying and calming. To do the trick here I picked Wet and Wild Periwinkle Of an Eye.

Oh, it was so satisfying to just watch the brush sweep through my nails and paint them blue. One Step Wonder Gel range of Wet and Wild is so glossy, shiny and succulent.As much as I wanted to just wear them on their own, I wished to do a nail art too. I chose pretty light on prints image for stamping so that I could still get a sumptuous peak of my periwinkle beneath.

I used Bornpretty Store plate BPL046 and stamping polish Ya Qin An for stamping. With a dotting tool, I gave a white centre to these flowers. Hope you like them.

WaterColor Nails inspired by LeMooc iPhone Case

Hi Girls, I re-visited water color nails after more than year and half and I am so excited I went back to it. I love the effect of water color nails, it seems so fluid.

BornPretty Store had sent me an iPhone Case from Moo Moo in my review pack. Usually I am particular about any accessory I use on my phone, be it just a case. So I was sceptical if I would use it. But the cover was so pretty and of good quality, that I instantly switched to this.

I found it so pretty that I decided to do a nail art inspired by it. However, I was unsure on how to get closest the finish and color scheme of the case.

Which is when I thought, only water coloring would get the closest soft effect. With the fear of forgetting the already difficult water color nails, I picked up the brushes. You know there is a lot calculation that goes while water coloring, how much color, how much water, desired intensity, how many re-touches etc.It did seem difficult in beginning but later I regained my confidence.

On the accen…

Roses with A England Briar Rose

Hello Girls, I have some subtle rose stamping to show you today. I have had the gorgeous A England Briar Rose for long, but I barely used it once last year. Not only is the polish beautiful, but the formula of the polish is great for stamping too.

I had been wanting to try that out for long and finally did a recent rose stamping with Briar Rose. I needed an image just as pretty and rosy as the polish to stamp.

So I turned to Bornpretty stamping plate with plethora of floral images which I recently got in my review kit. The plate has some of the prettiest flowers and the etching of the plate is spot on like always.

You can buy the plate BPL067 here and enjoy 10% off with code HQBQ10.

The polishes used are A England Briar Rose (for stamping too) and OPI Bubble Bath. The beautiful sparkling rose on the sheer base looks just as  classy as I thought. What do you think?

Simplistic Geometric Nails

Hi Girls, after lot of colors and sparkles I thought its good time to do mani detox with some nudes. Lol. I don’t know if that is thing. I felt little saturated with colors and brightness and wanted to see something soothing and minimalist.

I picked my favourite sheer base which is OPI Bubble Bath and some simple geometric pattern for this mani.

On my accent, I have Essie hors-d’oeuvres which is so fantastically gorgeous. Yes, in spite of promise to be nudish, I blinged it up a little. Yeah, old habits die hard.

I went for a matte look so I used my Inglot Matte top coat to achieve the look.

Advanced Stamping Florals with A England Briar Rose

Hello Mates, I am back with another floral nails. Don't judge me for diving into florals again and again . They are too beautiful to ignore.

Yet again I used my A England Briar Rose which I recently remembered to have owned. Also I went back to floral stamping plate from BPS (BPL067) as using just one image from it wasn't enough. You can buy it here.

I loved how these nails turned out, I am sure you do too.

The other polish that I used after forgetting about it for 2 years is A England Fotheringhay Castle. Just gorgeous holographic moss green it is.

So I combined the dazzle of A England Briar Rose, Fotheringhay Castle and Zoya Alicia. I loved wearing these nails, they made feel good and pretty :).