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Wanderlust Nails

Do you ever feel at times that even immense planning falls short of acceptable results while some random playful execution blows your mind.I have one such spontaneous mani to share with you today. I am an old school girl in terms of planning and organizing, it feels reassuring and in control when things go in a near predictable way.

Like everything in my life, I take time to plan my mani in advance; even the minute details as to what polish, technique, brush, stamping plate etc will be used. I even schedule my blog posts so much so as a month or two in advance.

Now, I had seen this unique image on my BPS stamping plate and since then my mind was wandering on how to best use them.I had so many ideas but when I sat down to do the mani, I somehow came up with something totally different. I do enjoy and relish this form of creativity too; paint your heart takes you.

I must say the gradients may seem complicated but it was super easy with BPS Dual Ended Gradient stamper. It indeed is a star p…

Colourful Butterfly

Hi girls, my last mani was about rains and what comes after rains is a rainbow. I thought instead of going with a traditional rainbow, I would do some rainbow coloured butterflies. Ever noticed how butterflies are even more vividly colourful than the rainbow?

I was itching to use my new stamping plates from my Bornpretty store review pack. They sent me 2 complete sets of stamping plates along with other items. For this nail art I used Mandala Butterfly from Stamping Template Rectangle Flower Strip Mandala Nail Art Image Plate set. Each set consist of 5 limited edition stamping plates. You can buy the set here.

I used Color Club Harp On as the holographic base and -Sun kissed Miss and Rays the Bar from their Heat Index Collection. I did some advanced stamping to fill in the butterflies.

The nailart looked something different in person. It was so holo-y and neon-y. But neons are so camera shy, they turned out to be completely different in the pic inspite of numerous trials. Please share so…

Tiny Country Flowers inspired by Robin Moses

Hi friends, I have some teeny-meeny florals on my nails today to share with you. The original idea of drawing these countryside small flowers is from Robin Moses. I had seen them on her account and got inspired.

I should have taken a screenshot rather than depending on my memory because I got the colours wrong. Her’s looked little more elegant. Anyways that’s Robin and this is no so there is no parallel.

The base is Zoya Madison topped Zoya Harper. I painted these flowers freehand with acrylic paints and nail art brushes from Bornpretty store.

I do not know how many times I have said like a broken record that I am always impressed by BPS nailart brushes. If you are into freehand you must have them. It has been 6 years of me doing nails and I have always got my brushes from them. You can get these here.

I realise the color of flower does not match the original mani either. I may have distorted Robin Moses countryside flowers. Note to Self: Do not depend on memory, take screenshots. lol.

Monochome Mani

Hello Girls, I have a purple monochrome mani to share with you today. And the choice of scattered purple holographic makes it look so royal and rich.

I did this mani for Indian Lacquer Lover Challenge with theme 'monochrome' which I originally intended to pass. But seeing how the mani turned out, I am glad I attempted.

The mesh like image with flowers are from Bornprettystore stamping plate AP-05 Stripe Revolution. They belong to the the limited edition set available here. I am pretty impressed with this set in particular and AP05 is my favorite out of the set.

The base holography purple is Troy from Zoya Urban Grunge Collection and the stamping polish is from MDU. I just used a little gold to accentuate the centre of the flowers. Hope you like the mani.

Cherry Blossom Nails

Hi girls, I have some cherry blossom nails to share with you today. Now, these are not the first cherry blossom nails on my blog. But I am unapologetically biased towards the bounties of nature.

The excuse for this time is one of my friends travelling to Japan kept sending pictures of cherry blossoms and all pretty things there. Oh my heart melt each time I laid my eyes on the beauty.

On this evening,I felt my heart slipping through my brushes to my nails and I painted these. Simple yet very satisfying to be privileged to see some fresh blossoms on my nails whenever I want to.

The base polish is Picture Polish Fool’s Gold. The cherry blossom is painted using acrylic paints and my favourite Bornpretty store and you can buy them here. To finish the mani I did a generous coat of HK Girl Top Coat. What do you think of my mani girls? Can you ever get bored of Cherry Blossoms?