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Colorful Faux Ikat Nails

Hello Friends, today I have a faux ikat nail art for you. I was not intending to do an Ikat nails though. I would prefer a freehand Ikat nails any day, they seem more original.

However, after stamping this image in a cool mix of bright colors it did look like Ikat print. I loved them more than I thought I would. Traditionally and historically, my love is utterly biased to free hand nail art. And why not? It takes hours and practice to master one. The other nail art like stamping and water decal etc do not amaze me as much. With few exceptions, like this one.

I used Zoya Purity for the white base. It is one the best white polish I have used so far and I love Zoya bottles. The stamping plate is Bundle Monster BMS304 from their Festival Collection.

For stamping the polishes used Orly Life is a Beach and Orly Indie. They are regular polishes but opaque enough to stamp. I love Orlys, they are creamy, opaque and luscious. Also, their cap has a grip which makes it so comfortable. Hope you liked…

Spring Florals on Zoya Eastyn

Hello Girls, spring is drawing near and I am getting my mind hooked on to florals even more. Yet again, I have my heart throb florals for you. But whom am I kidding, it’s not the weather or spring, it’s me; just me craving for more and more florals.

I am doing because that’s what enjoy doing. Period. The base for today’s nail art is Zoya Eastyn. It’s a beautiful neutral taupe shade from their Whisper Collection. I wore it after 2 years and pinched myself for forgetting such a delectable neutral transition color. I used acrylic paint and my favorite nail art brushes (which I guess needs replacement now :P )for the flowers. I did some white polka dots in between to add a little brightness.

Oddly, I went with Essence Glitz and Glam as a topper. Now this is something I have never done.  Usually artist never use toppers over freehand nail art, why would you want to put a veil? This time I went ahead I put a delicate shiny effect topper.

Though I was sceptical, I think the veil did make the br…

Sunshine Nails

Hello Girls, how are you and what’s the weather like there? We are seeing a rapidly change in the mood of Mr Weather (atleast in Mumbai). On some days, I feel the breeze of Spring; while on other days Sun is gleaming like summer. Urrggghh! It’s confusing for both your body and mind; needless to say, the nails too.

I mean should I switch to summers, beaches, neons, pineapples, flamingos OR hang around with pastels, soft colors, florals, roses, leaves and blossoms?? Decisions Decisions!!

Confused and bewildered this evening, I thought let me go with the sun. I went with a beautiful orange base very aptly called ‘Sunshine State of Mind’ from Essie.

I wanted some sparkle of the sun on the crème orange, so I did a generous coat of Essence Pixie Dust. It’s such a lovely duo chromy topper, I often turn to it for a glow-y sheen on mani without gritty glitters.

Over the base I did stamping using Mash Plate and Konad Special White; then finished nail art with Glisten Glow HK Girl Top Coat. I hope y…

Rainbow colour stamping on Black

Hi Girls, I have simple yet colourful nail art to share with you today. I had a rather complicated nail art in my mind to match my dress I was supposed to wear the next day. But it was drawing close to mid night and my little man won’t sleep. The rest is history, I ended up with this quick fix rainbow nail art. Lol.

I did black base with Wet and Wild Black Crème. My initial plan was advanced stamping with multiple colors filled in on a different image. All plans went to thin air when sleep and tiredness started over powering.

I gathered up few most colourful stamping polishes from MDU that matched my dress and stamped them.

To get some pixie effect, I applied no other than our reliable age-old China Glaze Fairy Dust over the design. And I would say I am equally happy with this quick fix rainbow nails. They did match my dress so well.

Holo Unicorn from BPS Foil

Hi Girls, I hope everyone is great out there, because I am. My choices in nail art these days voluntarily or involuntarily, stepping into unexplored/ignored color combinations, artwork, images and what not. And I am managing to slay (atleast not fail as miserable as I had been thinking).

Today is one of similar nail arts. Never have I done unicorn nails, sorry they are pretty but don’t fantasise me for sure. So I never planned a unicorn mani, rather avoided any unicorn mani. Lol

Little did I know that I would end up doing not one but two unicorn manis.  The first one was an inspiration from LeMooc iPhone Case that BPS sent me. You can see the nail art here. And this is the second one with the Bornpretty store holographic foils. You can buy them here and get 10% off with code HQBQ10.

I opted for Baby Pink as I wanted to go for a soft look. The polishes used are Cuccio Pinky Swear and Color Club Harp On it.

Glitzy Flowers with KBS One Night Sand

Hello Girls, I have an old yet pretty nail art to share with you today. I did these nails somewhere around this time last year. But couldn't post due to my health issues.

And then when I resumed, I misplaced the better clicks of them so dropped the idea altogether. Today I realized, the not so good pics are not bad either and I decided to post them.

The nail art looked very pretty and edgy in person. Has to be, the ever gorgeous KB Shimmer One Night Sand is a stunner, sparkling chromy holo polish.

Black being a bold contrast, complimented it well . I hope you ignore the average pictures not doing enough justice to the beauty of this mani. Let me know what you think.

Classic Love Letter Nails on Zoya Ireland

I must admit at the inception here, about being utterly, shamelessly and brutally biased towards florals. So inspite of having other plans for my nails, I end up hovering up on florals.

All I can say, that they please my eyes and calm my heart! So, the question I often end up asking myself is not, Why Florals? But Why NOT Florals?I hope it gives similarly calming and soothing effect to you guys.

Today, I go back to age-old classic love letter nails with ever green roses. I have set the tone to be a little vintage and metallic.

The base color is Zoya Ireland from their Whisper Collection. I so loved this collection, one of Zoya’s best. I stamped love letters over it from another plate using MDU Bronze. Using Bornpretty store stamping plate BPL067, I made some advanced stamping decal to place on the love letters. You can buy this plate here and get 10% off with code HQBQ10.

The whole look was then mattified using Inglot Matte Top Coat. I am in love with these nails. They are classic, pretty…

Twin Mani and loads of Roses

Hi Girls, I am super excited to share this mani with you. I got an opportunity to do a twin nail with the talented Julia. She was asking on IG if one was interested in a twin mani with her. I immediately sent her a DM expressing interest. Incidentally, I had one of her mani’s saved from long back, wanting to recreate someday. It seemed like a good opportunity to finally do it rather than just save it.

Now, what happened later was a little more coincidental. She replied saying that even she had one of my mani’s saved for recreation, so it would be great opportunity. I was like What!!! I didn’t even know Julia followed me. And here we were, with saved mani’s of each other, clueless.

I think as it is said, ‘Like attract Like’, may be the love for florals resonated and connected us even without having a clue. And now when we shared the recreated mani, I was surprised to know that both of us have eventually created roses inspired by one another. Aah, so much similarity in taste :)

I chose one…