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Stripes and Roses

Hi Girls, how have you been? Today, I have a classic roses mani with delightful combination of stripes and dots.

I was head over heels when saw this image of roses meshed in stripes in Bornpretty stamping plate AP05 Stripe Revolution. I must say I am impressed with the selection of images and themes in the recently launched Limited Edition stamping plate sets by BPS. You can buy them here.

I used Sunshine State of Mind and Petal Pusher from Essie, Pastel Pink from NYX and Inglot Matte Top Coat.

I think a classic look still has its charm which never fades. The roses in conjunction with the almighty stripes and cute polkas can never fail to impress anyone. I felt a matte look gives a perfect finish to this picture.

I carried this mani for around 4 days which is pretty long in the mani world. But that’s how much I loved it. I hope you do the same.


Hi Girls, I have a mani which is quite relevant to the weather around. Mumbai is drowning in heavy non-stop rains lately. Not this situation is new, we face disruptive rains every year blocking roads, stopping trains, closing schools and pausing normal life. So, I did some rainy-day nails.

I wanted to make the sky a little more gloomy and dark instead of happy blue. But I somehow ended up making it brighter by force of habit.

I used Essie Blossom Dandy as base, Essie Petal Pusher for filling in the decal and Zoya Troy for double stamping’’.

The stamping plate is from Ali express from seller Major Digits. This is my first purchase from Major Digit and I am mighty impressed. The designs are exquisitely beautiful. And the bonus being the deep etching making stamping impactful.

I think I am in love with both the mani and the stamping plate. What do you girls think?

Teal Mani with A England Saint George

I am particularly Teallly today; hence I got my best teal boys out :P. To begin with , I have infinite love blue and its cousin teal .Blue seems so comforting and calming at all times. And teal being its sexier and edgy cousin. No wonder I did my whole house painted in soft pastel blue and teal :)

Nack to nails, A England Saint George is my favorite and sexiest teal in my stash. The subtle but deep holographic effect makes it look so wanted and mysterious. It is intense enough to stamp too, which is what I have done here.

On two of my nails I have used 2 coats of Zoya Madison topped with NYX iridescent and glistening topper First Dance.

The stamping plate is from Creative Shop Stamping Plate #30 and the flowers are filled in with blue glass paint for lead lighting. I finished the mani with HK Girl fast drying top coat.

At the end of mani , do you Feel the Teal?? lol