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Nailart Inspired by a Wallpaper

Hello girls, I am excited to share a freehand floral mani which is inspired by wallpaper print my friend shared a while ago. I so loved the soft subtle and vintag-y roses on mint that I decided to do a nailart inspired by it.

It always gives me supreme pleasure to be able to paint something I love on my nails. And I am fairly pleased with the mani.

The base is NYX Pastel Mint which is a soft soothing color. I took my new Bornpretty store brushes from the review kit for this mani and I am mighty impressed with them. I love their brushes and I keep on saying this like a broken record. You can buy them here.

This mani was immensely satisfying and it turned out pretty I think.

What say girls? Leave your thoughts in comments below.

Cactus Mani

Hi Girls, after a long spell of flowers on my blog, I have a desert cactus mani to share with you today. Me being me, I decided to brighten my desert cactus instead of a parched dull one.

I used Bornpretty Store BPA-04 Passionate Desert from their limited edition set which can be bought here. I must tell you, its a pleasing bouquet of assorted plates.

I wanted to make these cactus looked bright and loved. So I chose some bright contrasts and gold for advanced stamping.

The polishes used are El Corazon Gold, Sally Hansen Insta Dry Steal A Base and Orly Freeflow.

I hope you like this take on desert cactus mani.

Good Night Nails

Hi Girls, I have a nighty night nails to share with you today. This was again an unplanned mani, I intended to do something else on my polish. And I blame Masura Cobalt Damasse for this change of plan.

Whenever I apply this polish it takes my imagination to dark mysterious nights with moonlight and lit skylines. And this day was no different. Fortunately to aid to my imagination I had this stamping plate for my perfect night mani. The 'Good Night' text on of the images appealed to me.

The stamping plate is BPA09 Deep Cosmos from Born Pretty Store LE Stamping plate Set. You can buy it here , it is an exciting collection.

I used Barry M Silver Foil for Silver Stamping and then sealed the mani with HK Girl Top Coat.

Taupe Rose Mani

Hey friends, I know I may have done an overwhelming amount of floral and rose mani but I guess it’s my first in taupe family. :)

I got this classy taupe stamping polish for consideration from Bornpretty store. I own quite a few stamping polishes from this line and each one stamps like a charm (yes, even on dark bases). You can buy them here.

The base polish is NYX First Dance, it’s a soothing off-white crème polish. I enjoy these for a soft non-interfering base. I have had this polish for 4 years and it still features in my top nudes and off-whites.

I did advanced stamping with BornPretty Store BPL 067, BPS Taupe stamping polish and Zoya Eastyn from their Transition Whisper Collection. It turned out very classy and work appropriate.

What do you think? I hope you like the soft and taupe touch to the roses.

Water Color Glass Painting Mani

You know how it feels so exhilarating sharing an art work whose process of creation is as joyful as the finished product. It gives an unparalleled high doing something you love in a way that you love; which is freehand nailart in my case.

I thoroughly enjoyed planning the randomness of this abstract painted mani. I have been mightily inspired by TartOfFraises account on IG. But I always struggle to believe that I could do even half as good, so I just screenshot her manis for the sole purpose of admiration. This is the first time, I overcame the hesitation and attempted a remote recreation of her work.

Oddly enough, I did not screenshot the original mani. I recreated this out of memory so I don’t know how distant or near it is to the original. You are better judge.

One of the biggest motivator for this trial was my new brushes from BornPretty brush. Oh, how I love their nailart brushes. You name it and they have it. This one can be bought here. If you are into freehand nail art I would st…