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Blushing Roses on Chevron

Hey, you know how few things are cliched, over exposed, repeated yet they never lose their relevance and beauty. Such is the mani I want to share with you today. Roses/flowers on a background, be it checks, stripes, blocks, scribbled words or chevrons have been stealing our heart from a very long time and in my opinion, will continue to do so.

Hence, without having to use much of my imagination, I decided to an all-time hit nail art. Roses on Chevrons, haven’t we loved them always.

I used BP-L002 layering stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. Quite frankly, this is my first layering plate. Its so beautiful with lots of artistic options, you can buy the plate here. I have been meaning to lay my hands on them since the time Clear Jelly Stamper came up with them.

Anyway, I eventually caught up to the layering trend and now I am kinna contempt. I used the chevron image and layering image of rose from the plate.The polishes used are Sally Hansen Teeny Bikini and Orly Freeflow for gradient, t…

Evergreen Leaves Mani

So, spring is finally here and it’s my happy part of nail calendar. I do not see loads of flowers around though it may be spring, so why love it so much? Because the sights of spring that I truly enjoy savouring is floral nails all around more. Do you not see the softer hues, pastels, glossy nudes and florals being flaunted on nails round the globe? It’s a visual treat!

As much as I am excited to share and see your floral nails, I do feel sorry for the missing hero. Everyone praises the flowers, goes gaga over their beauty but ignore the fresh dewy leaves around which make the flowers pretty.

So, with that thought in head, I did a leaves mani. Yes, just the leaves. They are no less magnificent, even on their own.

I recollected some of the prettiest leave vines I have seen and painted them on my nails. The base is a gorgeous polish from El Corazon and leaves are all painted with acrylic paints. For the painting I used my ever favorite store for brushes, Bornprettystore. You can buy the br…

Violet Stamping On Zoya Troy

Hello Girls, I have a rather simple nail to share with you today. But its kinna pretty. I had painted my nails with base Zoya Troy from their Urban Grunge Collection.

After that I was almost wondering of what possible nail art would look good on this. Initially I was thinking freehand or other complex forms.

Eventually, I just thought of going with something very simple but a less used colour combination.

So I pulled out a violet stamping polish from MDU for stamping. The stamping plate is Moyou London Arabsque 06.

All in all, I loved the finished mani. Ohh and I also like my nails a tad more in these pics. I hope you liked them too.

Florals on Red

Hello friends, how are you doing? I hope fresh and bright, like the weather. And so is my inspired mani.

Lately, I realised that Red has often been an untouchable color for me. Though I claim to love ALL colors irrespective, but I guess I have been guilty of ignoring reds. I think the reason I might subconsciously loath red is because of it being utterly common in India. It is the sacred color of weddings and the weds in India, explaining an army of women dipped and drenched in red. And anything so awfully and tastelessly common repulses me.

But having deeper thoughts, I decided to befriend with the ignored Red, and use it in my own classy and subtle ways. The red that made me feel differently about reds is Zoya Demetria. It’s such a pretty and unique red crème combined with my head over heels love with Zoya.

I painted some bright and vivid flowers on red, keeping the theme to be a blend of flowers from spring and bright punch from summers. When doing a freehnad mani, I trust none other …

Hot Air Balloon Nails with MILV Decals and some Chit Chat

Hi friends, the nail art I am sharing today is a rather old one. Old but woven with memories. I was wearing them on 30th March 2017 when I was admitted to hospital in emergency for a pre-matured delivery.

I remember very clearly me peeling and digging the mani waiting at doctors for my report. And eventually, the fear came true and I was admitted immediately. Even amidst all this chaos and fear, I remember I was determined of not letting nurse cut my nails before the surgery (I was supposed to have a C Section).

So, with tears freely flowing from my eyes, I clipped my nails not knowing what was going to happen next? Will I have a healthy baby? When will I be able to see him (because more often pre-matured babies are kept in NICU and not given to parents)? When will I be able to see my grown nails with a heart-warming mani next? Was it the end of my nail art as often people have tried to scare me? Will I be back in my body or just roam around like a bloated mass after C section delivery?…

Purple Roses inspired by Kitchen Storage

I am excited to share this nail art with you today. The nail art out on plate today is Floral, Freehand and Inspired. The deadly combination that keeps alive. They are like oxygen to keep the artist in me breathing.

The short break of 4 months that I took because of motherhood did a little psychological damage to my confidence. I constantly kept feeling jittery touching brushes for freehand, as if I had forgotten to hold them. I kept on avoiding freehand, for the fear of realising my mentally created fear of not being able to handle brushes. True ,when you are scared of finding the truth, darkness and mystery seems more appropriate.

So I would say that I don't have enough time to do a freehand nail art worthy enough. And I was not wrong with a full day job and 10 months pre-matured baby, life couldn't be busier. Polishing my nails also seemed impossible , even on weekends. But the point is, I was making it an excuse of not even trying , because I was so afraid of failing. Which …

Carrot Nails with Picture Polish Cherish and Autumn

Hello Girls, I have a very random and impulsive nailart to share with you. I was just sitting on my desk with Picture Polish Cherish applied on my nails.I happened to see the Cheeky Plate lying on top of the stamping supply box. It was lying outside because its oddly huge to get inside a normal box.

I quickly laid my eyes on the plate and remembered having wanted to do mani with so many of the cute unusual images from this plate, including the carrot one. But overthinking and planning kept me away from using such simple and unsual images. I decided to jump on the carrot image for the mani before other heap of ideas creep in and drive away the ignored carrots.

Aah I loved them so much. And there are tomatoes, aubergine and garlic and what not images there. After carrots, I am so motivated to try them as well. It is good to be impulsive at times. It’s nice to not think and plan sometimes, you may just come across. It’s so great to be just simple at times.