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Happy Bunny Nails

Hi friends, I have a simple yet cute nails to share today. I did some bunny nails and they look adorable to me.

Recently I got my bornpretty store review kit and out of so many items BPS generously sends me always, the cute animal plate (BPL088) stole my heart. It has such cute and pretty images. You can buy it here.

For advanced stamping as well as gradients, I used Sally Hansen Teeny Bikini, Floaties, Wet Suit and You’re Crabby from their Sea Bloom Collection.

Nails Inspired by Kangana Ranaut Saree

Hi friends, as evident from the post heading I am making an attempt to paint my nails inspired by Kangana Ranaut's Outfit. And I am quite sure if you just visited my blog a little often, you would know how happy inspired nails make me. Not only is Kangana's saree here inspiring but she herself as a person too.

Happy as I am to find a sweet blend of doing what I love inspired by who I love. I was scrolling through some instagram feed when this beauty wrapped in a beauty caught my attention.I immediately took a screenshot. On the following weekend I painted my nails as meticulously as I could, pinning down all details and motifs from the gorgeous saree. It took close to 4 hours to finish painting these on both hands.

One would argue that the art itself may not seem like a 4 hour job (even considering freehand painting with non dominant hand). What takes a lot of time for such mani is planning and imagination to the lowest detail. How and what and where you pull down elements from …

Under Sea Mani

Hi Girls, It is already summer and a little fun with water is always tempting. Be it swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling or any other form of water adventure, it makes to almost everyone's wish list. So, I thought why not give a little sneak peak of under water creatures through my mani before you may actually take a dive.

I have always been enthusiastic about manis with colorful sea creatures like fishes, reefs, sea horse, starfish and what not. Though I am completely aware of the fact that most of natures creations are so beautiful and the real sight is so mesmerizing that any amount of pictures or paintings or photographs of them do no justice.

But even to get 1% of beauty of these on my nails can help me sail through most rough days.

I used NYX Pastel Blue for base topped with Salon Perfect Disco Ballin'.Then I used Orly Beach Cruiser, NYX Pastel Yellow, Sally Hansen Green with envy and Nykaa Strawberry Cream for advanced stamping on this beautiful image from BornPretty Store …

Yummy Ice cream Nails

Hello People, I have a bright and fun mani to share today. Just felt like doing a weather appropriate mani and could find nothing more enticing and inviting like ‘Ice cream’.

I had this Cheeky plate with me for 5 years maybe with some of the cutest and unique image. Every time I would promise to do an Ice Cream mani with this image during summers and fail miserably.

I lost close to 5 summers waiting to flaunt these nails (shame on me)! So, today I feel blissfully relieved to get this off my check list.

The polishes used are China Glaze Grass is Lime Green, Thistle Do Nicely, That’s Shore Bright and NYX Banana. I filled in colors by making stamping decals with Cheeky – Home Sweet Home stamping plates.

The finished mani was pleasant and beautiful. The only drawback was me being pushed to have an ice cream every day for the 3 days I wore these! It was like my nails screamed for ice cream, every time I would look at it.

Do you feel the same rush for ice cream as you see these?  I would love to…

I love Pizza Nails

Hi, anyone around who doesn't love Pizza? I don't think so. Now after my pregnancy, pizza is my new favorite.
While I was pregnant the gynae asked me not to have Chinese which used to be my then favorite. I used to crave for it so much but it had become a sinful desire. I thought just 9 months and I am hogging Chinese again. But no, after delivery I was told that spicy food is bad for baby while you are feeding. Urrgghh!!!

I just knew then, having chinese food was a dream for long now. As they say nature hates vacuum, in absence of my first love, my second love jumped a spot. I started loving Pizza more than I possibly could think.
And today inspite of having no dietary restrictions, I still feel like going back to a comforting warm cheese filled pizza over some Chinese. Times change and so does love. lol.

So thought of some cute pizza nails to commemorate my official love for Pizza as I get over Chinese. Also around this time I got this cute stamping plate from bornpretty store…

Unicorn and Rainbow Mani

Hi friends, I have a cute unicorn nail art to share today which is unusual to my taste or liking. I do not go Aww!!, Oooh!! and Aaah!! over unicorns or their rainbows, so you would possibly not see them in my mani too.

However, when Bornpretty sent BPL088 things changed a little (though temporary).

The moment I saw these unicorns on the plate, I was crushing over them and decided to use them first.

[caption id="attachment_8701" align="alignnone" width="2050"] Unicorn and Rainbow Mani Glossy[/caption]

I used my all time favorite grey 'Wet Cement' from Sally Hansen and filled in colors by advanced stamping method.I did a glossy as well as matte version, which one do you think is better?

You can buy these stamping plate here and get 10% with code HQBQ10.

Framed Florals

Hello Girls, I have an interesting depiction of my floral love today. I ventured into to captivating tiny flowers as picture in photo frames and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I had got a stamping plate from Aliexpress with delicate frame images ages ago. The moment I saw it my creative juices started flowing in. I had so many ideas to of what to capture in those frames. A long time passed by, I almost forgot about it until last week. I recently got some fine detailed brushes from Bornpretty store to review. And I knew it was time to paint inside my empty frames.

I made stamping decal of frames and stamped on my nails, did some fine tuning on border design on the frames to fit well on nails. And finally painted tiny flowers in them with acrylic paint and Born Pretty detailed brushes.

Oh my, the brushes are so good. They allow you to work with so much precision and control. A freehand nail artist cannot help but admire these. Its available here incase it catches your fancy. I would totally reco…

Teardrop Print Lead Light Nails

Hey girls, how are things on your side, I hope good.? All is great on this side too. I did these nails recently but have been thinking of doing something like this for may be 4 years. Don’t judge me but when your brain is full of ‘To dos’ & ‘lists’; you tend to keep missing on few items all the time.

I am glad I finally did these. I had seen a similar print on a colleague’s cushion cover few years back. It was a small off white silk-ish cushion cover with beautiful teardrop prints in pink and orange. It was so pretty and classy, I decided it then and there to do a mani on similar lines. So, after a delay of just say 4 years, here I am with the mani. lol

The base polish is Zoya Matte Velvet Aspen and stamping plate is Moyou London Explorer 07. I filled in the orange and pink with leadlight technique. The accent nail is Essence Glitz and Glam.

Prints like this are not uncommon in Indian textiles and prints. They can be easily spotted in bright color combinations on bedsheet, sarees, ku…