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Spring Nails with Picture Polish Summer

It may be rainy and gloomy out there but the mani today is all spring! It felt so re-freshing and pleasing to eyes wearing them. Absolute delight, if I may say so.

Part of the reason for excitement is the fact that I have used 3D elements on my nails after a while (around 2 years maybe). So much so that I almost forgot that my nail glue dried out and that I had an adorable collection of 3D embellishments.

The base polish is Picture Polish Summer (ah it screams spring more than summer: P ) and Zoya Alicia on my accent.

The fresh flowers are stamped using BornPretty Store stamping plate BPA03 In Blossom, from their Limited Edition stamping plate bundle .You need this set in your life, it has such an amazing mix of plates. It thrilled me absolutely and you could get yours here.

The stamping polish is Ya Qin from Bornpretty store again and so is the 3D flowers. Omg, I did not realise I have coincidentally used so much of BPS goodies. Yeah BPS is one of leading brands in my stash.

So, do you fe…

Water Decal Mani on Picture Polish Fool's Gold

Hi Girls, I have a water decal mani to share with you today paired with my favourite polish. It is like a year old mani and I have no clue how I forgot about it.

Old or New I like it, despite its simplicity. Hence thought of sharing it anyway.

Base is one my favourite polishes Fools Gold from Picture Polish and the stamping decals are from Bornpretty store. I have a heap of water decals from them, they spoil you for choices.

You know how I feel about water decals in general but still my acceptance is growing off late. They are good to cleanse your palate in between freehand and stamping. But when creatively used they take the mani to another level.

What are your thoughts on water decals?

Cherry and Bird Nails

Happiest are the times that I spend gazing at the beauty of nature from my window. It is truly calming and fills me with gratitude for the bounty we are blessed with. My favourite evenings are when I am sipping lemongrass tea in my balcony and the breeze is brushing through my body. It is further blissful if my son joins me with his milk. He He

I feel grey and droopy if I am devoid of some sight of nature or blossoming tress or singing birds for long. On such days nature inspired manis keep me going! Now that I am mentioning this, I realize it’s a gift to be able to create something that’s pleases you.

I wore this mani for 5 days straight. You may find it odd but every time I would look at my nails and the bird picking cherries, it would make me drift to being in forest with birds chirping, ripe fruits, wild flowers and lush greenery.

I did advanced stamping to fill in life to the images from MajorDigit (seller at AliExpress). Barry M Sky Blue was my first choice for my base as it always…

Yellow Roses on Checkered Base inspired by Fabric Prints

Hi friends, as you could gauge from the post heading, today is a happy day! I love doing inspired nails and has a bonus of combining it with freehand painted flowers.

I was just browsing my IG feed and came across this account @sourceitright. I got lost scrolling down the ethereal and exquisite prints flowers. I loved these sober checks being popped & sizzled with yellow roses.

I obviously took a few screenshots and started with this one that impressed me the most.

The base is Zoya Purity, stamped with near similar checkered image from QA stamping plate. The fun went a notch up with painting roses.I used two sets of brushes from Bornpretty store from my review kit. They are amazing and give you the confidence of painting anything and everything. You can buy them here & here and get 10% discount with coupon code HQBQ10.

I hope you loved the mani and the inspiration as well.

Starfish Nails inspired by Aromatic Yankee Candle

Hi guys, a couple of months back my sister visited me and she got an aromatic candle for me amongst other things. I loved the fresh fragrance of it, and the calming effect.

I do like to surround myself with positive things; be it d├ęcor, aroma, music or people. And anything that relaxes me and inspires my creativity finds an upgrade to my nail station! So, there this Yankee candle was placed, dangling on my polish drawer. I thoroughly enjoyed the cool refreshing fragrance tingling in the air while this candle was around.

Yeah, it had a short life and died an unnatural death.The fatal fate of the candle was decided, the day my son laid his naughty eyes on it!!. I knew it then, I would have part with the candle anytime soon. The rest is history!! RIP Yankee candle.

Anyways, one fine evening while it was alive hanging happy, still swaying on my polish drawer it did inspire me by its beauty as well. That’s when I decided to do nails inspired by it.

I spent quite some time figuring how and what…

Florals Inspired by Robin Moses

Hey guys, I am back with my love for florals. They give peace to mind and a soothing effect to my eyes every time I look at my nails. 
And irrespective of the pile of floral manis I do and how so much I may pretend to master it, I am always left wishing for more, wishing to do better. In spite of so much planning and detailing, I wonder how each one looks so different from another; every time. Even with same brushes, polishes , time and mood I can never replicate what I previously did. And then I wonder, how each time each one is different and imperfect yet beautiful but  in its own way. Thats nature!
Today’s work is an attempt to mimic one of the manis of the floral queen Robin Moses. She has been a big source of inspiration for my floral mani. She always made it look so effortless while it never was. But had it not looked so effortless people like me would have never attempted to dive in. I am so glad that I got deceived by the simplicity and made an honest attempt.
The base polish is …

Soft Plaid Nails

Hello Girls, today I have a plaid mani to share. Surprisingly enough, I always love plaid manis,don't know why I barely wear one. Note to self * Do more plaid manis*lol.

There is something about plaids which make them look so chic and classy. What made the love for this plaid mani a few notches higher is the softness of the colors. I think pastels, nudes and transition colours make everything look prettier and calmer. The plaids look so sophisticated and elegant in softer tones.

I used Zoya April as a base from Zoya Whispers Transition Collection and stamped with a taupe stamping polish from Bornpretty store. It seemed a not so common stamping polish color to me. You can buy it here.

I painted my accent nail with the same polish and then stamped with Kaleidoscopic stamping polish. This is peach nude stamping polish that has been lying with for over 3 years and till date I had not found a deserving use of it. Today it matched Zoya April so well it made me proud! 

I am in so much aww wi…

Spring Fashion Inspired Nails

Hello friends, I am joyous as I share my another fashion inspired nails. You guys very well know how much I love doing ‘Inspired Nails’. Its so challenging as well creatively refreshing.

Today I have a beautiful pastel yellow dress to inspire me. I saw this dress on a sellers Instagram and I so loved the dress. brushes

Instead of buying (which I so wanted to), I decided to get it on my nails and for a change I think they turned out better than I imagined.

For the floral base I used OPI Bubble Bath topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust. Once my base was ready, I went in with acrylic paints and bornpretty store brushes for painting. I used Sally Hansen Teeny Bikini from their limited edition Sea Shore Collection on rest of the nails.

I am in love with this set of brushes from BPS, and as you can see in my manis; I am using these brushes for practically every freehand work. You can buy them here and also get 10% off using code HQBQ10.